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BCP: Ordination of women and Mayan Mass

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The liberal current in the Catholic Church, namely modern-day Sadducees, seeks to eliminate the sacrament of priesthood, and consequently the papacy too. They push the public opinion in favour of ordination of women as priests, supposedly for the sake of the Church’s revival. The whole Old- and New-Testament tradition is evidence of this being a gross fraud. In addition, modern Sadducees together with false prophets, liberal theologians, promote the ecclesiastical legalization of sodomy, lesbianism and all depraved forms of paganism worshipping false gods, that is, demons.

Pseudo Pope Bergoglio has set a pernicious precedent to the whole Church, first, by his dedication to Satan in Canada under the guidance of a sorcerer blowing a wild turkey bone whistle, and, second, by desecrating St Peter’s Basilica with the Pachamama demon. Already the Second Vatican Council, in its Nostra Aetate declaration, set the suicidal agenda of respect for other religions, de facto for their demons. It is a great sin against the First Commandment. This trend that destroys the relationship to God carries with itself the legalization of immorality, i.e. removal of God’s laws and commandments. Bergoglio openly demands pseudo conversion of bishops to LGBTQ welcomers in the Church (January 2023).

The unfortunate reform of Martin Luther, which abolished the priesthood and Holy Mass, was a direct response to the depraved life and mammonism of the prelates. Their bad example did not allow true repentance and revival of the life of faith. Half of Catholic Europe converted to Protestantism within 20 years. But the blame for the division of the Church does not only lie with Luther; the major blame lies with the prelates who prevented a true revival. It was not until Luther’s reform that the door within the already curtailed Catholic Church opened for true reform with the emergence of revivalist orders and movements. The division of the Church took a bloody toll in the form of religious wars, including the Thirty Years War.

Today, however, many Protestant pastors in unity with Catholic prelates promote gay marriage and the blessing of queer couples. They do not create unity in Christ but in the Antichrist. It results in the satanization of Europe. Islamization is God’s punishment for this. It is promoted with particular vehemence by German bishops along with pseudo Pope Bergoglio.

Because of heresies and unity with the spirit of the world, Christianity has almost evaporated in Europe. Introducing female ordination at this critical time instead of doing true penance, and claiming that this will bring a revival of Christianity is literally madness! Female priests, or sacral prostitutes, were exclusively associated with paganism and sacrifices to demons. Female priests have no justification in Christianity. Jesus appointed men, and not women, to be priests. It has always been a law of the Church.

Nowadays, the effort to ordain women is directly related to Bergoglio’s promotion of paganism and to destructive feminization in the world. The pseudo Pope makes deaconesses out of Amazonian female sorcerers, who burn incense to pagan demons instead of to God. He actually plans to ordain them as priests too.

By contrast, the beginning of true revival is to call sin sin, heresy heresy, and immorality immorality. It is necessary to point out again the deadly fruit of sin, namely misery and unhappiness on earth and eternal damnation. Modern-day Sadducees, however, flee from true repentance and the following of Christ like the devil from the cross. The model of their so-called revival of the Church by means of the synodal LGBTQ path aims to legalize outrageous sins that bring down a curse on the Church and nations. They are driving nails into the coffin of the Church, after having already dug its grave.

What can we say about the Mayan rite with so-called principal and incensor, which should be performed especially by women? Their incensing and dancing is supposed to be approved by the Synod as an official part of the Mass. It is an intentional introduction of the spirit of paganism and expelling the Holy Spirit from the holy liturgy. Such a Mass will no longer be a worship of true God and Christ’s sacrifice will not be made present, but it will be a blasphemy.

Let us discern the essence of the holy liturgy. It is not a symbol, but Christ’s sacrifice on the Calvary made present. In the centre of the celebration is not a blood sacrifice of bulls and lambs, but the blood sacrifice of the Son of God for the forgiveness of our sins. Animal blood sacrifices in the Old Testament were supposed to prevent the people from pagan blood sacrifices, even the human ones. Pagan sacrifices mean submission to demons and they are linked with immoralities and perversions.

In the midst of the present spiritual and moral dirt, we should realize that God should be offered a pure sacrifice, and such is only Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

As early as in the times of the prophet Malachi, the Lord foretold: “In every place pure offerings will be brought to My name.” (Mal 1:11)

Two of the first four Old-Testament priests, Aaron’s sons, paid with their lives, when the fire in their censers was not the incense that should have been used to worship the Lord. It is written: “Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense; and they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to His command. So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord.” (Lev 10:1-2)

When Korah, Abiram and Dathan rebelled against Moses, Moses said to Korah: “Isn’t it enough for you that God … has brought you near Himself? … but now you are trying to get the priesthood too. It is against the Lord that you and all your followers have banded together.” (Num 16:8-11)

The current liberals led by Bergoglio band together similarly to Korah against the Lord. They promote sodomite anti-gospel and thus call upon themselves God’s anathema – excommunication from the Church (Gal 1:8-9). What more, they promote even destruction of the sacrament of holy orders by seeking ordination of women, de facto witches and lesbians. In the case of Korah, only an Old-Testament priesthood was concerned. They offered blood sacrifices of sheep and bulls, or something they harvested. The New-Testament priesthood, however, is an offering of the Most Holy sacrifice. It is a making present Christ’s blood sacrifice in an unbloody way on the altar for the forgiveness of sins. Christ’s priesthood brought about disappearance of Aaron’s priesthood and animal sacrifices. Jesus established holy orders at the Last Supper. He selected apostles, males. Upon the descent of the Holy Spirit they received the anointing for the New Testament priesthood. This anointing passes on through the apostolic succession to the successors of the apostles, namely to bishops and their helpers, priests.

What then is the essence of the New Testament sacrifice? It is making Christ’s sacrifice on the cross present. How does it happen? Through the priest, who carries the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The priest pronounces Jesus’ words, with which He established His unbloody sacrifice. At that moment God’s omnipotence intervenes. By His almighty power, God, who created the visible and invisible world, innumerable galaxies from nothing, now transforms the essence of the bread and the essence of the wine into the real Body of Christ and into His real Blood. The Holy Spirit does it by the priestly anointing.

Can a person, whom God had not selected by His anointing, claim a priestly office? No, they cannot. Can a person, who is in rebellion against the Holy Spirit and violates God’s laws and directions and promotes sexual perversions and sodomite anti-gospel, claim a priestly office? No, they cannot. Can a female be anointed by the Holy Spirit for the priesthood? No, she cannot. It is not in accordance with God’s order.

The Holy Scripture clarifies that offering a sacrifice to appease God for the sins of the people was linked to Aaron’s priesthood, which was temporary. The Scripture says the following about Jesus: “You are the priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.” It is a different order than a hereditary priesthood according to the order of Aaron. “For when the priesthood is changed, the law must be changed also.” (Heb 7:12)

With Jesus Christ, the Old Testament is replaced with the New Testament.

What is the purpose of the current efforts to change the priesthood by the female ordination? Inevitably, it leads to the abolition of the New Testament of our Saviour and introduction of the pseudo-testament of Antichrist.

If Bergoglio’s sect now changes the priesthood by promoting the ordination of women as deacons and priests, the apostolic succession will cease to exist. According to Daniel, the daily sacrifice will thus be taken away (Mt 24:15; Dan 9:27) and the anointing by the Holy Spirit will be replaced with the anointing by an unclean, demonic spirit. What spirit currently promotes this female pseudo priesthood coupled with the ecclesiastical legalization of sodomy and idolatry? It is not the Spirit of Christ, but the spirit of Antichrist.

That is why we hear of the adoption into the Mass of pagan elements of the Mayan culture and of other pagan cults rooted in the worship of demons and Satan. They have to do with the fire of hell (Jud 1:7) rather than with the fire of the Holy Spirit (Lk 3:16). Aaron’s two sons offered unauthorized fire and incense before the Lord, and they were killed. What a painful spiritual death will come on the Catholic Church through this anti-sacrament!

In addition, Bergoglio’s sect introduces the anti-sacrament of marriage by blessing sodomite, lesbian and queer couples. The so-called synodal path leads to temporal self-destruction and eternal damnation. The opposite is the narrow path of following Christ. He Himself is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The arch-heretic Bergoglio occupying the papal throne has brought Christianity to the crossroads, where today one has to make a choice. Either to return to the sound teaching of Christ’s Gospel, which brings blessing and eternal life, or to embrace the anti-gospel of Bergoglio and his sect, which results in both temporal and eternal self-destruction. God now sets a choice before Catholics, as He once did before the Israelites: “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life.” (Deu 30:19)


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                 + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


4 October 2023


Download: BCP: Ordination of women and Mayan Mass (4/10/2023)



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