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Spiritual battle – vaccines and chipping

7 June 2020

We live in a time that requires us to have basic information about the misuse of scientific knowledge aimed at reducing humanity. Those who promote it have full control of the mainstream media, and we see that they can manipulate the majority of the population as they like. We became convinced of this in coronapsychosis. The rule that one should always listen to the other side has been omitted. That is why enlightenment is very much needed from those who also hear the other side and sincerely seek the truth.

What do solid scientists say today about what would happen if Gates succeeded in enforcing a mandatory vaccination schedule in the United States?

Dr. Mikovits says that if Gates managed to introduce compulsory vaccination, at least 50 million Americans would die, probably after the first dose. Therefore, the promoters sought to speed up the mandatory vaccination schedule at the time of coronapsychosis so that vaccine deaths could be attributed to coronavirus. Thank God, thanks to the US President, this plan was thwarted. Once you take the vaccine, you will not get it out. The first victims were to be soldiers, firefighters, laboratory technicians and physicians. This is a crime.

In the European Union, however, the danger of compulsory vaccination still persists! The Presidents and the governments must fight for its abolition. Today, every EU citizen must mobilize their efforts and put pressure on the government not only with their letters but also with demonstrations, following the example of Italy.

Dr. Chris Exley is Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry at Keele University and Honorary Professor at the UHI Millennium Institute. His autopsies revealed astronomically high concentrations of aluminium in the brains of children with autism. Aluminium supplied to vaccines causes literally a disaster in every biological system. It is one of the most dangerous and most neurotoxic substances.

Influenza vaccines are aggressively promoted every year. They are part of a global depopulation plan. Some of the vaccine ingredients are nanoparticles that are both digitized and controllable. They can be activated via 5G networks. This makes your body internally digitized and remotely controllable. If someone is identified as “undesirable”, their organ functions can be stopped remotely.

The current global situation must be viewed as a spiritual struggle. Apostate and corrupt prelates as well as official mass media will tell you persuasive lies. They will show you the amazing benefits of Gates’ vaccines and how “terrible” danger a person is exposed to if he rejects it. All this is a lie to deceive you and integrate you into a system that ends in eternal death – eternal hell.

Repentance and prayer are absolutely necessary for us to be able to distinguish their lies from the truth and to have the strength to resist lies. The Rosary prayer also has a long tradition. Furthermore, it is necessary to encourage one another, because the power of lies is cunning. Why? Because we carry the mystery of evil within us. It is called original sin.

Original sin is the source of lies and evil in the heart of man, the poisonous seed of the serpent. That was why Jesus said that we must deny ourselves, take up our life’s cross and follow Him. He will give us the light and strength for the current struggle. But the basis is prayer. This kind of demons, as Jesus said, does not go out except by prayer and fasting. (Mt 17:21)

The servants of the angel of light – Lucifer – know the spiritual principles and apply them. They know they cannot achieve their wicked goals by human effort alone. Their basic principle, therefore, is: to bring down a curse and thus to create the conditions for demons to come. At the same time, they know they need to destroy all the favourable conditions for the Spirit of truth.

Let us look at the situation over the last half century. The Church was the pillar of truth for centuries. The hidden heretics and Judases within the Church managed not only to paralyse her but also to make her the spiritual basis for the system of the Antichrist. When did it start? In 1958, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII), who had been on the list of Modernists since 1912, was elevated to the papacy. Saint Pius X, in his encyclical Pascendi (1907), opposed the spirit of Modernism which destroyed the fundamental truths of the faith. Roncalli reasserted the poison of Modernism through liberal theologians at the Council. The Second Vatican Council marked a spiritual turning point! Today we reap its fruits in the person of Bergoglio who abolishes universally valid moral principles as well as God’s commandments. He promotes the homolobby to the highest positions in the Church. He enthroned the Pachamama demon directly in the Basilica of St Peter, and in his documents on the Amazon he established the profanation of the divine liturgical sacrifice by pagan rituals which do not worship the true God but demons and Satan! He wants to ordain pagan sorcerers, both male and female, as deacons and priests.

By ordering the closure of churches, Bergoglio effectively helped to enforce worldwide coronapsychosis. Under the guise of security measures, he issued instructions for the desecration of Holy Communion. Now he covertly promotes chipping through vaccination. He therefore declared 14 May 2020 as a day for fasting and “prayer” worldwide along with pagan leaders to speed up the development of a so-called Covid-19 cure, which is to be a micro-chipped vaccine. This is a crime crying out to heaven!

However, Bergoglio purposefully confuses Catholics with his charismatic speeches from St Martha’s House which are then broadcast as a publicity stunt primarily on Vatican Radio. He speaks eloquently about a personal relationship to Jesus, and even about repentance, but he does the exact opposite. This is the sign of the spirit of antichrist. Bergoglio is neither the Vicar of Christ on earth nor the successor of Peter on the papal throne. According to Gal 1:8-9, he is expelled from the Church of Christ as a heretic and an apostate.

Bergoglio brings down a curse – anathema – and goes hand in hand with Gates and other magnates promoting population reduction by 6 billion. Abusing the Petrine Office, this apostate thus prepares the ground for mass genocide of humanity in the most intensive way.

The NWO promoters take account of spiritual principles, which is why, among other things, they insist on annual gay pride parades in capital cities around the world. Why do they resort to such terror by promoting gay pride parades in countries that reject sodomy? They need to bring down a curse and thus raise demons to occupy the territory.

Furthermore, the child stealing system, which includes the Istanbul Convention, causes untold suffering of children and their parents. It makes sacrifices to demons who then take control of the entire territory. Human sacrifices to demons as once practised in paganism are a topical issue at present, too, so far in secret. The NWO system worships Satan, promotes occult practices, immorality, crime and mass extermination of humanity.

Bill Gates aims to use artificial quarantine to vaccinate, as he said, the entire human population. He talks about a reduction by 6 billion. He said absurdly: “Only a genocide can save the world… If we do a good job on vaccines, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%.” It means killing a billion people with vaccines.

A petition has appeared on the White House website in which its initiators call for investigations into the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” for medical malpractice and crimes against humanity. (

In its Roadmap on vaccination, as early as 2019, the European Union planned to introduce a common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens. Bill Gates is already talking about its implementation through the nanochip contained in the vaccine. In connection with the vaccination, Gates demands of the governments absolute legal immunity. We ask: Why?

Compulsory vaccination endangers everyone and means de facto chipping. And chipping means that man ceases to be man. He is under constant control and dictatorship, and if he offers resistance, he is forced through induced pain to carry out evil orders. What is more, he may even be killed at any time through the dysfunction of organs.

If Christianity were what it should be, these demons would have no chance of gaining control over humanity and leading it to tyranny, self-destruction and eternal perdition.

Today, the situation is humanly unsolvable. Only God can intervene. Either directly or indirectly – through certain people chosen by Him for this task.

But it depends on each of us in this fight! We are obliged to create the conditions for God to work in this extraordinary, now apocalyptic time. We need to allow the Spirit of God to work. Therefore, each of us must start with ourselves and repent.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, as a prophetic voice in these times, repeatedly calls for prayer and fasting, namely one hour of interior prayer every day (Mt 26:40) and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays without food until supper.

Through many prophecies, the Bible encourages us to take action, that is, to repent. The prophet Jonah was sent to announce to the inhabitants of the city, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!” The inhabitants were filled with saving fear and all of them repented. God averted the punishment.

Today it is necessary to wake up from passivity. An example is the protest of 735 Italian doctors against vaccination as well as the mass demonstrations in Italy. Let everyone write a letter to a member of the government and encourage him to fight this planned suicide. Let Christians hold penitential processions against gay pride parades!

Our sins enable demons to punish us; God allows it. But if we repent sincerely, God forgives our sins, the demons must withdraw from us and leave the territory. They can no longer carry out their destructive plan of tyranny and death. That is why repentance is so extremely important! The spirit of repentance is given to those who pray sincerely.

The Bible reveals that those who will believe lies will accept chipping. But those who will pray and repent will either completely avert disaster from the particular territory, or they will have the light and strength to reject vaccination and chipping even at the cost of great sacrifices. Those who will accept the chip will be subjected to great suffering. The worst thing for them, however, will be that they will come under the rule of the beast and will no longer be able to repent unto salvation. Their tragic fate will be the lake of fire together with the beast.

That is why the time God gives us is so important for us to truly begin with true repentance today. If we obey and begin to pray, God will give us the strength to enlighten others and thus save their lives and their immortal souls. It is necessary to fight in prayer above all for our close relatives and friends. Some of them will be clear about this matter and others will be inclined to lies. That is why it is necessary to pray for them and to convey true information. Through prayer, God will give a solution. Through prayer, we will also obtain light and strength for those who have power in the nation so that they may oppose vaccination like President Trump, thanks to whom compulsory vaccination in the United States has been abolished.

These days, God requires everyone to devote at least one hour a day to prayer and to keep the fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                       + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops



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