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BCP: Publication of God’s anathema – God’s curse – expulsion from the Church of Christ against Bishop Tomáš Holub

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At the beginning of Lent, the heretical Bishop Holub (Czech Republic) issued a so-called pastoral letter hypocritically entitled “Mercy for the divorced”. He also published detailed guidelines for this. Their basis is the heretical exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Immediately after the release of the exhortation, four Cardinals responded to it with the Dubia. This so-called exhortation issued by the pseudo Pope not only abolishes God’s laws, but also denies the existence of universally valid moral principles. It contains heresies destroying the nature of saving faith. Subsequently, dozens of prominent theologians and Christian authorities spoke out against this heretical document in an analysis entitled Filial Correction. They asked Francis to distinguish what was sound and what was heretical in the exhortation. No answer, no listening, no discernment to this day – and it has been eight years now! The exhortation Amoris Laetitia is explicitly heretical!

Many of those who are regarded as apostles of Christ are now digging a grave for the Church. The Apostle John says about them: “Many antichrists have appeared.” (1Jn 2:18) The Apostle Paul calls them “false apostles” and “servants of Satan” (cf. 2Cor 11). Tomáš Holub also belongs to them.

The basic question is: Is Francis Bergoglio, who holds the highest office in the Church, a rightful Pope? The answer is absolutely clear: A heretic who is opposed to God, abolishes His commandments and introduces an evil antichrist’s pseudo gospel to deceive souls is not a rightful Pope. He has brought upon himself multiple God’s anathema according to Gal 1:8-9 and latae sententiae excommunication. In accordance with the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, as a usurper he holds his office unlawfully.

The next question is: Does the punishment for a pseudo gospel according to Gal 1:8 also fall on Pilsen Bishop Tomáš Holub? Yes, it does. Holub abuses episcopal authority and implants the heretical decree Amoris Laetitia in the life of the faithful. Moreover, he promotes LGBTQ legalization in the Church in full inner unity with the archheretic Francis Bergoglio. The letter “Q” actually covers even sexual murders. A certain Q-oriented man has slit the throats of more than fifty women in Ukraine. These and other crimes, covered by the letter Q, are going to be legalized in the Church! This is the satanization of the Church! Holub’s lofty and guileful rhetoric does not change this fact.

Holub eulogizes the heresies of the archheretic Francis contained in the exhortation Amoris Laetitia, referring to them as the pinnacle of his so-called sensitivity to God’s guidance. Holub falsely claims that Amoris Laetitia is part of the Magisterium of the Church. A document that is diametrically opposed to Scripture and Tradition has never been and can never be part of the Magisterium.

Quoting Holub: “Dear sisters and brothers, I rejoice that, thanks to his sensitivity to God’s guidance, Pope Francis has made this specific care of the divorced part of the proper Magisterium.”

Holub cruelly deceives the faithful and gambles with their salvation. We ask, what is that sensitivity to God’s guidance? Perhaps the enthronement of the Pachamama demon in the Vatican? Or Bergoglio’s consecration to demons and Satan in Canada under the guidance of a sorcerer? This is by no means sensitivity to God’s guidance but rather sensitivity to the guidance of the spirit of lies and death. Under this guidance, Holub also promotes the sacraments for the divorced. By doing so, he brings judgment on all those who are deceived by him.

God’s Word says concerning the Eucharist: “He who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself.” (1Cor 11:29-30) Through the prophet Isaiah, God warns against misleaders like Bergoglio or Holub: “Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray.” (Isa 9:15)

As for so-called discernment, based on which Bergoglio’s exhortation eliminates God’s commandments, let us see how things are discerned by Bergoglio and how by the Apostle Paul. Bergoglio’s discernment led him to consecrate himself to Satan and demons under the guidance of a shaman blowing a wild turkey bone whistle. By contrast, when the Apostle Paul encountered a shaman in Cyprus he had a completely different sensitivity to God’s guidance. He convicted the shaman at once: “O full of all deceit and all fraud, you son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, will you not cease perverting the straight ways of the Lord?” (Acts 13:10) These words fully apply not only to the shaman, but even more so to the current pseudo Pope and to the apostate Tomáš Holub. Both of them have betrayed Christ and His Gospel and both are servants of the devil. This is true discernment in the spirit of the Apostle Paul.

Another highlight of Holub’s demagoguery and manipulation, leading souls astray onto the broad path to destruction, is that he refers to this path of destruction as the breadth of God’s love:

Quoting Holub: “And I pray that this rediscovered breadth of God’s love and God’s mercy will become a reason for spiritual joy and deep gratitude for each of us in our diocese.”

Holub denies sin, deceives people, and turns them away from God and from the path of salvation. Is this perhaps a reason for spiritual joy and deep gratitude? He makes fools of honest priests and believers and laughs in their face. He manipulates the term ‘God’s mercy’, but keeps silent about the condition of God’s mercy, namely genuine repentance. A Catholic woman, confused by Holub’s statements, wrote: “I have a question, how do I explain the ‘Pope’s’ words about Holy Communion? I am divorced, living with another man. It would be sacrilege for me to go to Holy Communion. In Bishop Holub’s pastoral letter and its guidelines, however, I read that it’s now possible. But I’m afraid I would commit a sin by doing this. Please advise.”

This Catholic woman calls a sin a sin and sacrilege sacrilege. Unlike her, Holub makes light of both sin and sacrilege.

Bergoglio and Holub tragically deceive the faithful and systematically involve them in the process of apostasy from God. Such false apostles will even argue that they have performed wonders and miracles in the name of Jesus. But Jesus says to them clearly: “Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity. I do not know you.” (Lk 13:27)

What does the Apostle John say as to whether we should pray for hardened heretics such as Bergoglio or Holub? The Apostle John says: “There is a sin that leads to death, and I am not saying you should pray for those who commit it.” (1Jn 5:16) The sin that leads to death is the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Although Holub has brought curse upon himself, the priests will still be forced to say his name in the Mass. How can the faithful separate themselves at that moment from the curse that is passed on to those who are in unity with Holub? Let them quietly say: “Anathema!” By doing so, they will identify with God’s attitude according to Gal 1:8 and be protected from the curse.

What are the consequences for Bishop Tomáš Holub of God’s anathema, or curse, that he has brought upon himself? He no longer belongs to the Body of Christ – the Church. He has excluded himself. But he will not leave office voluntarily. The faithful must not regard him as a true Catholic bishop. They must be aware that he is a religious impostor with the spirit of the Apostle Judas. His guileful pastoral letters and other directives are invalid and harmful. Bishop Holub is not an apostle of Christ, but an apostle of the antichrist. He has publicly demonstrated his apostasy by breaking God’s laws and promoting amoral sodomy. When Holub gives a so-called blessing, it is not God who blesses, but it is the spirit of lies and death that works through it. The curse is passed on from Holub to those who inwardly submit to him and obey him. Therefore, the priests and the faithful who have at heart the salvation of their soul must know that Bishop Holub is under God’s anathema according to Gal 1:8-9.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr            + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


19 March 2023


Download: BCP: Publication of God’s anathema – God’s curse – expulsion from the Church of Christ against Bishop Tomáš Holub (19/3/2023)



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