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Who should be brought before a church court? Schema-Hegumen Sergei or Metropolitan Kirill?

27 June 2020

Dear Metropolitan Kirill,

we, bishops from the Czech Republic, hereby turn to You. We have learned of Your crime against Christ and the Church, and we feel obliged to respond. The same betrayal which is committed by You is also committed by the apostate Vatican. You have the same spirit.

Let us quote from Your Eparchial website: On 27 April, the Eparchy of Yekaterinburg issued a “decision to deprive Schema-Hegumen Sergei of the right to preach and speak in public”.

If You did not agree with the content of the Schema-Hegumen’s sermons or speeches, You should have stated the specific heresy concerning faith or morals he had committed and You should have given reasons why it contradicted the Gospel and the Apostolic Tradition. You did not say anything specific, and yet You punish him.

By publicly opposing the prophetic voice that God is giving at this critical time to save the Church and the nation, You have unmasked Yourself. Your inner apostasy from Christ and His teachings has come to light. You have proven to be part of a system that actively destroys those who defend the life of the Church and the foundations of Christ’s Gospel and Apostolic Tradition.

In the case of Father Sergei, You did not stand against man, but against Christ. The spirit that abuses ecclesiastical authority through You kills a witness of Christ. Behind You is the spirit of the antichrist. You have committed a triple crime: You have stood up against Christ, against the Church – the Mystical Body of Christ, and You have also stood up against the Russian people.

You open the door for the spirit of death, enabling it to perpetrate spiritual and physical genocide without hindrance at this critical time. The globalization machinery is advancing menacingly. Schema-Hegumen Sergei has bravely opposed it. He is thus performing the prophetic ministry in the Church. He warns while there is time, and calls for true repentance.

Instead of fulfilling the duty of the Church and protecting and supporting the prophetic voice as a bishop, You have proved to be a traitor of Christ – a Judas. You are thus preparing the destruction of Christianity and, ultimately, of the Russian nation.

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, You oppose God Himself. At this time, God has given a prophetic spirit to save the Church. You are destroying it, and this deadly activity of Yours is the reason why, according to Gal 1:8-9, God has cast His anathema – curse – on You.

You are now obliged to leave the Episcopal office as an apostate. But if You continue in office stubbornly and uncanonically, You store up a curse for Yourself, for the priests and believers, and drag them to eternal destruction.

“The Church has been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.” (Eph 2:20) Dear Metropolitan Kirill, You exercise neither the prophetic nor the apostolic ministry in the Church. And You persecute those who do exercise it. You have proved that You have not only expelled Yourself from the Church but that You also fight against the Church. Unless You repent, in case You die soon You will go straight to hell like the treacherous apostle Judas. The Schema-Hegumen, priests and believers, if they want to be saved, must no longer obey You as You are an obvious rebel against God.

The continuation of the quote from the Yekaterinburg Eparchy website: “…depriving Schema-Hegumen Sergei of the right to preach … which is more appropriate for a schemamonk’s repentant solitary life of prayer.”

God commands the prophet: “Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” (Is 58:1)

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, You say hypocritically that to be silent when God says, “Cry aloud!” is more appropriate for a schemamonk’s repentant solitary life of prayer. This is manipulation and Your disobedience to God.

Quote from the Decree No. 32 of 27 April 2020: “Caring for the well-being of every soul of the faithful children of the Church of Christ in the Yekaterinburg Metropolis, and above all for the piety of the clergy given to me, a humble servant, as assistants in the apostolic ministry, I consider it necessary, after long inquiries and prayers, to give Your Reverence several orders, lest Your service should suffer any harm.”

If You really did care for the well-being of every soul … and for the piety of the clergy, You would support the Schema-Hegumen’s prophetic voice. You are not concerned about the well-being of souls or the piety of the clergy or about Christ. This statement of Yours has revealed that You are a religious Pharisee who does not have a shred of self-criticism and cruelly destroys God’s work under the guise of pious phrases. The following applies to You and others like You: “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness.” (2Cor 11:13-15)

Further quote from the document: “Therefore, caring for the salvation of Your eternal soul, wishing to facilitate the keeping of Your monastic vows of great schema, namely renunciation of will and silence, I bless You and I ask You to receive this blessing in obedience to the Holy Church and Her Divine Head – Christ – by doing the following.”

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, You demand that a schemamonk should renounce his will not in order to do God’s will, which he indeed does faithfully, risking his life, but rather in order to become involved in Your betrayal and to do Your will – the will of an apostate instead of God’s will. The Schema-Hegumen made his vows to God and not to You, a Judas. He must neither obey You nor receive Your pseudo blessing because You have betrayed God.

Quote from the document: “…in obedience to the Holy Church and Her Divine Head – Christ…”

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, we ask who You serve and who You obey? Christ or the devil? You serve the devil like Judas and have nothing to do with Christ, so do not take His name in Your mouth at all because You commit the sin of profaning the name of God. You serve the system of the antichrist, the NWO system. It has now come to light, Dear Mr Nakonechny.

Like the apostle Judas, You have no right to demand obedience by the authority of Jesus Christ. You are one of those treacherous high priests who sentenced Christ to death. You have the same spirit as Annas and Caiaphas. You really artfully use pious phrases, but behind them is the poison of the serpent of Eden. The devil in the wilderness, when tempting Christ, even quoted God’s Word, just as You do.

Quote from the document: “…being Your superior Bishop, from whom You derive the right to perform the priestly service and preach, from now on I deprive You of the right to teach, preach and instruct in public sermons or personal spiritual counselling.”

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, You are no true Orthodox bishop to be obeyed. Are You aware that You are under God’s curse – anathema – according to Gal 1:8-9? No one derives the right to perform the priestly service either from You or from other false apostles. St Basil writes about You and others like You: “They traffic in Christ, and I do not consider anyone who has received ordination from these dishonest hands to be a bishop… We flee from them – heretics – and declare an anathema on them…”

Dear Metropolitan, it is curse rather than grace that is passed on from You as You are under God’s anathema!

Quote from the document: “You are not allowed to preside over or concelebrate the Divine Liturgy, nor are You allowed to perform other public or private clerical duties or administer the sacraments.”

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, this prohibition applies to You rather than to Schema-Hegumen Sergei. Being a heretic and apostate, You are no longer allowed to preside over or concelebrate the Divine Liturgy, nor are You allowed to perform other public or private clerical duties or administer the sacraments. Your liturgies – as of an apostate – are null and void in the sight of God. They cause offence to God and harm to the Church.

Quote from the document: “You are not allowed to hear confessions either in the church or in the cell.”

This prohibition, too, does not apply to Father Sergei but to You as a heretic.

Quote from the document: “You must not leave the territory of the male monastery of St John the Theologian without my written blessing.”

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, we recommend You that, for the sake of the salvation of Your immortal soul, You leave office as soon as possible, join the male monastery of St John the Theologian and live there in penance until Your death. Otherwise, You are under threat of eternal damnation as a public and hardened apostate.

Quote from the document: “Let me remind You of the order by St Ignatius the God-Bearer: ‘…Without the permission of the bishop, it is not allowed to baptize or celebrate the Love Feast; on the other hand, whatever he approves is also pleasing to God.’”

Saint Ignatius was thrown to the wild beasts in Rome because he remained faithful to Christ. You, Dear Metropolitan Kirill, have nothing in common with Ignatius the God-Bearer, but rather with the beasts. What You approve – destruction of a prophet – is not pleasant to God but to the devil!

Quote from the document: “Therefore, as Your bishop, I bless You to serve the Holy Church in silence, solitude and prayer that are so lacking in today’s turbulent and wild world. It is what You have chosen for Yourself by taking vows of great schema.”

To bless silence when there is need to warn against mass death and against the path to hell is really the “blessing” of the devil himself. And to disguise oneself with urging someone to prayer is a display of gross hypocrisy!

Quote from the Decree No. 41 of 26 May 2020: “You are forbidden to perform the priestly ministry and deprived of the right to wear a cross on Your chest until the ruling of the Eparchial court.”

Dear Metropolitan Kirill, all Your decrees and orders are null and void since You, as a heretic, are excommunicated and have no more right to wear Episcopal insignia.

Quote from the Decree No. 04 of 15 June: “As Schema-Hegumen Sergei read a pre-prepared text that had nothing to do with the substance of the accusations presented, and then hastily left the session of the Eparchial ecclesiastical court without answering the substantive questions, another session will be held on 26 June.”

The Schema-Hegumen acted wisely, clearly commented on the substance, and there was no point in waiting for Your pharisaic comments or fabricated decree. Your decree is without force, anyway, both before God and before the Church. He did not appear before the court the next time and announced to the public that it was You (Kirill Nakonechny and Kirill Gundyayev) who should be brought to trial for grave crimes against Christ and the Church.

The continuation of the quote from the Decree: “We express the hope that the Schema-Hegumen will be able to find the spiritual strength for an active and sincere conversation during that period, to reconsider his attitude to his conduct, to come to his senses and to mend his ways.”

All sincere Orthodox people not only from Yekaterinburg express the hope that You, Dear Metropolitan Kirill, will leave office as soon as possible because it is no longer Yours.

We ask: Who defends God and His interests? You, an apostate and heretic, or Schema-Hegumen Sergei? It is Schema-Hegumen Sergei who defends God’s interests! Who suffers, is persecuted and runs the risk of being imprisoned or even losing his life for the sake of God’s truth? You or Schema-Hegumen Sergei? It is Schema-Hegumen Sergei! Who should mend his ways? You, a traitor of Christ, or the Schema-Hegumen, who defends Christ? It is You, Dear Kirill, who must mend Your ways!

Quote from the press service of the Eparchy of 17 June 2020: “The Eparchy calls for prayers for Schema-Hegumen Sergei to come to his senses and to use the time given him for repentance and reformation until the next session of the ecclesiastical court…”

Dear Mr Nakonechny, are You aware of the essential question what the situation is today? The existence of the Church and the Russian nation is at stake! What are You doing for their salvation? Nothing, and what is more, You are doing the exact opposite – You seek to destroy the one who even risks his life for the sake of immortal souls and the Russian people. You, Dear Metropolitan Kirill, are a triple murderer – a murderer of Christ, a murderer of the Church, a murderer of the Russian nation!


+ Methodius OSBMr                        + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



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