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The Czech Bishops’ Conference makes fools of the Czech people

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On 24 January 2024, a statement was published under the banner of the Czech Bishops’ Conference (CBK) which approves the so-called blessing of irregular partnerships, i.e. LGBTQ partnerships. We ask what it means. It is about blessing sodomy on the one hand, and so-called queer couples on the other. This also includes “irregular partnerships” with animals, e.g. the marriage of a man with a goat or a woman with a dog, and even more absurd couples fall under this category. The Belgian bishops have even introduced a new liturgical ceremony for this. So this madness, which contradicts human reason and human dignity, can now be blessed, so to speak, in the Czech Republic, under the obedience of Francis Bergoglio and his lackey at the head of the CBK, Jan Graubner.

If any of the bishops refuses to bless these irregular partnerships, he will face severe sanctions, including dismissal. But it is necessary to know in the midst of this madness that there has been a division in the Church. On the one side, there are those who remain faithful to Catholic teaching, such as all the bishops of African countries, the bishops of Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others. And on the other side, there are the followers of Bergoglio’s homolobby. This also includes the Czech Republic with Jan Graubner, chairman of the CBK.

Graubner abused church authority and, against the conscience of the majority of orthodox-minded Czech bishops, globalized and transformed them into followers of the heretical and blasphemous Fiducia supplicans. This puts them in rebellion against God and against natural morality. The head of the CBK gave the impression that all the bishops agree with this scandalous heresy of the pseudo pope Bergoglio which contradicts the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and the entire Church Tradition. For Fiducia supplicans, the pseudo-pope Francis Bergoglio was ipso facto excommunicated, i.e. expelled from the Church, and God’s anathema – curse – fell upon him according to Gal 1:8-9.

The teaching of the Church is that the Pope who is a manifest heretic has excommunicated himself from the Church and therefore cannot be its head. This is confirmed not only by Saint Bellarmine, but also by Church Fathers such as St Jerome, St Cyprian, St Augustine, and also the dogmatic bull Cum ex apostolatus officio. Moreover, the Holy Scriptures state that even if an angel from heaven preaches a different gospel, he lies under the judgment: “Let him be accursed!” The fact that Bergoglio continues to occupy the highest office is another matter.

The fact is that he is an invalid pope, and no bishop, priest or believer can obey or submit to him, otherwise they also incur the anathema of God. If he were to die in this state, he would be eternally damned. Moreover, this anathema of God fell upon the pseudo-pope not only for the sodomite anti-gospel, but also for publicly dedicating himself to Satan in Canada in a ritual led by a sorcerer. A person who has dedicated himself to Satan cannot be the representative of Christ on earth, i.e. the head of the Church – that is nonsense!

The bishops of the Czech Republic are now obliged to come out of their passivity and radically break away from Graubner’s manipulation. Graubner tries to suggest to Catholic faithful that, under certain circumstances, God supposedly blesses the outrageous sin of sodomy. But then the question arises: Who is Graubner’s god? Probably the same one to whom Bergoglio dedicated himself in Canada. Silence is a crime here. It is necessary for each bishop to say clearly for himself whether he blesses sodomy or forbids this blessing. The faithful of all dioceses must know whether their bishop is a follower of Bergoglio’s homolobby or has remained faithful to Christ. He cannot claim to be faithful to Christ and the homolobby at the same time!

Today, Catholics need to literally bombard the diocesan bishop with their demands and ask for a clear statement as to whether he forbids the blessing of sodomy or promotes it. The words of Jesus apply here: “Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one. This is an important matter that concerns the salvation or condemnation of every bishop, and moreover, it is the cause of offence to the little ones. Jesus warns:Woe to him who should offend one of these little ones. It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.(Mt 18:6)

Not only Catholics, but also many citizens of the Czech Republic who do not belong to the Church, are very offended by the fact that the Catholic Church is already blessing, as it actually says in its statement, sodomite partnerships. The homolobby in the parliament will also refer to this statement of the CBK when deciding whether to approve or reject the “marriage for all” law, which entails the automatic withdrawal of parental rights, as we see in Germany. It is absurd that it is the CBK that is blessing sodomy and bringing a curse on the nation!

Anyone who sincerely wants to be saved cannot unite with the so-called Pope who has publicly opposed God the Creator and moral laws and established a paradigm shift in his motu proprio Ad theologiam promovendam of 1 November 2023. In doing so, he has practically abolished the foundation of the Church, which is the Creed and the Decalogue. Under Bergoglio’s leadership, it is no longer the Catholic Church that ensures salvation, but on the contrary, it is the anti-Church of the New Age which, by means of lying phrases abusing the Holy Scriptures, leads Catholics to eternal destruction.

Therefore, every Czech Catholic must make a decision: either side with the pseudo-pope Bergoglio and his Czech lackey Jan Graubner, or remain faithful to Catholic teachings and the way of salvation. But then they must consistently reject the heretical Fiducia supplicans and break away from inner unity with the invalid pope, otherwise their salvation is very seriously endangered.

Quoting from Graubner’s document endorsing irregular partnerships: “On 18 December 2023, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith issued the document Fiducia supplicans (FS), which allows, under some circumstances, the bestowing of pastoral blessings, i.e. not sacramental or liturgical, to persons who live in irregular partnerships.”

This statement makes it clear that it is a partnership, a life of grave sin, which is said to be blessed under some circumstances. What a scandalous heresy! The hypocritical document evasively creates the impression that it is about blessing persons. But this is just a psychological manoeuvre, because the document states that these persons live in permanent irregular partnerships. They come precisely in order to have their pseudo marriage blessed by the Church. Cardinal Müller, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has openly stated that this is about blessing homosexual acts. Such a blessing is a punishable blasphemy and open rebellion against God! To speak here of different kinds of blessing is a mere camouflage to cover the nature of the crime.

Quoting the CBK: “The purpose of pastoral blessings is to strive for the salvation of every person, which is the mission and goal of the Church.”

Through the so-called blessing, two homosexuals who live in grave sin, which is referred to in Scripture as atimia or abomination (Rom 1:26), are established more firmly on the path to eternal damnation rather than salvation. On the contrary, the Catholic Church is obliged to encourage them to repent, which is an absolute condition of salvation, and not to bless them, knowing that they are living in an irregular partnership. This contradicts the essence of the Gospel. Would Jesus or His apostles, Peter or Paul, have blessed a sodomite relationship? This is absurd! In meeting with the sodomites, they would have cast out unclean demons from them and called on them to repent saying: See, you have been set free – healed; go and sin no more.”

Quoting the CBK: “The blessing is bestowed on persons in such a way as to avoid even the appearance of endorsing, legalising or elevating the blessing to the level of sacramental marriage. This blessing is not a liturgical blessing…”

The Bishops of Cameroon state in their Declaration: Differentiating between liturgical and non-liturgical contexts in order to apply the blessing to same-sex ‘couples’ is hypocritical. The act of blessing, whether performed in a liturgical assembly or in private, remains a blessing. We therefore declare non-compliant any form of blessing, public or private, that tends to recognize ‘same-sex couples’ as a state of life.”

Quoting the CBK: “The blessing should be brief, short, simple, i.e. in the form of a simple prayer, and may conclude with the sign of the cross on each of the two persons.”

The Czech people can also explain this briefly, shortly and simply, namely that the Church blesses sodomy, and they do not need any convoluted explanations that try to hide the reality of the crime. When someone points out to such a sodomite couple that they should break with sin and repent because they are in rebellion against God, they get the answer: You don’t understand; we have been blessed by the Church. But with this so-called blessing they go not to heaven, but to hell.

Making the sign of the cross not in order to cast out demons but rather to help them take root is a gross abuse of the cross of Christ and the name of God.

Quoting the CBK: “We hope that this open and kind approach of the Church will help many people to reflect more deeply on their situation and to come to a decision to take a new step in life along paths that are consistent with the principles of the Gospel.”

We also hope that the Czech bishops will come to their senses, begin to reflect more deeply on their situation, free themselves from subordination to Graubner who controls the CBK, and come to a decision to take a new step in life along paths that are consistent with the principles of the Gospel and no longer support the rebellion against God which the CBK hypocritically calls a kind approach of the Church. The Czech people are waiting for the saving repentance of their bishops. Dear bishops, separate therefore from Graubner’s CBK and Bergoglio’s sect bringing you under a curse and to eternal destruction.

For the Czech Catholic faithful to get the correct Catholic understanding of the issue, we present an excerpt from the Declaration of the Bishops of Cameroon:

“Faced with the semantic abuses designed to distort the value of realities and the true meaning of the notions of family, couple, spouse, sexuality and marriage… we unanimously declare the following:

1. The human person is created male and female: ‘Male and female He created them’ (Gn 1:26). This invariable difference, which is the foundation of their relationship and their complementarity, is fulfilled in the bonds of marriage.

2. Homosexuality falsifies and corrupts human anthropology and trivialises sexuality, marriage and the family, the foundations of society. … In the history of peoples, the practice of homosexuality has never led to societal evolution, but is a clear sign of the imploding decadence of civilizations. In fact, homosexuality sets humanity against itself and destroys it.

4. … Homosexual unions are not marriages. They distort the meaning of marriage by reducing it to a sterile, pleasure-seeking and perverse bond: ‘infamy between man and man’ (Rom 1:26).

5. … (Homosexuality) is a dehumanization of love, ‘an abomination’ (Lev 18:22). Rejecting it is in no way being discriminative; it is a legitimate protection of the constant values of humanity in the face of a vice that has become the subject of a claim to legal recognition and, today, the subject of a blessing.

8. Consequently, we formally forbid all blessings of ‘homosexual couples’ in the Church of Cameroon.

9. Since God does not want the death of the sinner, but his/her conversion to eternal life, we recommend those who are inclined to homosexuality … radical conversion.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


9 February 2024


Download: BCP: The Czech Bishops’ Conference makes fools of the Czech people (9/2/2024)



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