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A call for repentance to the Polish bishops and priests

4 June 2019

Dear Polish bishops and priests!

Poland has released a documentary about sexual abuse within the Church. The documentary also exposes the guilt of John Paul II who turned a blind eye to these crimes. The current invasion of homosexualism and abuse within the Church is the fruit of heresies and syncretism. The Scripture testifies to it. Quote from the Letter to the Romans (1:25-27): “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator… Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts … men abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another … men committing indecent acts with other men.” In short: Heresies + neopaganism = homosexuality

Vatican II was silent on the heresies of neo-Modernism, and thus de facto approved them. They soon penetrated into all theological faculties. As the Scripture testifies: They exchanged the truth of God for a lie…

Nostra Aetate (1965) and the spirit of Assisi (1986,….) opened the Church to paganism. The Scripture testifies: “The sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God.” (1Cor 10:20) In addition, the Scripture testifies that pagans worship and serve created things rather than the Creator (Rom 1:25).

The fruit is God’s punishment: the massive spread of homosexuality in the Church! The Church leaders have rejected true repentance for the sins against the First Commandment, i.e. heresies and idolatry! This apostate hierarchy is to blame for the fact that priests, bishops and cardinals approve of homosexuality and sexual perversion and sink into it themselves.

The documentary concludes that John Paul II was not only silent on abuse inside the Church but even issued a secret decree by which he obliged the bishops not to disclose the abuse committed by priests or bishops! He thus de facto supported the massive spread of this spiritual epidemic and antipenance in the Church. The authors of the film ask: How could John Paul II be declared a saint?

When Archbishop Viganò demanded the resignation of Francis a year ago, the argument he presented was this very serious fact that though Francis had been informed about the crimes of homosexuality and paedophilia in the highest places in the Church, he covered them up.

Serious facts about the guilt of John Paul II contradict his canonization and indicate the reality of his posthumous excommunication. Unless this reality is taken into account, the Church cannot be truly restored. Furthermore, it is necessary to denounce the heresies of Vatican II along with its initiators John XXIII and Paul VI.

Several arguments for the invalidity of the canonization of John Paul II:

1) As a young theologian, John Paul II published a heretical book which was printed in Germany and not in Poland. He never renounced the heresies contained in the book.

2) His habilitation thesis was based on the philosophy of Max Scheler and on phenomenology. At the root, he was infected with a spirit that contradicts the orthodox teaching of the Church.

3) John Paul II should have been aware that by assuming the papacy he assumed the responsibility to defend in the first place the orthodox doctrine against the heresies of neo-Modernism contained in the historical-critical method. Essentially, these heresies deny the Divinity of Christ, His redemptive sacrifice on the cross, His real and historical resurrection, and the Divine inspiration of the Holy Scripture. By being silent on heresies he caused the massive spread of this malignant infection. It penetrated into all theological faculties. Pope Honorius was posthumously expelled – excommunicated – from the Church as a heretic because he was silent on the heresies of Monothelism. The heresies of neo-Modernism and syncretism have a far more destructive impact on the Church than the heresies of Monothelism. These very heresies culminated in the period of John Paul II’s 26-year pontificate. Their fruit has been the expulsion of the Holy Spirit from the Church and the invasion of homosexualism.

4) John Paul II was obliged at the very beginning of his pontificate to stand against the heresies of Vatican II, specifically against the Nostra Aetate declaration on a so-called regard for other religions, and to put things right in a papal document. He did the exact opposite. He implanted this heresy in the Church by a specific gesture in Assisi in 1986. He had been previously warned by the whole Curia that it was pernicious syncretism which was contrary to the doctrine of the Church. He was fully aware that by his gesture he made a heretical spiritual breakthrough! He thus abused papal authority in a terrible way. The Spirit of Christ was replaced by the spirit of antichrist! The syncretistic gesture in Assisi was a crime against God and against the Church. He allowed the crosses in the churches in Assisi to be removed out of regard for pagans. Pagans then profaned the churches by their mantras – by the invocation of demons. Buddhists even placed a statue of Buddha on the tabernacle and worshipped him. John Paul II prayed with the Dalai Lama and other pagans to the so-called one god worshipped by pagans. In fact, he thus prayed to the devil.

5) Apart from Assisi, he made some other syncretistic gestures too. For example, he received the mark of the god Shiva from a Hindu priestess on his forehead as well as a ritual pagan wreath round his neck. The Dalai Lama, who considers himself to be a reincarnated god, was welcomed by him with respect, whereby John Paul II established a pernicious precedent for syncretism.

John Paul II not only caused the invasion of the Christian territories by neopaganism but he also changed Catholic thought. The Catholic believers accepted syncretism as if it was the teaching of the Church. This de facto destroyed true mission and opened the door to pagan antimission. He is fully responsible for this spiritual decay.

Moreover, he uncritically paid homage to Gandhi and thus popularized this father of the New Age.

He caused great offence by his gesture of kissing the Koran, as if indicating that our Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the same as Allah in Islam. This is heresy!

The fact that he wrote various exhortations on Catholic morals changes nothing about the fact that by his heresies he de facto prepared the ground for the gradual legalization of amorality in the Church. Without him, Francis and German heretical theologians and bishops headed by Cardinal Marx could not afford today to abuse the highest offices in the Church to destroy God’s laws.

6) John Paul II opened the Church to the antichristian organization of Freemasons. With the introduction of the new Code he cancelled the penalty of excommunication which had been imposed on Freemasons. Consequently, the spirit of this semi-secret organization took control of the Vatican.

7) John Paul II rejected repentance and persisted in this state until death. In 2003, the contemplative Basilian Sisters in Albano sent him a serious letter through Card. Dziwisz. They asked him to do public penance at the end of his life by admitting that the meeting in Assisi was not about peace prayers but about pernicious syncretism in fact. He refused to do this public penance and died in heresy. Card. Dziwisz can testify to it.

8) What about John Paul II’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin according to Grignion de Montfort and his motto Totus Tuus? Saint Grignion de Montfort speaks about true and false devotion to the Blessed Virgin. One recognizes true devotion when her spiritual sons and daughters show true repentance in the first place. Unfortunately, John Paul II neither preached nor was an example of true repentance, but he did quite the opposite. Piety without true repentance is doubtful to say the least.

9) John Paul II’s apostolic journeys were, in fact, neither apostolic nor evangelistic. If there had been a preacher of repentance to carry out reevangelization in his authority and presence, the countries he visited would really have experienced a spiritual awakening. Bonnke, a Protestant preacher, carries out a fruitful mission in Africa, though he faces far greater obstacles. John Paul II, however, did not strive for the conversion and salvation of souls because he had the spirit of syncretism – the spirit of Assisi – which destroys true mission.

10) John Paul II was beatified under the pressure of the motto “Santo Subito” which manipulated public opinion. The world mass media and those who use them to shape public opinion purposefully promoted John Paul II’s canonization and hence the canonization of the process of apostasy within the Church.

Dear Poles, are you willing to initiate the revival of the Church and to stand up today for the Lord Jesus Christ, for His Gospel and for the salvation of your souls? If so, then you are obliged to reject the whole heretical stream introduced into the Church by your fellow countryman Karol Wojtyla. Do not delay and do so while there is time!


Poland with its Primate Wojciech Polak and the episcopate must repent! Otherwise mass apostasy from the Church will not stop.

Dear Wojciech Polak, are You aware that as a Primate You have become a warning example of a clergyman? You abuse the authority of the Church to destroy revival streams and to promote Islamization and the spirit of decay both in the Church and nation. When the Polish government rejected EU quotas, and hence the Islamization of their nation, it was You who continued to promote Islamization against the will of the nation. Moreover, You give tacit consent to gay pride parades every year! You have never called for a nationwide demonstration for the protection of the family and children stolen by juvenile justice!

You do not threaten heretics like Kobylinsky with sanctions. Active priests, however, who have at heart the salvation of the Church and nation against Islamization are threatened with the penalty of suspension! Woe to him who supports the Rosary prayer for the protection of the Polish borders against Islamization! You abuse ecclesiastical authority against God, against the Church and against the nation! This is monstrous and traitorous clericalism! Besides, it is a crime of high treason.

Dear Wojciech Polak, if You do not want to end up like the Apostle Judas, You must do public penance for the crimes against Christ and His Mystical Body – the Church – and against the Polish nation. Resign from office and accept just punishment. Maybe You do not believe in hell and are not afraid of it, but with the spirit of pharisaism and apostasy You have one foot in it.

As for covering up paedophilia crimes, You are responsible for it too. A bishop who covers up the crime of paedophilia has committed an offence of complicity and should be justly punished by secular courts as an accomplice. Laws apply to all Polish citizens. Crime is crime and must be justly punished. The clergy are no exception. Or are they perhaps an untouchable criminal caste which can commit crimes with impunity?

The situation is ripe for the bishops and priests today to publicly confess the orthodox teaching in their churches and to renounce contemporary heresies and the heretical spirit. The believers, for the sake of their own salvation, must demand from them the following step of true repentance:

1) Do you renounce the historical-critical method in theology, or neo-Modernism, and the spirit of atheism which is behind it?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

2) Do you renounce the spirit behind the “Nostra Aetate” declaration and the so-called spirit of Assisi – the spirit of antichrist – originating from it?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

3) Do you renounce the spirit of gender ideology promoting all forms of LGBTQ sexual deviations?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

4) Do you renounce the spirit of Satanism which is behind child stealing and child abuse by juvenile justice mechanisms?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

5) Do you renounce Satan and demons, especially those which nowadays work through different covert forms of magic, divination and spiritualism (homoeopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis, divination by pendulum…) and the spirit of the New Age?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

6) Do you renounce the spirit of Freemasonry and the NWO which programmes moral, spiritual and physical autogenocide of your nation and mankind?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

7) Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and your sins and rose again on the third day, historically and really?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

8) Do you receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour and do you give your life to Him?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

9) Do you receive the testament from the cross expressed in the words of Christ to the disciple: “Behold, your Mother!”?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

10) Do you receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit to be a martyr of Christ like the Apostles?

Answer: (Yes, I do.)

Without this step there will be no spiritual restoration either in Poland or in the Church!

Dear Polish bishops, all of you are obliged to appeal to the priests to remove the statues and images of John Paul II from their churches because his canonization is invalid! This is evidenced by objective facts as well as by the fact that he was canonized by a manifest heretic. The invalidity is laid down by the Bull of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and by the Word of God in Gal 1:8-9.

Will the clerical Primate continue to suspend the Polish priests for true repentance and for the effort to save the Polish nation?


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                          + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops



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