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BCP: Fiducia Supplicans – How should the bishops of the V4 countries adequately respond?

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Dear Cardinals and Bishops of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic,

the publication of the doctrinal declaration Fiducia Supplicans has caused a radical shift in the Catholic Church. However, in the system of Bergoglio’s constant changes, many are no longer able to see it. In essence, the Decalogue has been set aside and replaced by an idolatrous and sodomite anti-decalogue. A similar shift occurred in Europe with the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon. Of course, you as true Catholic bishops, cannot agree with Fiducia Supplicans. But if you remain passive, you give de facto tacit consent.

What the invalid Pope, the manifest heretic Bergoglio, preaches and represents is no longer Catholic teaching, nor is it the Catholic Church. So you, dear bishops of the V4 countries, face an existential choice today. The first option is to separate yourselves from the manifest heretic and his teachings. The second option is that you will not separate and will be forced to bless homo-unions, which will result, ipso facto, in you incurring a latae sententiae excommunication and God’s curse according to Gal 1:8-9. The third option is that you will not separate and you will not bless sodomy, but then you will soon be removed from office for disobedience to the so-called Holy Father Francis I or II or III.

In his sermon, Archbishop Emeritus Ján Babjak pointed out several important facts. He said that some cardinals, bishops and even the Pope had deviated from the immutable divine truths and principles. He prognosticated that there would be a painful division. He expressed the conviction that most bishops – he most probably meant the bishops of the V4 countries – would remain faithful to Catholic teaching.

Archbishop Emeritus Babjak: “I have to talk about something very evil and dangerous within the Church. Something that happened in the Vatican before Christmas, despite the fact that in 2021 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had issued a proclamation signed by the Pope stating that the Church could not bless same-sex couples as it could not bless sin. And now, five days before Christmas, this same Congregation changed it.”

If the Pope approves a proclamation that clearly confirms the teachings of the Church and two years later issues a contradictory statement legalizing a very serious sin, it is proof that this person is 1) a manifest heretic, who cannot be head of the Church, and 2) a public liar and deceiver.

Archbishop Emeritus Babjak: “What does it mean? That the Church can now bless sin? I ask: Where is the Church going?”

Where is the Church going? Through its transformation into a New Age anti-church completed on 18 December under Bergoglio it is heading for destruction. Those who remain under Bergoglio’s jurisdiction are forced to embrace his anti-gospel. In so doing, they exclude themselves from union with Christ. Bergoglio’s teaching is no longer the teaching of the Catholic Church, nor is it the Catholic Church any more.

As for the blessing of sodomy, the bishops of Cameroon issued a statement of 21 December 2023, saying: “We declare non-compliant any form of blessing, public or private, that tends to recognize ‘same sex couples’ as a state of life.” (para. 6) May this clear attitude give impetus to the bishops of the V4 countries.

At the end of his pastoral letter, Hungarian bishop János Székely wrote: “In accordance with the decision of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, I urge priests not to bless same-sex couples…”

The Polish Bishops’ Conference is also dismissive of the heretical declaration Fiducia Supplicans.

The Archbishop Emeritus Babjak further said: “Unfortunately, we see that not only is this world not going the right way, but we have to admit that even the Church is deviating from the immutable divine truths and principles or, to put it better, only some in the Church – laity, priests, bishops, cardinals, and now even the Pope himself.”

Yes, it is true that the Church is deviating from the immutable divine truths and principles. Unfortunately, it started with the Second Vatican Council. The current invalid Pope brings to ripeness the spirit of Vatican II. The hidden metastases have been fully revealed in the blessing of the sin of sodomy. The solution is to repent, to call the truth the truth, heresy heresy, and a heretic a heretic. The Archbishop Emeritus painfully stated that even the so-called Pope had deviated from the faith.

Archbishop Emeritus Babjak: “It is incomprehensible, because it will cause a lot of chaos and confusion. And above all, the devil will take aim at the loss of faith in many people. In this way, in my opinion, the Church is facing a great division, a painful division.”

This painful division, which the Archbishop Emeritus talks about, is inevitable under the current conditions after 18 December. In other words, Bergoglio has already clearly separated himself from Catholic teaching and from the Catholic Church through the anti-gospel and the principle of paradigm shift, as he openly expressed in the motu proprio of 1 November 2023. He has already implemented this paradigm shift with the so-called doctrinal declaration Fiducia Supplicans. If Catholics continue to call a manifest heretic as their Holy Father, even though he preaches a sodomite anti-gospel and moreover has dedicated himself to Satan in Canada, they are in schism and apostasy from Christ together with him. If they refuse to separate from him, he will drag them en masse down the broad road to eternal destruction.

On the other hand, it is nonsense to call it a schism when a Catholic bishop and his diocese separate from the arch-heretic Bergoglio in order to preserve Catholic teaching and remain in the Church of Christ. Bergoglio has publicly betrayed Christ and fallen away from the foundation of Catholic faith and morals. He has joined Sodom’s rebellion and separated from Christ’s Church. He and his sect want to drag Catholics en masse onto their path of betraying Christ.

Archbishop Emeritus Babjak: “But I am convinced that the overwhelming majority of bishops will remain faithful to the orthodox teaching of the Church, and that they will also lead the people of God to that faithfulness.”

What does faithfulness to the orthodox teaching of the Church mean? Previously, the guarantee of faithfulness to the teachings was unity with the orthodox pope. But today it is the other way round. The papal office is occupied by the manifest arch-heretic Jorge Bergoglio, who allows himself to be called the representative of Christ on earth, although he has publicly dedicated himself to Satan and preaches a sodomite anti-gospel.

If only the conviction of the Archbishop Emeritus about fidelity to orthodox doctrine were true at least in the countries of Eastern Europe, i.e. in the V4 countries, that is in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As for Germany, Belgium, Holland or Austria, Christianity is dying out there because of heresies and rejection of God’s commandments.

There is only one condition for salvation – bishops, priests and the faithful must separate from the invalid Pope.

Archbishop Emeritus Babjak: “And it has even become an open secret that there are efforts to create a kind of universal Church into which the various Churches should merge. It is a delusion; it cannot be called otherwise.”

That universal Church is the New Age Church, in line with the Masonic agenda – one government, one currency and one religion – one anti-Church. That one religion, however, is a return to paganism, i.e. worship of demons and the devil. In order to create this antichristian religion, Bergoglio is using the outward structure of the Catholic Church. He has already changed the teaching into a new, heretical one, and exchanged the Spirit of Christ for the spirit of antichrist. Now all he and his sect care about is that this apostate system gradually takes root. If the faithful Catholic bishops and priests refuse to adopt the new teaching, that is, to bless sodomy, or if they are not willing to dedicate themselves to Satan like Bergoglio in Canada, they will be thrown out. After the personnel changes, in line with Bergoglio’s agenda, the anti-decalogue and anti-creed will be introduced into so-called pastoral practice.

Dear Bishops of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, although you do not have such ideal conditions as the Bishops of Africa, the current government, both in Hungary and now in Slovakia, will not persecute you for your truthful attitudes. There is still a healthy Catholic intelligentsia in Poland willing to fight for the salvation and revival of the Catholic Church. There is also a majority of bishops in the Czech Republic who do not agree with Bergoglio’s apostate agenda. You, dear bishops of the V4 countries, can be inspired by the bishops of Cameroon or Malawi, or by the letter of the Hungarian bishop J. Székely. You should write either a common pastoral letter or a pastoral letter of your own for each nation. In this pastoral letter, you should clearly explain to the faithful the situation that occurred after 18 December 2023.

The pastoral letter will acquaint the faithful with two basic options: either the Catholics in the given territory will remain under the rule of the invalid Pope who has publicly separated from the Catholic teaching, or they will separate from Jorge Bergoglio and his sect. By separating, you will be the first to create the conditions for a true Pope and thus also for the preservation of Catholic teaching and the Catholic Church. The revival of the Church will also be necessary from below, starting with every believer and every family. The basis is prayer together in the family, preferably from 8 to 9 pm.

Furthermore, in this pastoral letter, you should call on the priests to stop mentioning the name of the invalid Pope in the liturgy. After the publication of heretical Fiducia Supplicans, this is now your holy duty before God.

Dear Bishops of the V4 countries, be brave. God has not placed you in this time to be apostates and cowards, but heroes and defenders of the faith.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


16 January 2024


Download: BCP: Fiducia Supplicans – How should the bishops of the V4 countries adequately respond? (16/1/2024)


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