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BCP: True repentance by Catholic bishops

(Draft of the pastoral letter below elaborated by the bishops of the BCP)

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Dear priests, religious and faithful,

we, the true Catholic bishops, are obliged before God and before you, the people of God, to express ourselves clearly and truthfully about the current situation in the Church. As successors of the apostles, we carry full responsibility together with the true Pope for the Church of Christ. Unfortunately, the current Pope Francis Bergoglio does not adhere to the true faith but is a heretic, and therefore he is no rightful Pope. This being the case, the responsibility for the Church falls on the orthodox college of bishops. The bishops of Germany and Belgium as well as every bishop who maintains unity in heresy with the invalid Pope Bergoglio and his synodal LGBTQ journey are excluded from this college of apostles.

We, the true Catholic bishops, confess our great sin before you, dear priests and believers, and we now do public penance. Our sin is that we were not guided by God’s word but we felt panic at the thought that the heretics might label us as schismatics if we separated ourselves from subordination to a heretic and traitor of Christ. We opened up to this intimidation and this colossal lie, and we were scared. We were scared because we did not take God seriously, whose word places heretics under anathema, i.e. under a curse, for a false gospel (cf. Gal 1:8-9). We mostly cared about our outward image of Excellencies and Eminences in the eyes of the world or many false Catholics. We did not care about how God is looking at us or how we shall stand before Him in the Day of Judgment. We liked to be in self-deception. We deluded ourselves that we can disagree with the invalid Pope’s heretical agenda of the LGBTQ synodal journey and at the same time we can obey him and submit to him. We did not mind that it was nonsense. Our self-deception did not require any sacrifices for faithfulness to the truth. We did not care about our betraying Christ or causing offence.

We acknowledge in repentance that it was our unbelief and fear that pressured us into this schizophrenia. We were afraid that if we acted depending on the reality that a heretic is a heretic, we would be seen as causing dissension, or an alleged schism. We fooled ourselves into believing that by doing so we would be disqualified in the eyes of the so-called Catholic public. For the sake of our so-called “good” image, so as not to be viewed as schismatics by the heretics and the world, we were able to deny Christ seven times a day. Then we even falsely sanctified it by saying that, as faithful sons of the Catholic Church, we had to act that way. That was the next stage of spiritual schizophrenia. Because of our unity with the Bergoglian Vatican, which gradually brought down a curse, we became numb and blind without noticing it. We refused to admit that Bergoglio, contrary to God’s law, approves homosexualism, transsexualism, abolishes God’s commandments and universally valid moral principles in Amoris Laetitia, approves sexual education for children, recommends so-called sex without rigidity for them and ultimately leaves them scarred. Step by step, we tolerated this destructive process, so we were complicit in it and brought down a curse upon ourselves. We were dumb dogs because we did not draw any adequate consequences from this trampling on God’s law. And even when the prophetic voice of the former US nuncio C. M. Viganò clearly called on the heretic and the entire homo-network to resign, we still remained treacherously silent. With our silent consent, we supported the heretic and did not join God’s voice that demanded Bergoglio’s resignation. When Cardinal Müller clearly described the synodal journey as doctrinally incompetent and canonically illegitimate, we not only remained silent but we supported this synodal path of apostasy at the synodal meetings.

In this grave situation, when the existence of the Catholic Church is at stake, we sincerely ask God for the light of genuine repentance that we may become aware of our sins, namely our betrayal of Christ, closing our eyes and ears to the truth, our pharisaism, liberalism, clericalism, reprehensible neglect of the duty to fight against heresies, our cowardice, love of the world, and vain glory. We liked to be deceived by the so-called new dynamic approach to the deposit of faith, the so-called new demands of the time, the condoning of sin by false mercy, and the so-called need for a subjective approach. We were not willing to hear the prophetic word, either through people, or through warning signs, or through the voice of conscience. We stifled and suppressed our conscience, thereby plunging ourselves into darkness and ceasing to distinguish between truth and heresy, morality and immorality. Moreover, we silenced the prophets as well as the prophetic voice in our hearts so as to be guided by false prophets, heretical theologians, instead of protecting the flock against them like against ravenous wolves. It was completely true of us that we loved the glory of men more than the glory of God.

We confess it as our sin before You, O Lord, and before the Church. We find with horror that we have reached the stage of total spiritual blindness, deafness and hardness of heart. We did not want to see, hear or realise that we were walking the path to destruction. We kept telling ourselves that we could not be wrong when we obeyed the Holy Father, although we knew we thus obeyed a Judas and betrayed Christ together with him. We now publicly acknowledge it in repentance.

We also confess our sin of forcing people into vaccination. We contributed to it, either actively or passively. We allowed this spirit of lies and death to work in our diocese. We are therefore responsible for many tragic consequences not only for human health and human life, but for human souls as well. If we continued to walk this path of unity with the Bergoglian Vatican, we would lead these souls under the rule of antichrist to be chipped, and eventually to end up in the lake of fire.

We lied to ourselves and to people that the synodal LGBTQ journey is something completely different than what it really is.

In addition, the very fact that Germany and Belgium continue their official apostasy and we, the apostolic college, have been silent about it to this day, is a sign of our inner betrayal. We know that Bergoglio’s Vatican approves of these outrageous sins, and yet we were not able to speak out in defence of God’s truth and convict Bergoglio and his homo-network of crime.

We lived in our own virtual reality, and we automatically conformed the voice of truth to those dimensions, where God and His Word are no longer taken seriously. The most important thing for us was to maintain an image of a Catholic bishop who is in unity with the so-called Holy Father. We refused to admit the fact about him being anathematized from the Church. Through our unity with him, we brought down this anathema – curse – on ourselves and our dioceses.

If any priest faithful to Christ had stopped saying the name of the heretic in the Mass, we would have excommunicated him in cold blood. Now we realise the monstrosity of our thinking – we were capable of anything, even killing Christ in the souls of His faithful priests. This is a sign of our betrayal of Christ and our spiritual blindness. On the contrary, we were obliged by the authority of Christ to forbid priests from saying the name of the invalid Pope in the Mass. Instead, we were play-acting and watching closely lest any of the priests dare stop saying the name of this heretic in the Mass. Such a priest would thus break out from the curse under which we held the whole diocese through our pseudo obedience to the so-called Holy Father. Yes, we bear most of the blame for perpetuating the curse that is upon our diocese to this day. We are to blame for a change in thinking of Catholics who are no longer able to call a sin a sin or a perversion a perversion, let alone truly repent. This is the corpus delicti that convicts us of abuse of authority and of terrible crimes against God. We now acknowledge it in penitence and we publicly repent, because repentance is the only way to salvation. If we became hardened in lies, we would be co-responsible for the mass betrayal and drastic suicide of Christ’s Mystical Body.

We cry out with the prophet Daniel: O Lord, great and awesome God, … we have sinned and done wrong, we have been wicked and have rebelled (by being involved in LGBTQ synodal rebellion). We have turned away from Your commands and laws (by respecting Bergoglio, the false Pope, who not only breaks but even abolishes the laws of God). We have not listened to Your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your name. (They were many times courageous priests or nameless believers, who were a prophetic voice and a living reproach to us.) … This day we are covered with shame – every man (every Catholic bishop). … The curse and the oath have been poured out on us (because of a false LGBTQ gospel promoted by the pseudo Pope through the synodal journey). … Now, our God, hear the prayer of Your servant (me, a penitent bishop) and his pleas for mercy… O Lord, forgive! O Lord, act and do not delay!” (cf. Dan 9:4f)

We now publicly separate ourselves from the Bergoglian sect. By this separation, we remove from ourselves the curse that was upon us and our dioceses.

We call on priests to stop saying in the Mass the name of the public heretic and rebel against God – the Judas and apostate Francis – so as not to bring down the curse on themselves and the faithful again.

We ask you, dear faithful, pray the full fifteen-decade Rosary, if possible, daily until the end of October. These historic days determine the existence of the Catholic Church. It is the most dramatic period in its entire history.

We pray to the Blessed Virgin: O dear Mother, crush the head of the hellish serpent with your foot!


We, the orthodox college of penitent bishops of the Catholic Church,

ask for your prayers and offer you our blessing


29 July 2023


Download: BCP: True repentance by Catholic bishops (29/7/2023)



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