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BCP: Will the process of self-destruction of the Church be stopped by new patriarchates in America and Africa?

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The first millennium saw the development of five autonomous patriarchates – Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Constantinople. The beginning of the fourth century was marked by the rise of the heresy of Arianism, and later Nestorianism and Monophysitism. The heresies were fought against by the first four Councils – in Nicaea (325), Constantinople (381), Ephesus (431), and Chalcedon (451).

The Patriarchate of Rome enjoyed the greatest authority in matters of purity of faith. After the reading of the dogmatic letter of Pope Leo the Great at the Council of Chalcedon (451), which opposed the heresy of the time, the council fathers cried out: “This is the faith of the fathers! This is the faith of the Apostles! So we all believe! Peter has spoken thus through Leo.”

Also the historically well-known dogmatic formula of Pope Hormisdas (518) speaks of the uncorrupted faith of the Apostolic See of Rome, “in which the Christian religion has always been kept whole, true, and unsullied (i.e. without heresy).

Today, Francis purposefully destroys moral principles and doctrinal foundations. He legalizes sodomy and idolatry (Pachamama, self-dedication to the devil in Canada). It would be worth considering adopting the practice from the first millennium and restoring the role of the patriarchates in order to stop the process of self-destruction. The new Catholic patriarchates can hinder the pernicious activities of the illegitimate Pope and of his self-destructive structure.

One patriarchate would be established for North America, one for South America, and one for Africa. The historical eastern patriarchates of Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and Constantinople have lost their practical importance due to the expansion of Islam. The relationship between the patriarchates and the institution of the papacy would be very much the same as that in the first millennium. The patriarchates were independent of one another. They were united in matters of faith and morals guaranteed by Rome via papal primacy.

At this time of crisis, however, Rome is no guarantee of true faith, quite the contrary. Therefore, in the current extraordinary times, a true Pope must be elected in an extraordinary election, because there is no more room for true faith in the Vatican. The Vatican has expelled the Spirit of Christ and adopted the spirit of Freemasons.

The invalid Pope Francis, who abuses the supreme authority, seeks to destroy the sacramental priesthood, the very institution of the papacy and the essence of Christianity. The proof is the so-called synodal LGBTQ journey. The current Vatican apostasy far exceeds the schism of so-called Luther’s Reformation.

No effective reform is possible unless Catholics begin to repent, turn away from the spirit of the world and set aside one hour daily for God and their immortal soul (best between 8 and 9pm).


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


29 August 2023


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