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BCP: Pseudo Pope Francis participates in pagan ritual during his visit to Canada

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Quote from the media: “During his visit to Canada, Pope Francis is scheduled to partake in pagan ceremonies with indigenous peoples.”

Commentary: Bergoglio brought down a curse by enthroning the Pachamama demon, thus setting the stage for the first pandemic associated with experimental transgenic vaccination. Now, when there is another looming pandemic on the horizon, he is quite openly making an apostate gesture again by his immediate participation in a pagan ritual. Once again, he brings down a curse, knowingly turning away God’s protection from mankind!

Quote: “The Pope participated in a pagan ‘smudging’ ritual of purification and prayed facing all four directions, according to indigenous traditions.”

Commentary: The same publicity article on Bergoglio’s visit to Canada gives the following explanation: “The indigenous tradition is not to pray facing all four directions but rather to pray to each direction, honouring them as deities or gods in themselves.” This clarifies what actually Bergoglio is participating in.

Quote: “During the Pope’s visit, an elder (shaman) will process into the church holding a bowl of smouldering cedar, sage, sweetgrass and tobacco to reportedly purify the church.”

Commentary: A Catholic church is consecrated by a bishop. It is anointed with holy oil and sanctified by the offering of the bloodless Sacrifice and administration of the sacraments. A church is desecrated if suicide or murder, depravity, a pagan ritual or a satanic ceremony take place in it. The church must then be consecrated again, after a certain period of repentance and prayers, so as to serve God and not Satan and his demons. However, the so-called purification of the church at Bergoglio’s request is in fact its public desecration by a pagan ritual invoking the devil and demons to occupy this holy territory! After Bergoglio’s visit, according to Catholic tradition, the church will need an exorcism and it will need to be re-consecrated.

Quote: “The smudge holds a two-fold purpose: 1) To show recognition of the ritual in an observable/public way; and 2) As a ritual of purification in the space itself as a gesture of making the space ‘more hospitable’ to welcome the Holy Father.”

Commentary: To show recognition of the ritual in an observable/public way means practical legalization of idolatry by the papal authority! Bergoglio officially abolishes the first commandment and sets a precedent for other Catholic churches to be desecrated by shamans and satanists.

The second purpose of the pagan demon-invoking ritual is to make the space ‘more hospitable’ to welcome the Holy Father. If Bergoglio had it arranged that demons be invoked to welcome him, he thus proved who he really is. By publicly uniting with demons, he pierces the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to which the church is dedicated.

Quote: “Father Bouvette acknowledged that ‘smudging’ is not a Catholic tradition but maintained that it is ‘certainly not contrary to it’.”

Commentary: Pagan rituals not only are not a Catholic tradition, but they are in direct contradiction to it! One cannot serve both Christ and Belial (2Co 6:15).

Quote: “The priest continues: ‘Certain pagan practices would be sacrilegious because they either make a mockery of our faith or dangerously open one up to the spiritual order where one has no control over what enters or attaches.’”

Commentary: This propagator of syncretism himself admits that pagan practices open one up to the demonic order. They are therefore sacrilegious as they mock our faith, and they also dangerously open souls to demons. Demons enter through them and attach a person with the aim of spiritually binding him and preventing his salvation. Bergoglio purposefully participates in these rituals and sets a pernicious precedent.

Quote: “Usually, the person doing the smudging would use a feather or branch to direct the smoke toward participants who use their hands to welcome it as a sign of their desire to cleanse their minds and hearts.”

Commentary: If Catholics use their hands as a sign of their desire to cleanse their minds and hearts with the help of demons entering through the ritual, then sooner or later this apostasy and satanization will painfully affect them. Bergoglio does not open the door to the Saviour through repentance and preaching the Gospel, but through pagan rituals he opens the door to demonic forces.

Quote: “Father Bouvette admitted that ‘in addition to being an indigenous tradition, the smudging ceremony is practised in witchcraft and wicca’.”

Commentary: Here the priest openly admits that it is a witchcraft and satanic practice performed right in the church in honour of pseudo Pope Bergoglio.

Quote: “The Pope has described his visit to Canada as a ‘penitential pilgrimage’.”

Commentary: This is not a penitential pilgrimage! It is a mockery of true penance. It is turning one’s back on Christ and the truths of the Gospel that give us assurance of our salvation.

Even today, God’s word urgently warns us: The things which pagans sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons.” (1Co 10:20) Jesus said to the Apostle Paul: “I sent you to pagans to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.” (Acts 26:18)

But who is it that sends Francis Bergoglio if he is doing the exact opposite? It is certainly not the Jesus who sent Paul to pagans to turn them to God so that they may be saved.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                         +Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


26 July 2022


Download: BCP: Pseudo Pope Francis participates in pagan ritual during his visit to Canada (26/7/2022)



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