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Prophetic prayer Ezek 37 (booklet)


Download: Prophesy, O Son of man – Prophetic prayer Ezek 37

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The prayer is designed as a model for USA,
but it would be good to apply it to your country.



This book offers the experience gained during many years of interior prayer. This particular model is only a kind of framework or basis. If, for example, a contemplative community (monastery) or a group of eager lay people put it into practice, it will develop over time. Through the truths and experience contained therein, the Holy Spirit will enlighten everyone who will pray (prophesy), leading them both to their own deep purification and to a deeper insight into the essence of Scripture. In order to have sufficient time for composure of heart this prayer requires no less than an hour, or one and a half hour at best: repentance, renunciation and confession of faith – about 5 minutes; part one (prophesying to the bones) – 20 minutes – gestures and movements; part two (prophesying to the Spirit) – prophesying towards each cardinal point – 15 minutes each; song at the end – 5 minutes. If a religious community devotes two hours to this prayer and prophetic ministry, and prays or walks in faith daily through this proven framework at least for one year, they will acquire the necessary habitus (established custom – disposition). We may skip one or two days a week. We can pray together or alone if there is no possibility to pray in a community. When we pray together, one person leads the prayer aloud, thus presenting the individual truths, and the others unite themselves to these truths by faith. The prayer should be neither quick nor too slow. Ideally, the leader should learn this prayer by heart so that he may experience the words spoken by him. He thus helps the whole community to maintain the right rhythm. This is a very important principle for experiencing the word and unity of spirit at the same time when all can stand in the faith and be spiritually immersed in and united to the given truth.

The Gospel’s demand is: “Cast out demons, raise the dead.” (Mt 10:8) The prophetic prayer according to Ezek 37 is about raising the spiritually dead – “reviving” the fallen-away Church. How should we do so in accordance with the spiritual principles of the Gospel? We should do so in the name of God, in the name of Jesus – Yehoshua. The following pages explain how to enter into the holy name and into the mystery of this name. At the same time, we embrace the legacy of Jesus – His Mother whom He gave us before His death. It is also explained here how to perform exorcism, i.e. cast out demons, with Mary and through Mary. We are led into the mystery of unity with the Mother of Jesus as taught by St. Grignion de Montfort. Furthermore, we are led into the mystery of a new heart (Ezek 36:26), the testament from the cross. The biblical expression New Jerusalem, which is the living dwelling place of God among men, also refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The presence of God is emphasized by the image of a pillar of light and fire (Ex 14).

In this form of prayer, we make repeated gestures which prevent distraction in prayer and are an expression of humility and faith. The prayer points to sin in us – the source of evil – and centers attention on Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, particularly through Jesus’ words “Eloi, Eloi!” These words reflect the hardest spiritual and mental struggle which has influenced both the visible and invisible (spiritual) world. We also experience the depth of the last words of Christ at the moment of His death and our union with them through the mystery of baptism. Prophesying to the Spirit with a demand that the spiritually dead may live is done in close unity with the Mother of Jesus and our Mother. A longer interval of time devoted to prayer is necessary for composure of heart and unity of faith through which the almighty power of God works. This prayer is truly prophetic and is also a foundation for true mission. Right from the beginning we are alerted to the spiritual battle with the forces of darkness.



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