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BCP: Is Cardinal Besungu of the Congo an apostle of Christ or of antichrist?

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Cardinal Besungu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a member of the Council of Twelve Cardinals, Bergoglio’s closest associates in promoting globalist agendas. This includes the LGBTQ agenda, linked to gender ideology and the sexualization of children, the construction of pseudo-pandemics, agitation for experimental vaccination, so-called climate change with the aim of reducing the population, etc. Bergoglio and his closest collaborators covertly abuse the leadership of the Church to promote colour revolutions in individual nations. Besungu was so involved in the DRC in 2016 with such vehemence that he was threatened with death for his treasonous activities. This Cardinal Besungu was also a participant in the synodal press conference in the Vatican on 7 October 2023.

Quoting Besungu: “The Lord Himself through collective discernment will tell us what approach the Church should take on the LGBTQ community.”

It is shocking that Besungu, who taught moral theology and then received a degree in Rome, responds in this way. He reveals that he does not even know the basic truths of the catechism. He does not know what God clearly told us in the Bible about the moral depravity called sodomy. Sodomy is an outrageous sin. Scripture calls it an abomination (atimia).

Africans look with respect at the graduates of the Roman theological schools and are mistakenly convinced that from them, as in the past, come the pillars of orthodoxy. Today, however, the opposite is the bitter truth. The arch-heretic Besungu is a warning example and as a heretic he already illegally occupies the archdiocese of Kinshasa. Let the believers from Africa not send any students to Rome anymore, because today, thanks to Bergoglio, Rome is the centre of heresy and moral deviation. Rome is the Babylon of rebellion against God.

Quoting the media: Among the questions Besungu was asked was how the Synod’s outcome could be considered an authoritative expression of God’s will given that it lacks the special status of an ecumenical council.

The same question has now been put forward by five cardinals in their dubia. This is because the synod does not have such authority. Moreover, the synod is heretical, and even if it were orthodox, it can only be qualified as an advisory body, but not as an authority speaking in the name of the Church, whose statements have a binding effect. This robber synod can at most present the faithful with its manipulations, but not the will of God.

Besungu also gave a manipulative response to the question, saying, we quote: “We have the method of discernment.”

The manipulative term “method of discernment” hides the fact that Besungu and the entire so-called synod do not at all intend to take into account the objective church norms that are enshrined in God’s law. His referring to a mysterious method of discernment is a signal that he always so-called discerns as God’s alleged will the exact opposite of what God’s commandments determine. Besungu knows in advance about the pre-prepared outcome of the synod. In fact, it is a rebellion against God and the Church and against the Gospel of our Saviour.

The handful of sincere bishops who are present at the synod only give the heretics the image of objectivism. It would therefore be appropriate for these bishops to renounce the spirit of the synod, condemn it as heretical, and call on the other participants to repent. Then let them demonstratively leave the synod and warn all other Catholics against a suicidal synodal process. If they do not leave in time, they will be overcome by the unclean spirit that reigns over the synod and opposes the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of God.

Quoting the media: For the first time ever at a Synod of Bishops, 27% of the voting members are non-bishops.

It is public knowledge that the 27% are gay activists. They were specially selected to carry out a coup in the Church together with Bergoglio’s sect. And anyway, to vote on the abolition of God’s commandments is nonsense and public rebellion against God!

Quoting Besungu: “Discussion will be guided by a ‘conversations in the spirit’ method of speaking, listening, and discerning.”

We ask: What is a ‘conversations in the spirit’ method? “If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.” (Rom 8:9) What kind of spirit does the arch-heretic Bergoglio and those who belong to his “magic circle” have? They have the spirit of antichrist and at the same time they are possessed by the unclean spirit of sodomy. Jesus cast out unclean demons, but the Bergoglian sect infects the Church with unclean demons.

What can a discussion be like with people with an unclean spirit? What kind of listening and to what? What do these persons possessed by an unclean demon want to discern? They only chant, like a mantra, and regurgitate Bergoglio’s phrases about listening, accompanying, welcoming…

A ‘conversations in the spirit’ method of speaking, listening, and discerning looks like this: The right to speak is reserved to those who are possessed by the unclean spirit of sodomy. On the other hand, those who are not yet fully under the control of this spirit, have the duty to listen. And as to discerning, it is necessary to discern how long they should speak if they want the ones who listen to become totally possessed by this unclean demon.

Quoting Besungu: “It is by virtue of baptism that we have the same responsibility before the Church, and I think all those present have the authority to speak on behalf of the Church.”

None of those present at the synod, which is in rebellion against God, has the authority to speak on behalf of the Church! Besungu and all those present are subject to God’s curse and excommunication from the Church for preaching a sodomite anti-gospel. God’s Word says: “If anyone, even an angel from heaven, preaches any other gospel, let him be accursed.” (Gal 1:8-9) The Catholics of the DRC must not allow this Judas, who promotes the outrageous sin of sodomy, including same-sex marriage in the Church, to continue ruling over them. Unless they drive him out, the curse will be passed on from him to the entire DRC. It will also manifest itself as a punishment in the election and in the political situation for their submitting to this man who has publicly rebelled against God, annulling God’s laws and commandments and introducing satanization and anti-laws that lead to eternal damnation.

The Catholics of the DRC must not be misled by the fact that Besungu is in unity with the so-called Holy Father. Under the guidance of a sorcerer, Jorge Bergoglio publicly dedicated himself to Satan in Canada in 2022 and promotes his agenda of immorality and satanization of the Church. It is clear that a person dedicated to Satan cannot be the Vicar of Christ on earth! The Catholic Church is in a state of sede vacante – the Church does not have a legitimate pope. The Church is waiting for a true pope, who must be elected in an extraordinary election with regard to this extraordinary situation. Will the Catholics of the DRC be among the first to recognize the true pope?

The gesture of standing up against the arch-heretic Besungu and the invalid Pope and their agenda of promoting sodomy will be a saving precedent for the entire Catholic Church.

Besungu claims that the laity, by virtue of baptism, have equal authority and responsibility for the Church. So let them use it and drive the heretic and secret promoter of sodomy out of the DRC while there is still time. This will stop the infection and curse passed on by Besungu.

Quoting the media: Asked if he would accept a Synod outcome that expressed support for the blessing of same-sex unions as the will of God, Besungu explained that he did not want to express his own opinion on LGBTQ issues because, as he said: “The Lord Himself through collective discernment will tell us what approach the Church should take on the LGBTQ community.”

By avoiding a clear negative answer, Besungu did give an answer in fact. It actually revealed his inner apostasy. He did not clearly admit to the media that he is a promoter of sodomy, so that the believers in the DRC would not find out. He prevaricates like a serpent, saying that the Lord will tell us. We ask: Who is this lord that will tell us? Our Lord Jesus Christ cast out unclean spirits. He did not promote them or bless them, as Bergoglio and his sect do. Both Bergoglio’s and Besungu’s lord is Satan, to whom Bergoglio publicly dedicated himself in Canada. Their lord will tell them what his will is leading to the destruction of the Church through the so-called blessing of unrepentant sodomites. The true will of God is to keep God’s commandments, not to abolish them and introduce Satan’s anti-laws.

To consider the denial of God’s commandments as the will of God is nonsense. Every Catholic knows that the punishment for sodomy is temporary and even eternal fire (2Pe 2:6; Jud 1:7). And to give a church blessing to a life of sin and to the road to hell is an outrageous crime and the suicide of the Church. But this is happening today thanks to the clerics of Bergoglio’s sect possessed by this unclean demon. Among them is Besungu, who has unmasked himself in front of the whole world at a press conference.

The priests of the DRC are now obliged to stop saying the name of the arch-heretic Besungu in the Mass as he has brought on himself God’s anathema – curse. Moreover, let them not say the name of the invalid Pope Francis either, who has publicly dedicated himself to Satan and promotes pseudo-marriages of sodomites.

Abolishing God’s commandments, setting an agenda of satanizing the Church and calling it God’s will is the height of impudence, stupidity and devilish possession. Such is the impudence of the religious impostor and Judas by the name of Besungu from the DRC.

Given that situation, it is the duty before God of the bishops of the DRC to choose from among them as soon as possible a brave and Christ-devoted bishop as the arch-shepherd of Kinshasa instead of the arch-heretic Besungu. Do not let him into the church buildings at all. Whoever of the bishops and priests will continue to submit to him and respect him, God’s curse that is on Besungu for betraying Christ will be passed on to them.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                  + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


13 October 2023


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