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The orthodox College of Bishops assumes the responsibility for the faith and morals

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The papal office is essentially responsible for the protection of faith and morals. It transfers this responsibility to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Pope Francis, who openly destroys the foundations of Catholic teaching, has excluded himself from the Catholic Church (Gal 1:8-9) and therefore cannot be its legitimate head.

Believers and priests literally bombard us, bishops, with questions:

– What about his dedication to demons in Canada to the accompaniment of a sorcerer blowing a wild turkey bone whistle?

– What about the enthronement of the Pachamama demon in the Vatican?

– What about the synodal path, which Cardinal Müller described as doctrinally incompetent and canonically illegitimate?

– What about Bergoglio’s promotion of sodomy?

– How is it possible that Francis is silent and thereby approves the activities of the German and Belgian bishops’ conferences, which introduce marriages of sodomites, lesbians and so-called queer couples, even including marriages with animals? This is not only apostasy, but stupidity!

The diocesan bishops, who are exhausted by pastoral care, only give evasive answers to the above-mentioned questions. They do not put things in the right light. They cover up these scandals in an effort to preserve, at least as much as possible, papal authority which is being grossly abused.

However, we, the bishops emeriti of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, are fully aware of our pastoral responsibility before God at this time of doctrinal and moral chaos. This responsibility is placed on us especially now, because without true faith there is no salvation.

As for Francis, we must responsibly declare before God and before all Catholics of the Czech Republic and Slovakia: The path he is promoting is neither Catholic nor Christian. If you want to hear the plain truth, the Catholic Church currently has no rightful Pope; it is in a state of sede vacante.

What should priests and believers do in this situation? We answer: First of all, they must accept this reality and then do personal penance and set aside daily more time for prayer, for conversation with God.

And what about us, orthodox Catholic bishops emeriti, what should we do? We must encourage one another to be able to stand and not betray Christ amid the current pressures and the ongoing struggle for the salvation of souls and for the existence of the Church of Christ. We will soon stand before God’s judgment seat because of our old age. If we betray the teachings of Christ for fear of persecution or if we remain silent, the responsibility for spiritual suicide will fall on us. Therefore, dear believers, please pray for us, and we also thank you for every word of encouragement.

Those who are destroying the Church use spiritual as well as psychological methods of subterfuge, intimidation and threats. They will attack us and denigrate us. That is why we need your spiritual and prayer support. We want to fight for you and for the heritage of our spiritual fathers, for the heritage of orthodox Catholic teaching built on Holy Scriptures and Tradition. Today, ambiguous terms and religious phrases can easily use the truth to push ahead the opposite goals. Francis is a negative example of such rhetoric. He has recently installed the Argentinean Fernández in the post of prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. His public presentation indicates that this Congregation will now do the opposite of what it was intended to do. In the same way, Bergoglio’s synodal way is the opposite of Christ’s way of salvation connected with the observance of God’s laws and commandments. Apart from promoting the legalization of sodomy and idolatry, the synodal path also promotes decadent relativism and syncretism.

Our apostolic college, which is not limited by age, hereby assumes responsibility at this time of chaos and confusion for the purity of faith and morals in the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With this letter, we also encourage all bishops emeriti, who have at heart the purity of faith and morals, to take upon themselves this duty of protection in every nation. The availability of a separate doctrinal structure in each nation results from the critical situation the Catholic Church finds itself in through an abuse of papal authority. In this extraordinary situation, until an orthodox and rightful Pope is installed, the responsibility for matters of faith and morals rests with our college of bishops. Our service in this situation is fully binding on the conscience of every Catholic Christian. Everyone is obliged to adhere to the orthodox teaching that we, as an apostolic college, uphold in a particular nation. We are fully aware of both our joint authority and responsibility.

We hereby propose that churchwide responsibility on behalf of the apostolic college of orthodox Catholic bishops should be taken on by Card. Müller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Carlo Maria Viganò, former nuncio to the United States.

Cardinal Dominik Duka and Archbishop Ján Sokol assume this responsibility before God and the Church for the Czech Republic and Slovakia respectively.


(Draft of the letter prepared by the bishops of the BCP on 19 August 2023)


Download: The orthodox College of Bishops assumes the responsibility for the faith and morals (19/8/2023)



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