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BCP: Will the Congo be blessed or cursed by God?

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Dear bishops, priests and faithful of the Democratic Republic of the Congo,

the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which is the voice of one crying in the wilderness, sent you a letter a few days ago under the title: “Is Cardinal Besungu of the Congo an apostle of Christ or of antichrist?” In our letter, we called on the bishops before God to choose from among themselves a brave bishop to assume office in the Archdiocese of Kinshasa in place of Cardinal Besungu, a public heretic and promoter of sodomy, who has brought on himself God’s anathema – curse (Gal 1:8-9).

You, Catholics of the Congo, must in no way allow a person who along with the homo network in the Vatican is in rebellion against God to return to church office. Do not let him enter the church premises anymore. Otherwise he will, slyly like a snake, advance the homosexual metastasis throughout the Congo, abusing the office of Christ to kill immortal souls.

Let us note that the bishops should not seek any permission or approval from the apostate Bergoglian Vatican for the selection of a new archbishop in Kinshasa. This would bring them back into the thrall of the pseudo-pope who has dedicated himself to Satan in Canada, and they would bring a curse on the whole nation. God says through the apostle Paul: “Separate yourselves from them,” and through the prophet: “Come out of Babylon, My people!” Unless you now come out of the subjugation of the Bergoglian sect, this satanic machinery will gradually remove all orthodox bishops and install sodomites. The metastasis of sodomy and idolatry will not stop anymore.

This obligation to come out of Babylon applies to every Congolese Catholic who wants to be saved! Moreover, if you take this step of faith, you can save the institution of the papacy. Your synod of bishops, under the leadership of a new true Catholic archbishop, will be able to open the door to recognize a true Catholic pope elected in an extraordinary election. In doing so, the Congo will begin the process of restoring the Church worldwide.

Let us recall what Besungu, Bergoglio’s lackey, said at the Vatican press conference on 7 October 2023: “No one has come here with his or her own agenda.”

It turned out that those who came to the synod can no longer share the agenda of Holy Scripture and Tradition, which is specific to the Church, but must embrace the agenda of LGBTQ legalization in the Church, including the blessing of so-called homo unions.

On Friday morning, 13 October 2023, homo cardinal Besungu, as an angel of light, actually a servant of Satan (2Cor 11), legalizing sodomy and other Q-depravities in the Church, absurdly said:

“This synod on synodality is the new Pentecost, which will certainly renew the Church in the communion of its members…”

Besungu hypocritically refers to the expulsion of the Holy Spirit from the Church by an unclean spirit, the LGBTQ spirit, as the new Pentecost.

Quoting Besungu: “…Pentecost, which will certainly renew the Church in the communion of its members…”

His words reveal the agenda to subdue the Church down to its last member to the aggressive LGBTQ spirit through false obedience to the Bergoglian sect. It is actually the suicide of the Church. This is no longer the Church of Christ, but the synagogue of Satan! It is promoted even by the God-cursed (see Gal 1:8-9) Judas by the name of Besungu.

His lofty phrase is one of a sly snake: “The Church needed this time of grace and discernment, a time to look back on the path we have travelled, to learn from it for a new beginning.”

“The Church needed this time of grace and discernment…”

Commentary: What does this time of grace and discernment mean? It means that the synod so-to-say discerned that the abrogation of God’s commandments is allegedly God’s will. It is not God’s will, it is Satan’s will! What is white the synod now calls black, and vice versa. It cancels God’s commandments and glorifies and legalizes depravities and crimes. The devil has little time; therefore the time of pseudo-grace which started with the synod means that the demons who run the synod have been released from their chains until a certain time, so they must quickly use this time to destroy God’s laws and the basic pillars of faith and morality. There is not even the slightest mention of true repentance and its fruits.

Quoting Besungu: “…a time to look back on the path we (the Church) have travelled…”

Commentary: The path we have travelled always respected God’s commandments and the clear attitude of God’s law towards homosexuality or other sexual perversions. It always truly referred to sodomy as an outrageous sin and an abomination that brings down a curse. But now the Church allegedly needs to embark on a new path. Bergoglio already mentioned some time before that the Church was obliged to repent for its treatment of homosexuals in the past. In other words, it should do pseudo penance for having led homosexuals to salvation! Now it can no longer lead them to salvation, because the Bergoglian sect accompanies them on the road to hell. The synod is breathing this unclean spirit and claims that there must not be even a hint of homophobia in the Church. Thus, no one can even mention God’s commandments, let alone interpret them truthfully and save souls.

Quoting Besungu: “… to learn from it for a new beginning.”

Commentary: Bergoglio triumphantly started this new beginning in Canada (2022) by publicly dedicating himself, and thus his sect also, to Satan under the guidance of a sorcerer blowing a whistle. If anyone has been dedicated to Satan, he cannot at the same time be the Vicar of Christ on earth! All who continue to regard Bergoglio as a valid pope and accept his sodomitic anti-gospel, in spite of his being in rebellion against God, place themselves under a curse. The new beginning and the new synodal LGBTQ way, programmed by the pseudo-pope, has nothing to do with Jesus Christ as the Way. Suggestive phrases about the living Jesus and about a living relationship to Him or other true statements of Scripture spoken by this sect are like Satan’s words in the wilderness, where he quoted the Scriptures at Christ. Jesus said to him clearly: “Away with you, Satan!”

Jesus shows in the Gospel that not those of great eloquence who say to Him, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall be saved, but those who do the will of His Father in heaven, that is, those who keep God’s commandments, and not those who abolish them. Bergoglio’s sect are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing (Mt 7:15). They are unclean swine before whom we must not cast the pearls of our saving faith, as Jesus warned us, because these swine will tear us in pieces (Mt 7:6). They are a brood of vipers full of cunning and guile (Mt 23:33). Their spiritual poison is deadly. They are antichrists (1Jn 2:18-19), because they pretend to serve Christ, but they serve the devil. They are false apostles who do not preach the Gospel of salvation, but a sodomitic anti-gospel (2Cor 11:13-15).

A new beginning spoken of by Besungu consists in abolishing God’s commandments, introducing ecclesiastical legalization of the grossest immorality, and satanizing the Church. This so-called new beginning requires Catholics to abandon the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, God’s commandments and the path of salvation. This is a betrayal of Christ and a road to hell.

On 13 October 2023, Besungu, a pro-LGBTQ apostle, interpreted the Gospel passage about Jesus’ struggle against the devil by emphasizing that “the devil’s strength lies precisely in the strategy of appearing in the most attractive and reassuring forms”.

Besungu accurately expressed that the devil is using the strategy of appearing in the most attractive and reassuring forms at and through the October homo synod. Besungu is one of the main heralds of this sodomistic anti-gospel (Gal 1:8-9). It is not enough for him to drag the Congo and Africa under a curse and onto the path to eternal destruction, but he wants to do the same with the entire Catholic world. Following the example of the devil (Jn 8), Besungu as his lackey, breaks God’s laws and commandments in the most attractive and reassuring manner. Under the guise of so-called discernment and listening, he promotes new, antichristian paradigms.

Dear bishops, priests and believers, in this situation God has chosen you, the Catholic faithful of the Congo, to take a radical step of salvation. Separate yourselves from Besungu, who is a Judas. By doing so, you will separate yourselves from the whole Bergoglian LGBTQ sect which brings down a curse. God speaks to you in this situation through a prophetic voice: Come out of Babylon!

With this step of coming out of Bergoglio’s Babylon, you will open the door for recognizing the true Pope. This is what God asks of every bishop, every priest and every believer in the Congo. Unless you take this step, Bergoglio will gradually dismiss all true Catholic bishops and install sodomites in their place. All of the Congo will then come under a curse.

On 14 October 2019, the former US nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò, was elected under extraordinary circumstances as the true Catholic Pope. He could not yet respond to the election because none of the episcopal conferences had created the conditions for recognizing the true Pope. Therefore, the process of saving the Church could not yet begin. Dear Congolese Catholics, today God is asking you and your Synod of Bishops to create these conditions. Do announce to the whole Church the election of a true Catholic Pope that took place under extraordinary circumstances. Make all Congolese bishops and dioceses submit to him in obedience. In this way, you will create the conditions for the true Pope to accept his office. Your breaking away from the curse of the Bergoglian sect, under which the homo cardinal Besungu held all of the Congo, will set a precedent for stopping the catastrophe. You will open the door to true restoration of the entire Catholic Church.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!



Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                  + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


16 October 2023


Download: BCP: Will the Congo be blessed or cursed by God? (16/10/2023)



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