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BCP: Synod on Synodality uses brainwashing methods of destructive sects

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From Vatican News: “The African Cardinal (Besungu) urged Christians to courageously fight the Evil One, using in particular the weapons of synodality, which require unity, walking together, discernment, mutual listening.”

Besungu had already revealed before that listening at the Synod is both a method and a weapon.

These weapons of synodality, in fact, are not weapons against the Evil One but rather they are the four weapons of the Evil One to achieve self-destruction of the Church.

Besungu lists unity as the first weapon. We ask: Unity of whom, and with what? This is not unity with Jesus or His teachings. Quite the contrary: it is unity of people who have rejected God’s commandments with an unclean spirit.

The second weapon, according to Besungu, is walking together. It is the synodal LGBTQ journey of unrepentant people walking together to destruction.

The third weapon is so-called discernment. This means, under the new synodal interpretation, that God’s commandments are not established with finality, but everyone is free to discern for themselves. God and His word are no longer the highest standard, but rather the human ego and human pride.

The fourth weapon is listening. Let us understand that this is a particularly powerful method for bringing about a change in thinking. It is used by sects, deceivers and professional liars. Scripture says: Bad company corrupts good morals. Eve listened to the serpent in paradise and the result was disaster. And that is how it always ends when one does not listen to God, His word and His commandments, but listens to the servants of the Evil One, professional deceivers, liars and immoral people.

Participants at the Synod are delegates of the episcopal conferences and specially selected LGBTQ supporters. The bishops are exposed to manipulation all through the month like in destructive sects. The daily schedule of a bishop participating in the Synod who has not yet been converted to a cheerleader of LGBTQ in line with Bergoglio’s plan looks like this: he has breakfast with homosexuals, then listens to homosexuals in groups at an assigned table, has lunch with homosexuals, the next stage of listening to homosexuals follows in the afternoon, then he has supper with homosexuals, and is mostly forced to have personal talks only with homosexuals – some of these conversations end with an invitation to go to the sauna together.

Can a bishop keep the faith after a month of so an intensive brainwashing method and pressure from an unclean demon? At the very least, his mind is corrupted, his spiritual life defiled, and the essential truths of the faith and morals challenged. The method is aimed at making bishops change their thinking and embrace the spirit of LGBTQ immorality. In his Rules, Saint Basil warns and explains how dangerous it is to keep company with immoral people. Moreover, he points out that if they are also heretics, keeping company with them ruins the whole spiritual health of a person. The Apostle John warned that we should not even greet such people, let alone spend a month with them in forced unity and listening to them.

There are 11 individuals and one facilitator – moderator – sitting at each table at the Synod. Gathered in groups they listen to particularly suggestive testimonies of homosexuals. Gradually and inconspicuously the way of thinking is changing from Christian to immoral. There is zero tolerance for the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. The moderator guides “conversations in the spirit”, another synodal method, according to strictly designed rules. The immediate discernment is made if someone dares to reply in the Spirit of truth and defends God’s commandments. Such an individual must convert so as not to disturb unity and to learn how to contribute to discussions in the spirit of LGBTQ synodality, thus legalization of immorality.

The members of groups change. However not according their own choosing, or randomly. The moderator who carefully observes the degree of the change of thinking assigns them to a respective group. The participants are monitored and their manipulation is moderated. This is truly a method of destructive sects, which changes thinking in line with a previously set goal. The goal of this synod is a conversion of bishops to cheerleaders of LGBTQ, possibly achieving their conversion to sodomites as modelled by the majority of moderators of this sect-like LGBTQ synod of Bergoglio.

The plan for this process, following the return of bishops and delegates from the synod, is to copy this method and transform the thinking and the spirit of other bishops, priests, religious and active laity who in this way will influence the other believers. This is how a practical transformation of the entire Church of Christ to the church of antichrist, thus the New Age antichurch, will be completed.

As far as the approval of other agenda items of the synod is concerned, such as ordination of women to deaconesses and priestesses, ruination of the Eucharist by the introduction of elements of idolatry as well as ruination of the sacrament of confession, it will all be a consequence of the transformed thinking, in which the Holy Spirit, truth and God’s laws have no place.

Devil, the father of lies and death (Jn 8), affects our nature damaged by the inherited sin. He falsely inspires through thoughts, or through listening to people who act as his mediums. This spirit of lies affects our emotions and imagination. From the outside it affects our ears and eyes through promoting of immorality, pornography, reading immoral books, watching immoral films… Jesus did not listen to unclean spirits, instead He cast them out by the power of God. Apostle Paul would severely warn the bishops against the synod today:

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret.” (Eph 5:11-12)

One gets caught in the net of the spirit of lies especially through listening to people, who are already under the governance of this angel of light. If an undiscerning student of theology listens to his professor, who is a heretic, he himself will become a heretic. If a young person listens to an individual who is a medium of an unclean spirit, this spirit will seize control over his thinking and emotions, gain sympathy and transfer to him. The most powerful channel to accepting a spirit is listening. Every deceiver speaks suggestively, because the spirit is behind it. They are capable to deceive by spreading half-truths, false goodness and vision of success.

The psalmist expresses it in following words: “I was like a wineskin in the smoke.” (Psa 119:83) When the wineskin is removed from the smoke, it smells after a smoke for a long time. A bishop spent a month in this environment of sodomite gospel, which changes thinking and attracts a curse. He should now publicly renounce the spirit of immoral and heretical synodality and consequently he should do an adequate month’s penance to be freed from this curse. It is necessary above all to pray, read the Holy Scriptures and biographies of the holy martyrs during this period of penance.

In fact, a true synod should first of all address the needs of time and focus on the spiritual renewal. It should emphasize the purpose and goal of a human life, which is salvation of an immortal soul. It should point out issues that prevent a present-day individual from as much as knowing the most basic truths of faith and then highlight ways how to protect and implement these truths. Currently, particularly the youth is endangered by homosexuality, therefore they should become familiar with the Word of God, which discloses the roots of homosexuality. The young people should be presented with the ideal of purity, linked with a moral life and adhering to God’s commandments. Moral impurity leads to cynicism and to various addictions. It makes them incapable of the married life and it leads to crime.

It is necessary for a Catholic today to establish a daily prayer routine and sanctifying Sunday so that they dedicate practically all Sunday to God, their soul, spiritual benefit of their family and time in a brotherly communion. The Spirit of God operates through people who do so. If others listen to such a man or a woman of God, their eyes will open and they too will receive God’s Spirit. Then they will be able to separate themselves from the spirit of the world, spirit of lies and death. The LGBTQ synod and its moderators led by Bergoglio and his footman Besungu from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other executioners of the Church and violators of God’s laws stand in a direct opposition.

Dear true Catholic bishops, separate yourselves, along with your dioceses, from the obedience to the pseudo-Pope while there is time. He is a man dedicated to Satan, promoting self-destructive LGBTQ immorality. Jorge Bergoglio is in open rebellion against God, His laws and commandments. Being dedicated to Satan, he is not and cannot be the Vicar of Jesus Christ. He plagues the Church with the spirit of antichrist and expels the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. Therefore, dear bishops, come out of the Bergoglian Babylon before it is too late. Do accept a true Pope for the sake of salvation so he can stop the advancing disaster.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


October 19, 2023


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