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BCP: Current diagnosis and prognosis of the Catholic Church

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Dear bishops and priests,

are you aware of the reality in which the present-day Catholic Church finds itself? Let us take a look at four options.

Option A

If you maintain Bergoglio’s ecclesiastical structure, you will promote a suicidal agenda through the synodal journey, and that is a crime and a gross abuse of obedience. Bergoglio is guilty of the greatest fraud and evil in the history of the Church!

There have always been weeds, but the healthy core prevailed. Repentant sinners had something to come back to. After the so-called synodal process is concluded, there will be nothing to return to, because the healthy core will have been completely destroyed by then. The Spirit of God will be completely expelled from this Vatican structure and only the spirit of Bergoglianism and Satanism will remain. The Bergoglian Anti-Church sweeps the multitudes to destruction.

The present situation in the Vatican makes it impossible to elect a true Catholic Pope. The ruling structure has filled the highest positions with people with the spirit of Bergoglio, who are the only candidates for election. But suppose a great miracle happens and Bergoglio’s successor becomes converted and starts a true reform, the ruling structure will kill him immediately.

As far as history is concerned, there were also unworthy Popes, but none of them preached a different teaching, a false gospel, or heresy. When Pope Honorius approved an obscure heretical formula, he was posthumously excommunicated for it.

Option A is an option of passive acceptance of the gradual spiritual suicide of the Church. The blame for it will fall on every bishop, priest and layman who will not separate himself from Bergoglio’s evil system.

Option B

The solution is a radical separation from the current apostate structure. There is still a possibility that the episcopal conference in Poland or Brazil or the USA or elsewhere will separate itself from subordination to the present-day heretical Vatican and recognize a true Catholic Pope. The Apostle Peter said on the day of Pentecost, “Be separated from this perverse generation.” (Acts 2) If the early Christians had not been separated, Christianity would have been nipped in the bud. Similarly, the prophets appealed to Israel, “Come out of Babylon!” Today, Rome and the Vatican is the spiritual Babylon. The Vatican is no longer the pillar of truth, and if anyone says it is, they are lying. Therefore, option A – doing nothing – is a suicidal solution. It allows the heretical structure to complete the so-called synodal process of destroying the Church. It is to be completed in 2024. Bergoglio’s goal is to transform the Catholic Church into a New Age Satanic Anti-Church.

Dear bishops and priests, unless you come out of the spiritual Babylon you will be responsible for the souls that will end up in Satan’s structure, from which they will hardly be able to get out.

A Catholic parallel structure with orthodox teachings and an orthodox Pope is still a real solution today. The Bergoglian sect is being transformed into a satanic anti-Church by endorsing idolatry as well as pernicious and unnatural gender ideology with immoral LGBTQ perversions. To crown it all, there is the consecration to demons after the example of Bergoglio in Canada.

Dear bishops and priests, unless you take the radical step of separation, Catholics will no longer have a way out. Many will probably end up in Protestant denominations at best. But if you do take the radical step of separation as soon as possible, you can save a large number of genuine Catholics.

Option C

If you reject or neglect option B, there is option C. The Church of Christ will be forced to exist only as a catacomb Church, and it will be in the minority. Most Catholics will be scrapped by the Bergoglian sect through the misuse of obedience. It will change their minds into accepting anti-laws, heresies, immorality, and the spirit of the world. This will complete the process of changes started at the Second Vatican Council, i.e. the so-called transformation of the Church. Yet God’s Word has not changed, “The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church!” – this refers to the catacomb Church of Christ. The majority transformed antichristian New Age Church – like the apocalyptic harlot – will be sitting on the throne in the Vatican with a false Pope.

Option D

This option presupposes options B or C.

In the case of separation, the orthodox core of the Church will be preserved. It will then be able to leaven many. Those who will remain in the Church of the Antichrist, but will later be converted and repent, will have the opportunity to join the healthy Catholic core. Eventually, this healthy core with its orthodox leadership, i.e. with an orthodox Pope, can return from the catacombs back to the Vatican. We know from history that there was a 70-year period of double papacy. A part of the Christian world recognized the Popes who were in the Vatican, and another part recognized the Popes who were in Avignon. But the cause of that division was not the question of faith and salvation. Neither of them preached heresies, unlike Bergoglio and his sect today. The reason for the division at the time was the sins of the people and the impenitence of the hierarchy. After some time, the Church became unified.

The present-day Vatican and the Vatican of the nearest future is and will be under the rule of the Freemasons and the spirit of antichrist. I wish we were wrong, but this is a harsh reality that cannot be ignored.

For now, there still remains the possibility of saving a large part of the Church through option B. The condition for its fulfilment is that at least one bishops’ conference, that is several of you, bishops, separate from the apostate Vatican and create a parallel orthodox structure. This would be a true synodal path enabling the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ in the power of God and bringing assurance of salvation. This is the path confirmed by the Holy Scriptures, the martyrs and the whole Tradition of the Church.

Dear bishops and priests, unless you become separated, almost all of the faithful will be forced to stay on Bergoglio’s suicidal path, which is to be completed in 2024, and which leads to eternal destruction.

What is the solution for every genuine Catholic? Pray daily from 8 to 9pm for the bishops and priests in your nation. May the Blessed Virgin obtain for them the grace to separate themselves from the apostate Vatican and its synodal suicide.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


19 January 2023


Download: BCP: Current diagnosis and prognosis of the Catholic Church (19/1/2023)



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