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Response to further Bergoglio’s comments on Fiducia Supplicans

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In an interview with the newspaper ‘La Stampa’ on 29 January 2024, the invalid Pope Francis once again commented on his heretical declaration Fiducia supplicans.

Quoting Bergoglio: “Christ calls everyone from within.”

It is public knowledge, even though Bergoglio psychologically distorts it, that Fiducia supplicans promotes the blessing of gay couples. In doing so, it legalizes the sin of sodomy, for which God threatens temporal and eternal fire. Moreover, it is blasphemy and rebellion against God the Creator. Christ calls everyone from within, but the condition is repentance, that is, to call sin sin. “Unless you repent, you will all perish.” (Lk 13:3) To those who refuse to repent, Christ says: “I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity.” (Lk 13:27)

Quoting Bergoglio: “The Gospel is to sanctify everyone. Of course, there must be goodwill.”

Here, Bergoglio manipulates as if unrepentant people are sanctified and as if they do not need to acknowledge sin at all. Of course, unrepentant LGBTQ persons, coming in couples and asking for a so-called blessing, have no goodwill to repent.

Quoting Bergoglio: “And it is necessary to give precise instructions on the Christian life.”

This is how Bergoglio comments on Fiducia supplicans, which addresses as a central issue the blessing of gay couples and their sinful life. He says they need to be given precise instructions on the Christian life. This in itself is nonsense, because they reject true repentance a priori. Bergoglio imposes instructions about a precise Christian life in grave sin with a so-called blessing. Such instructions and such blessings are a precise path to eternal damnation.

Quoting Bergoglio: “…I emphasize that it is not the union that is blessed, but the persons.”

Bishop Martin of Malawi responds to Bergoglio’s demagogy on behalf of all true Catholic, not only African, bishops: The document asks us to bless two people of same sex as individuals but not as a couple. So these two people of same sex, who the previous night slept together like a couple and present themselves to us as a couple, are blessed as individuals, but they leave our presence as a couple. They go to their home as a couple. They sleep in the same bed as a couple. But the document says that they are not blessed as a couple, although they appear to have been blessed like a couple. How could this be not changing the authentic teaching of the Church?! This de facto cancels the Decalogue and the Creed and introduces an anti-decalogue. But this is no longer Catholic teaching! This is no longer the Catholic Church!

Quoting Bergoglio: “But we are all sinners: why should we make a list of sinners who can enter the Church and a list of sinners who cannot be in the Church? This is not the Gospel.”

This is the height of Bergoglio’s demagoguery and manipulation. Bergoglio has made a special list of privileged persons in the Church, namely LGBTQ persons. He is even ready to worship them by kissing their feet instead of calling on them to repent and save their souls. All people are sinners, for whose sake Jesus came and died on the cross, but only those sinners will be saved who have turned to God and repented. Bergoglio, however, prevents them from doing so by giving his pseudo-blessing to their sinful living.

Quoting Bergoglio: “Those who vehemently protest belong to small ideological groups.”

Every bishop, every priest and every believer must vehemently protest against and reject Bergoglio’s Fiducia supplicans! If anyone accepts this declaration in false obedience, they are disobedient to God and exclude themselves from the Church. Unless they repent, they will be eternally condemned. This is the teaching of the Gospel. This is Catholic teaching. If today Bergoglio can freely come out in open rebellion against God without resistance and say that those who protest are only small ideological groups, it is a sign of deep post-conciliar decline. This should alarm every Catholic Christian into prayer and genuine repentance.

Bergoglio has described Africans as “a special case”. Quote: “For them, homosexuality is something ‘ugly’ from a cultural point of view; they do not tolerate it.”

Yes, African Catholics do not tolerate the sin of sodomy. But this is not just about a cultural point of view, as Bergoglio manipulates again. The bishops of Cameroon have clearly defined the biblical, i.e. Catholic, teaching in several points. From this continuity of the teachings of Scripture and Tradition, it is clear that sodomy is an outrageous sin. It is madness, provocation and rebellion against God to bless the sinful life of sodomites!

Quoting Bergoglio: “I trust that gradually everyone will be reassured about the spirit of the declaration.”

What does Bergoglio actually trust in? The declaration Fiducia supplicans has already transformed the Catholic Church into the New Age anti-church. Bergoglio is now working towards the next stage, namely that gradually everyone will be reassured about the spirit of the declaration. The expression “gradually be reassured about the spirit” means to embrace an unclean spirit and a spirit of rebellion against God and His commandments and to form a union with it. Bergoglio constantly repeats the word “everyone”. His goal is to establish the global totalitarian rule of the Antichrist in everyone’s soul.

In this extraordinary situation, it is therefore the duty of every bishop, priest and believer to separate themselves from Bergoglio’s sect. Whoever remains under the false jurisdiction of the invalid Pope will gradually be forced to be reassured about the spirit of rebellion against God.

Quoting Bergoglio: “(The declaration) aims to include, not divide. It invites us to welcome…”

If we make his words more specific, Bergoglio actually says: (The declaration) aims to include unrepentant LGBTQ persons in the Church and thus deprive the Church of its salvific mission related to Christ’s words, ‘Preach repentance for the forgiveness of sins to all nations.’ (cf. Lk 24:47)

Bergoglio’s words “not divide” mean that Christians must no longer have a biblical attitude towards sin or follow the path of salvation, or else they will cause so-called divisions.

With the words “(The declaration) invites us to welcome”, Bergoglio reiterates his relentless demand that unless a bishop becomes welcoming of unrepentant LGBTQ persons in the Church and willing to bless their unions, he can no longer be a bishop.

Quoting Bergoglio: “(The declaration invites us) to entrust people to God.”

This is another Bergoglio’s manipulation. In fact, the term people refers to unrepentant LGBTQ persons who radically refuse to repent. Cardinal Müller has openly said that it is the spirit of the Antichrist that is behind the LGBTQ agenda. And as for entrusting them to God, Bergoglio entrusts them to the god to whom he had himself dedicated by a sorcerer in Canada.

Quoting Bergoglio: “I always strive ahead, day after day.”

But where to? Both his motu proprio Ad theologiam promovendam, in which he introduces a paradigm shift, and his blasphemous declaration Fiducia supplicans is a path away from Christ towards eternal damnation. Bergoglio is walking this path, as he says, “always striving ahead, day after day”.

Quoting Bergoglio: “In the Church, there have always been small groups that manifest reflections of a schismatic nature.”

Nowadays, schism is unreal because the Church does not have a Pope. Bergoglio, as a manifest heretic, as taught by the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church and saints, has excluded himself from the Church and therefore cannot be its head. He just occupies the papal office and is not only in schism from Christ, but literally in apostasy and under the multiple anathema of God, i.e. under God’s curse.

Conclusion: Through Fiducia supplicans, Bergoglio has transformed the Catholic Church into a New Age anti-church. In doing so, he has de facto destroyed the foundations of the Church, i.e. the Creed, the Decalogue and the commandments of Christ. Now he initiates the programme for everyone, down to the last believer, to gradually be reassured about the spirit of the declaration Fiducia supplicans, that is, to be rooted in the spirit of the Antichrist.

How will the Catholic Church be saved? Every bishop, every priest and every believer must separate from Bergoglio’s sect. Whoever remains under his jurisdiction must obey Bergoglio even at the cost of betraying Christ. By doing so, such a one automatically incurs the anathema according to Gal 1:8-9, i.e. exclusion from the Catholic Church and from the Mystical Body of Christ.

With the separation from Bergoglio, the conditions will be created for recognizing a new legitimate Pope, and thus for saving the Catholic Church.

The situation in the world is very serious. There was the covid experiment on humanity – that was a prelude, now the war fire, and even the forecasts for the future are not optimistic. Will it be a pandemic? Or another means of reducing humanity? Or will God’s grace be given a chance? The current bishops will decide. Who among them will break the cloud of curse over humanity brought down by Bergoglio and by the Church’s betrayal? God is waiting for courageous bishops who will separate themselves from the curse with their dioceses and thus allow God’s Spirit to revive the Church and save nations.

Therefore, dear priests and believers, unite in prayer daily from 8 to 9 p.m. and pray especially for your bishops. At the same time, encourage them by letters, e-mails or other means to take a saving step for both their and your sake. They need this grace, which you may obtain for them through prayer and sacrifice.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                 + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


1 February 2024


Download: BCP: Response to further Bergoglio’s comments on Fiducia Supplicans (1/2/2024)



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