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A call on the youth of Belarus

11 September 2020 Dear young people of Belarus, seek the Truth, love the Truth, and…

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Stand before God seven times a day

August 28, 2020 Dear priests, pastors and believers in the United States, America is facing…

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An open letter to the bishops and priests of Belarus

Dear bishops and priests, you can see how disastrous is the current state of the…

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Archbishop Kondrusiewicz seeks to overthrow the Government. Who does he serve and what punishment does he deserve?

3 September 2020 Dear Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate has appealed to you recently…

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Basic information

Basic information about the Byzantine Patriarchate (BP)   BP is Catholic – universal! This Patriarchate…

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History – Decree of establishment

Decree of establishment   The Synod of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church by the grace…

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Personal data about Patriarch Elijah Born 1946 in Hluk, Czech Republic. Ordained priest 1972. Entry…

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  The Byzantine Patriarchate is presently in exile (Prague - Donetsk) e-mail:  

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