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Prayer in urgent need

It involves seven days of prayer. In case of a very serious problem the prayer can be said repeatedly for seven weeks. The Holy Spirit descended on the fiftieth day. The fiftieth year was the year of the Lord’s favour. “Whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you.” (Jn 16:23)


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O Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom, most sweet and adorable Jesus, true God and true Man, only Son of the Eternal Father and of Mary ever Virgin, I adore You profoundly in the bosom and the splendour of Your Father through eternity, and in the virginal womb of Mary, Your most worthy Mother at the time of Your Incarnation. I return You thanks for having emptied Yourself, taking upon You the form of a slave (Phil 2:7) to deliver me from the cruel slavery of the devil. Now I accept and until death I want to accept this humility.

My Lord, if I excelled in fasting, prayer, generosity, innocence or any other virtue, it would all come to nought without humility.

Life is short, and I do not know the day or the hour of my death. You call me to be ready for death, judgment day and eternity. Therefore, I should live by faith this day as if it was the first and the last day of my life. Lord Jesus, You knock on the door of my heart. I open to You and receive You as my Saviour and Lord. “I receive You.” (Repeat it in spirit several times with faith). Now it is true about me: “As many as received Him, to them He gave power to become children of God.” (Jn 1:12)

(3x Hail Mary)



Jesus, I confess my great hidden pride, for deep in my heart I consider myself the best, most important and most pious. Whenever I do something good, it just increases my feeling of superiority and uniqueness and makes me more critical of others. I am a greater sinner than those whom I condemn because what I condemn I do myself. I received more grace and light, and yet I do not bear “fruits worthy of repentance” (Mt 3:7-10). I am full of pride, anger, envy, criticism, self-will and revolt against the will of God. I am the biggest obstacle to my neighbours, and so they cannot believe, be converted and increase in holiness. Only through humility can I be saved from eternal punishment, so I need to practise it every day. My Jesus, I need to learn from You, for You are meek and humble (Mt 11:29). I look at the crown of thorns on Your head, I see the spittle on Your face, the reed in Your hand, the scarlet robe, I can hear the mocking words! You are innocent and You suffer for me! For my past sins – grumbling, self-will, self-indulgence and all kind of offence – I deserve beating, spitting, contempt and ridicule in this life. This is the greatest good for me which I am to strive after and be grateful for, and I need to thank everyone who vilifies or humiliates me. (Thank Jesus for humiliation or suffering that He allowed out of love for you.)

(3x Hail Mary)



O Jesus, I, ___________, a faithless sinner, renew and ratify in the presence of Your Mother my baptismal vows:

  • I renounce Satan for ever,
  • I renounce all his pride for ever,
  • I renounce any cooperation with him for ever.

Furthermore, I renounce all unclean demons that defile and enslave especially my body: the demon of gluttony, adultery, alcoholism, hypochondria, laziness, mammon, consumerism… O Good Mother, obtain for me the spirit of purity and self-denial to fill the void in me!

I also renounce all demons that defile and enslave especially my soul: the spirit of lies, fear of the following of You, the spirit of anger, envy, faultfinding, self-pity, blasphemy, rebellion, the spirits working nowadays through unclean music, magazines, literature, television, internet or public opinion. I renounce the spirit of pride, heresy, pharisaism, liberalism, rationalism, gnosticism and all religious demons abusing feelings or reason and destroying the living faith. I renounce all demons that manipulate public opinion into regarding evil as good and good as evil. O Good Mother, obtain for me the spirit of true self-criticism and obedience to fill the void in my soul.

(3x Hail Mary)



Furthermore, I renounce all unclean demons that defile and enslave especially my spirit: demons passed on through spiritualism, hypnosis, homoeopathy, folk healers, extrasensory individuals, paradiagnostics, diviners, magnetizers, astrologers, white and black magicians and their work. I renounce demons passed on through yoga, Zen, reiki, Silva method, transcendental meditation, horoscopes, biorhythm charts, acupuncture, Chinese massage and other Oriental practices, through reading occult literature, through various practices or sympathy aroused by the mass media and public opinion dominated by demonic forces!

I renounce demons passed on to me as the dark legacy of the third and fourth generation in case my ancestors gave faith to various forms of magic, divination, spiritualism or magnetism.

(Realize before God that now you renounce that all. Repeat in spirit several times: “I renounce.”)

I completely renounce all these demons whom I have inherited or been opened to consciously or unconsciously. O Good Mother, obtain for me the fullness of the Holy Spirit to fill the void in me, the same Spirit whom you received along with the Apostles on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2).

(3x Hail Mary)


Thank You, Lord Jesus, Son of God, that You died on the cross for me and Your blood cleanses me now from all sin (1Jn 1:7). Dying on the cross, You broke the power of sin and the devil. I have been buried through baptism into Your death (Rom 6:4). Before You died, You said: “I thirst!” It was not just physical thirst but an inner desire for the accomplishment of the work of salvation. Jesus, now together with You I thirst for my salvation and for the salvation of my neighbours.

Crying out “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”, You expressed the moment of the hardest fight when, taking all my sins too, You were tortured by the demons of darkness.

Crying out “It is finished”, You finished the work of salvation. The devil and sin was defeated. There is nothing to add, I am just to receive and realize it.

Your last words are the culmination of Your dying and relate to me, too. These words express the moment of Your redemptive death for me: “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” My Lord Jesus, I was buried through baptism into Your victory on the cross – Your death. I can actualize the power of Your death by faith when I renounce my will even in little things (laziness, fear…). Now through faith I am buried into Your death – the moment of a complete victory and surrender: “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” (Lk 23:46) (Repeat in spirit several times with faith: “Father, I commit my spirit.”)

(3x Hail Mary)



Lord Jesus, before You said the words relating to Your death, You said to the disciple: “Behold, your Mother!” (Jn 19:25-27) To realize the mystery of baptism, that means, my union with Your death and resurrection, I must stand in spirit by the cross as Your disciple. A disciple is the one who is willing to lose everything (Lk 14:33), even one’s own life for Your sake and the Gospel’s (Mk 8:35). Now, standing by the cross in spirit, I consciously lose my soul for Your sake and the Gospel’s. (Repeat in spirit several times with faith: “I lose my soul.”)

Look in spirit into the face of the crucified Jesus. His last will even for you is: “Behold, your Mother!” Say: “I receive.” (Repeat it in spirit several times with faith.) The disciple received her into himself (eis ta idia, Jn 19:27). Jesus came to this earth through Mary and the Holy Spirit. In the same way He wants to be born and live in your heart too. Realize: a mother not only gives life but also teaches how to live properly. The Mother of Jesus teaches you to live with Jesus and in Jesus.

(3x Hail Mary)



Lord Jesus, You rose from the dead historically and really, and hence You proved Your Divinity. Every atom, every cell and every living creature bears witness to God’s wisdom and omnipotence. You are God.

On Saturday night after the sabbath You rose from the dead. On the day following You were seen by many, and then You appeared during 40 days. When the Apostles received the Holy Spirit, they witnessed to Your redemptive death, preaching repentance for forgiveness of sins and Your real resurrection. They laid down their lives for this testimony and died martyrs. In baptism I was united not only to Your death but also to Your life and resurrection (Col 2:12). “Jesus, You in me and I in You.” (Repeat it in spirit several times with faith.)

Every Sunday I should live in prayer Your resurrection and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, so that I may be Your witness ready to lay down my life for Your sake like the Apostles. May the Holy Spirit give me light and strength, may Your fire burn up all forms of selfishness or impurity within me and enkindle in me pure love for You and zeal for the salvation of souls. You baptize me with the Holy Spirit and fire. “I receive.” (Repeat it in spirit several times with faith).

(3x Hail Mary)




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