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BCP: Bergoglio’s first public response regarding Fiducia Supplicans

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On 14 January, for the first time after almost a month, Bergoglio commented in the media on the controversial document Fiducia Supplicans. However, he did not address the essence of the problem. With this declaration, he has trampled God’s commandments underfoot and introduced new paradigms. He has de facto transformed the Church into a New Age anti-Church. His declaration contradicts the very essence of the Holy Scripture and the whole Tradition. His teaching is not Catholic. This is no longer the Catholic Church.

The Apostle John writes: He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.” (1Jn 2:22) By abrogating God’s Decalogue, Bergoglio denies the Father – the Lawgiver – and by abrogating Christ’s commandments, he denies the Son of God and His Gospel. He will not budge a millimetre on his apostasy. The only solution in this situation is that every bishop, every priest and every believer should separate radically from this manifest archheretic, who occupies the papacy. Otherwise he will use false obedience to transform everyone, even the very last believer, and transport him to hell.

Bergoglio says regarding Fiducia Supplicans: “People have to enter into a dialogue with the blessing and see the path that the Lord proposes.”

Everyone knows that Fiducia Supplicans introduces the blessing of sodomite unions, i.e. the blessing of the sin of sodomy. However, the pseudo Pope claims that it is the Lord who proposes this path to destruction. This is a blatant lie. On the contrary, God proposes the path to salvation through the keeping of His commandments. Bergoglio has revealed that he has another lord.

Francis commented on the controversy following the release of Fiducia Supplicans: “Sometimes decisions are not accepted. But in most cases when decisions are not accepted, it is because they are not understood.”

Bergoglio says that when his decisions are not accepted, it is because they are not understood. Does he mean that bishops who defend God’s commandments and Catholic teaching do so because they do not understand? Bergoglio puts himself in a position where his heretical understanding is presented as superior to the Scriptures, Tradition of the Apostles, Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

The Bishops of Cameroon, on the other hand, have presented the Catholic position by their declaration on the inadmissibility of the blessing of sodomy, stating unanimously:

“Literally, ‘to bless’ is ‘to speak well of’. And ‘to speak well of’ in order to gain grace through the gesture of blessing a ‘homosexual couple’ would be tantamount to encouraging a choice and a practice of life that cannot be recognized as being objectively ordered to the revealed designs of God. What is more, differentiating between liturgical and non-liturgical contexts in order to apply the blessing to same sex ‘couples’ is hypocritical. The act of blessing, whether performed in a liturgical assembly or in private, remains a blessing. We therefore declare non-compliant any form of blessing, public or private, that tends to recognize ‘same sex couples’ as a state of life.” (para. 6)

Quoting Bergoglio: “When you don’t like a decision, speak up and express your doubts, carry out a fraternal discussion, that way things move forward.”

Bergoglio comments on the legalization of an outrageous sin, saying: When you don’t like something, carry out a fraternal discussion, that way things move forward. A normal person is left speechless. Where forward? To hell? That’s where this so-called Holy Father is really leading Catholics. God, but also the Church, really don’t like Bergoglio’s Fiducia Supplicans; it brings down God’s anathema – a curse.

In conformity with Scripture and Tradition, the Bishops of Cameroon have expressed themselves as follows: “Homosexuality falsifies and corrupts human anthropology and trivializes sexuality, marriage, and the family, the foundations of society. … In the history of peoples, the practice of homosexuality has never led to societal evolution, but is a clear sign of the imploding decadence of civilizations. In fact, homosexuality sets humanity against itself and destroys it.” But Bergoglio likes it when society is destroyed, when humanity is set against itself. Bergoglio is happy with this, for that’s what he wants. And not only society, but when the Church destroys itself – that is what he likes most. No Catholic can fail to see any more that this archheretic is not the head of the Church, nor is he the representative of Christ whom he has publicly opposed.

Bergoglio says: “When you don’t like a decision… carry out a fraternal discussion, that way things move forward.”

What standard does Bergoglio set? Not God’s laws and commandments, but considerations whether his heretical decisions are liked or not. Let us imagine a doctor who, instead of gallbladder surgery, amputates someone’s legs and then says: If you don’t like my decision, carry out a fraternal discussion, and let things move forward. Or someone murders several people in the square, the police come and the criminal says: If you don’t like my decision, carry out a fraternal discussion, and let things move forward. What Breivik did in the physical realm, Bergoglio is doing in the spiritual one – he is a mass murderer of souls. But he self-confidently declares: “When you don’t like a decision, carry out a fraternal discussion, that way things move forward.

This is Bergoglio’s method: “Let things move forward”. When four cardinals submitted dubia about Amoris Laetitia, he did not even answer them, and things move forward. When several hundred theologians and Catholic intellectuals wrote the “Filial Correction”, he responded in the same way – and things move forward. When the former nuncio to the USA, Carlo Maria Viganò, convicted him of covering up homosexual crimes, he did not respond for a whole year, then he told a blatant lie, and things move forward again. When someone does not like Bergoglio’s crimes against God and the faith, he has only one answer: Let things move forward. We ask: Where forward? To temporal and eternal self-destruction!

Quoting Bergoglio: “The danger is that if I don’t like something and I put it in my heart, I become a resistance and jump to ugly conclusions. This is what happened with these latest decisions on blessings for all.”

Bergoglio takes account of no one and nothing, neither God and His laws, nor people and natural moral principles, only himself. He is the highest standard. And whoever doesn’t like it jumps to ugly conclusions. Nobody, not even the greatest demagogues and dictators, dared to make fools of Catholics in public like he does.

If someone doesn’t like Bergoglio’s trampling on God’s commandments, he is said to be jumping to ugly conclusions. This is exactly how the fascist criminals in Nuremberg responded when they were convicted of their crimes: they admitted no guilt, claimed to be completely innocent and insisted on their demagoguery just as Bergoglio insists on his heresies – spiritual crimes.

The pseudo Pope considers the Bishops of Cameroon to be jumping to ugly conclusions. However, they declare clearly in agreement with the Scriptures and the whole of Tradition: “Homosexuality is not a human right. It is an alienation that seriously harms humanity because it is not based on any value proper to the human being: it is a dehumanization of love, ‘an abomination’ (Lev 18:22). Rejecting it is in no way being discriminative; it is a legitimate protection of the constant values of humanity in the face of a vice that has become the subject of a claim to legal recognition and, today, the subject of a blessing.” (para. 5)

Bergoglio manipulates public opinion, saying: “The Lord blesses everyone, everyone…”

This is a lie. According to Bergoglio, the Lord blesses a woman who kills her unborn child, a self-murderer who commits suicide, child traffickers, paedophiles, zoophiles, necrophiles, sadomasochists, mass murderers and satanists, everyone, everyone who goes to hell without repenting for their sins. But here the question arises: Who is Bergoglio’s lord blessing all these people? The unequivocal answer is: It is the father of lies, Satan.

The Bishops of Cameroon, on the other hand, speak in accordance with Catholic teaching: “The profound identity of sexuality is misunderstood, hijacked and perverted outside the conjugal relationship between man and woman. Consequently, homosexual acts are not ‘sexual’, but ‘acts against nature’ (Rom 1:26).” (para. 3) The Cameroonian bishops forbid blessing these crimes against nature, and they do so in conformity with the Scriptures and Tradition. What Bergoglio promotes contrary to the Scriptures and Tradition is a blatant mockery of Christ’s teachings and of the Catholic Church.

Quoting Bergoglio: “The Lord blesses everyone… But then people have to enter into a dialogue with the blessing of the Lord and see the path that the Lord proposes.”

This is how Bergoglio responds to the blessing of an outrageous sin. Sin must be called sin, and a person concerned must repent and fight against it. Let us recall what the Cameroonian bishops say about the path proposed by our Lord and our God. This path is diametrically opposed to the path proposed by Bergoglio’s lord, to whom he dedicated himself in Canada with the assistance of a sorcerer.

The Bishops of Cameroon state: “Since God does not want the death of the sinner, but his/her conversion to eternal life, we recommend those who are inclined to homosexuality… their radical conversion. We also invite them to turn away from their mentality of victimization in which they take pleasure in considering themselves as ‘victims’, ‘weak’, and ‘minorities’; in order to seize the opportunity for conversion that God gives them in the many exhortations of His Word.” (para. 9)

In 2021, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration that the Church cannot bless the sin of sodomy. How is it possible that pseudo Pope Francis now artfully orders the blessing of sodomy in Fiducia Supplicans? It is quite obvious that the continuity of the teachings of the Catholic faith was interrupted by this shift. With his motu proprio Ad theologiam promovendam, Bergoglio sets new paradigms and Fiducia Supplicans already transforms the Catholic Church into a New Age anti-Church, a synagogue of Satan.

The tragedy is that Catholics, influenced by the heresy of papolatry, claim that we must accept even the greatest heresies that the invalid Pope, a manifest heretic, proclaims. This contradicts the teaching of the Church defined by the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church and dogmatic bull Cum ex apostolatus officio. This teaching is succinctly expressed by St Bellarmine in the words: “The Pope who is manifestly a heretic has excluded himself from the Church and ceases by himself to be Pope and head.” When will contemporary Catholics finally understand it?

The only solution today is for bishops, who are responsible for the Catholic Church, to separate themselves and their dioceses from the jurisdiction of the invalid Pope Francis Bergoglio as soon as possible. Let the outward sign be that the priests stop mentioning the invalid Pope in the liturgy. The bishops of Africa, in particular, are obliged to take this radical step as a precedent in the given situation. Otherwise, if they remain under the jurisdiction of the archheretic, their defence of the faith will be ineffective. The archheretic Bergoglio will not respect anyone, neither God nor the laws of Christ; he moves forward. So let him move, but we will not follow him!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                 + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


20 January 2024


Download: BCP: Bergoglio’s first public response regarding Fiducia Supplicans (20/1/2024)



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