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The BCP reveals the reason why Archbp Kondrusiewicz was stopped at the border

2 September 2020

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is a community of bishops, priests and monks who live in monasteries and defend the orthodox teaching of the Catholic Church against heretics and religious imposters. We are now addressing the Archbishop of Belarus, Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.

Your Excellency,

why did you go to Poland at the time when the Belarusian people rose up to defend the President against an artificial Maidan? It is clear why. You went there to get new instructions on what to do next – how to ensure in a new situation that the Maidan does not come to an end but the coup is completed.

What instructions you received abroad, you have inadvertently revealed in your speeches and letters of recent days. Some were written by you yourself and some by your Vicar General, Yury Kosobutski, according to your guidelines.

The instructions were as follows:

1) It is necessary to maintain tension.

Your pastoral letter of 30 August 2020 starts with these words:

“Our country is going through an unprecedented socio-political crisis which is deepening by the day.”

This is demagoguery and a lie. There is no crisis deepening. The Belarusian people have overcome the crisis artificially provoked by you and have proved once again that they support their President.

Your artificial quarantine in the churches, Dear Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, has failed too. The so-called quarantine measures which you imposed on the priests meant a gross desecration of the Holy Eucharist. You thus brought even the Catholic faithful under a curse. Surely you know that according to the canon law you incur a latae sententiae penalty, i.e. excommunication, for the desecration of the Eucharist. This is one more crime against the Church, in addition to others concerning faith and morals, by which you excommunicated yourself. It is clear that you no longer serve Christ but Antichrist like Judas.

You also mention, Dear Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, a difficult economic situation, which you think is very alarming. In fact, Belarus has the highest employment rate in Europe. Medicine and education are free. Nevertheless, you create the impression of a very alarming economic situation. Once again, you have only revealed your great desire for a non-existent alarming situation to arise. Just compare the Ukrainian and Belarusian economies: What about Ukraine’s international debts? What about its economy’s growth, considering that 5 million Ukrainians have gone abroad for work? And so on.

Belarus is not experiencing any crisis compared not only to Ukraine but also to other European countries. What blindness and impudence it is to lie to the face of Belarusians! The tragedy, however, is that young people fooled by you believe it. Dear Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, you have been given the task of rekindling the fire of strife and hatred. But you are talking about peace, love, unity and a peaceful solution – in other words – about a peaceful fall into the abyss.

Even now, when it is clear that the nation shows a marked superiority over the groups of Maidan protesters manipulated and deceived by you, you write shamelessly that “the threat of civil war is still real”. There is no real threat but rather your evil wish and your agenda, which you also received abroad. You have been instructed to stop at nothing, even at the cost of civil war, in line with the technologies of the colour revolutions.

Now you pretend to be a martyr because you were stopped at the border to be prevented from insidiously leading the coup on the spot and causing the suicide of manipulated Catholics and deceived youth.

2) The second instruction you received says to create a network of secret revolutionaries and to disguise it with a devotion to St Michael the Archangel.

It is necessary, as your Vicar General has informed Catholics, to create focal points of unrest disguised with prayer in churches, chapels, houses, and even at wayside crosses. A great agenda! This is how the communist revolutionaries disguised themselves in Russia in 1917. They cover up their preparation for the coup by gathering for prayer in front of an icon – a so-called red corner. You are now exploiting St Michael to disguise the coup.

3) Your task is to organize further events in September at all costs, because globalization and total quarantine in Europe are hampered only by independent Belarus. Behind-the-scenes elites, such as Gates, Soros, Rockefeller or other so-called philanthropists seeking to reduce humanity, are keenly interested in overthrowing the Belarusian government. Belarus keeps thwarting their plans.

4) In conformity with your secret instructions, Your Excellency, the coup is to culminate some time around the feast of St Michael the Archangel. This is intended to demonstrate the goal of your agenda, according to which Satan will triumph over St Michael, Protector of the Church. The Maidan in Ukraine was likewise associated with the feast of St Michael the Archangel. So you have revealed both the date and the preparations. You know very well that the Masons also worship an angel, allegedly St Michael, but it is actually Lucifer – Satan. Similarly, you want to exploit the so-called devotion to St Michael towards the satanization of Belarus.

You, Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, are well aware that shielding oneself with prayer and religious devotion is unassailable by the Government. If your subversive activities began to be prosecuted, you would take refuge in the international laws on religious freedom making a big fuss about it as if the President was a dictator and you – the subverters – were persecuted martyrs. But this is a colossal deception!

5) Your priests, Dear Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, and some of your active Catholic believers exert long-term and purposeful influence on students. The holidays are over and this is a new chance for you from 1 September to massively abuse the accumulation of students for new riots through organized church agents.

These are some of the guidelines you have been provided with abroad. It was a mistake not to let you enter Belarus. You should have been taken right from the border to prison as the main plotter behind the attempt to overthrow the legitimate Government. Now it would be fair if the Polish government handed you over to the Belarusian court to pass a just sentence on you for staging a coup.

Dear Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, you are 75 years old. You should think seriously about death, God’s judgment and hell which awaits you for your betrayal of Christ and the Church. You have abused the episcopal office in such a mean way that common people cannot believe that a person in the forefront of the Catholic Church in Belarus could be capable of such vile acts.

President Lukashenko himself would apparently not be able to believe for a long time who you really are and who you serve. This year, however, you have shown your true colours. The reality is that the head of the Catholic Church in Belarus is an imposter, a Judas and a mass murderer of the Church and the Belarusian nation.


Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


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