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Synodal LGBTQ suicide of the Church culminates

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On 4-29 October 2023, the global assembly of the synodal LGBTQ journey is to take place in the Vatican.

Three questions arise:

1) What is Bergoglio’s synodal journey?

2) What is its aim?

3) How does it proceed?

Question one: The synodal LGBTQ journey is a rebellion against God, the destruction of the Catholic Church, the destruction of the papacy and the elimination of God’s laws.

Question two: The synodal LGBTQ journey aims to bring down a curse for the contemporary anti-gospel. It pursues the destruction of Christianity and the transition to one New Age pseudo-religion, which together with the pagans worships their deities, i.e. demons.

Question three: The synodal LGBTQ journey proceeds covertly, cunningly and purposefully. It abuses supreme authority to enforce the legalization of heresies and immorality.

Bergoglio is introducing irreversible changes as part of the synodal process. For this purpose, he uses a system of religious non-profits that he has formed out of unrepentant LGBTQ people. He activates them like a pack of ravenous wolves and exploits them for this suicide of the Church. To this day, no one has officially defined what the synodal journey actually is. During the continental assembly in Prague, the bishops openly declared that they did not know it either. The essence of the synodal journey is deliberately kept secret. However, those who want to know the truth can already know it today.

We have ten years of experience with the main actor of the synodal journey and with what he pursues. Bergoglio’s goal is not the restoration of the Catholic Church, but its destruction. The tragedy is that to this day his crimes have not been brought to light. Lies have not been called lies, nor a heretic a heretic. Although he has excluded himself from the Church because of his heresies and is not a rightful Pope, no consequences have been drawn from this fact. To close one’s eyes is to betray Christ. To submit to him in false obedience is to be in rebellion against God. It is spiritual suicide. The biggest tragedy is the blindness and passivity of bishops, priests and believers.

Pseudo Pope Bergoglio dictatorially promoted experimental vaccination. For ten years, he has been promoting homosexuality and boycotting basic moral principles and God’s laws.

With whom is he allied? With the global elites that arrive one after the other to the Vatican. He acts in line with their promotion of experimental vaccination, the Islamization of Europe, as well as the so-called “climate” and “ecological” policies of the NWO. However, he categorically does not allow true repentance.

Francis Bergoglio is subject to a multiple God’s anathema, i.e. expulsion from the Church. The reason is not only the breaking of God’s commandments, but the legalization of LGBTQ immorality and public idolatry. He enthroned the Pachamama demon in the Vatican. He even had himself dedicated to Satan and demons by a sorcerer blowing a whistle in Canada.

He has now appointed another 21 cardinals, so that in the next papal election 72% of those who can vote are already his people, whom he had well vetted. Even his appointment of cardinals is null and void according to the dogmatic bull, because all actions of a heretic are null and void before God and the Church. These so-called cardinals will only vote for Francis No.2, i.e. for the same agenda of the Church’s self-destruction that Bergoglio has already pushed through. He has handed over power to the Bergoglian sect and it will no longer allow any orthodox Pope. The successors of an invalid Pope will be invalid as well. This structure has already sounded the knell of the papacy. Public heretics, sodomites and idolaters, who have excluded themselves from the Church, cannot be its head.

What a mean thing it is for Bergoglio to support the German blasphemous synodal path! It has a clear goal. Not only to ordain women, especially lesbians, as deaconesses, presbyters and bishops, but also to set up so-called synodal councils. These synodal councils will gradually completely relieve the bishops of responsibility for the Church. LGBTQ lay people are taking over their responsibility! This is the total end of Catholicism and the papacy.

What a mean thing for Bergoglio to allow the apostate bishops of Belgium to introduce liturgical blessing ceremonies for homosexuals, lesbians and so-called queer couples. This also includes the blessing of so-called marriages with animals, for example. This is madness! The pseudo bishop Bonny himself boasted that he had everything approved by the Pope, who told him: “Do it wisely and be all united,” that means, do it cunningly and resolutely.

What are bishops, priests and believers still waiting for? A pilot project of the anti-church with the knowledge of Bergoglio is ready, namely in Germany and Belgium. It is to be publicly transplanted into the entire Church this October or next year. All shall be done by virtue of holy obedience to the so-called Vicar of Christ on earth and so-called successor of the Apostle Peter. This is a mockery of the Saviour and the greatest disgrace of the Apostle Peter!

In order to implement his secret plan, the pseudo Pope has appointed as the new prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith a man who pursues the same goal as him, namely, the legalization of homosexuality, idolatry and heresies, i.e. the gradual self-destruction of the Church. Bergoglio has already revealed this agenda when he said that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith must completely change the meaning of its existence. Instead of protecting against heresies, it is now supposed to promote and privilege heresies. Surely this is also the reason why the pseudo prefect Fernández does not hide his warm sympathy for the German synodal LGBTQ path. This is no longer the Church; this is the synagogue of Satan! (cf. Rev 3:9)

What is the solution in this time of crisis? Start with true repentance before it is too late. First of all, it is necessary to call a sin a sin, a heretic a heretic, and separate oneself from subjection to him.

What exactly are bishops supposed to do? Write a pastoral letter calling on the priests to stop saying the name of the invalid Pope in the Mass. At the same time, they should recommend the priests and believers a deeper experience of the Holy Mass. Specifically, there are two 3 to 5 minute moments of silence, the first one before the Consecration and the second one after the Consecration. During the first moment of silence, the priest kneels and renews in spirit his priestly anointing, which is a condition of the Consecration. He asks the Holy Spirit to renew this anointing. The Holy Spirit, through the words of Christ spoken by him, performs the mystery of changing the bread into the Body of Christ and the wine into the Blood of Christ.

After the Consecration, the priest kneels again in silent adoration. Both he and the faithful become aware of the reality of the making present of the mystery of Christ’s death at Calvary to atone for our sins.

The faithful should also be reminded to live out these two moments of silence in union with the mystery of faith. During the first moment of silence, the choir can sing an antiphon to the Holy Spirit and during the second one, an antiphon repeating the name of Jesus – Yehoshua. It is written: “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Rom 10:13)

In addition, the bishop should allow the priests celebrating the Mass to face the tabernacle in unity with the faithful, as used to be the practice throughout history. Currently, the altar and the priest stand with their backs to the tabernacle. It is a negative gesture of homocentrism or anthropocentrism compared to theocentrism.

What are priests supposed to do?

The priests should submit a petition to the bishop with these demands regarding the Mass. Let the priests gather together once a week for one whole day in small groups and pray for one another, for the souls entrusted to them and for the Church. God will give these priests light and strength to remain faithful to Christ and His Gospel.

What are the faithful supposed to do?

Let them repent by setting aside at least one hour a day for prayer. Or let them pray daily the full fifteen-decade Rosary, or at least part of it. The zealous lay faithful should pray 2.5 hours a day, thereby giving a tithe of time to God. God will save the Church through these fervent souls.

If, due to laziness, cowardice or wasting time in vanities, the bishops, priests and believers neglect to devote time to communication with God, Bergoglio and his sect will destroy the Catholic Church. But the blame in that case will not fall only on Bergoglio’s sect. It will also fall upon those who could have prevented the tragedy by repentance and prayer, and neglected to do so! Therefore, let Catholics faithful to God have recourse with confidence to the Mother of Jesus in the prayer of the Rosary. She crushes the head of the hellish serpent.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr              + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


28 July 2023


Download: Synodal LGBTQ suicide of the Church culminates (28/7/2023)



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