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BCP calls on Czech and Moravian bishops to radically reject the synodal journey

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Dear members of the Czech Bishops’ Conference,

any reasonable person assumes that it is abundantly clear that the Church must stand on God’s laws and commandments, and not LGBTQ anti-laws. It is also clear that a heretic and destroyer of God’s laws cannot even be a member of an external church organization, let alone a member of the Mystical Body of Christ, i.e. the living Church of Christ. You, as the successors of the apostles, are obliged to defend the Gospel of Christ and the laws of God in the first place. If you are truly Catholic bishops, you know that the Gospel is given so that the people may be saved. But here is someone who preaches a covid, ecological and – under the guise of the synodal journey – sodomitic anti-gospel. And this someone is publicly recognized as the head of the Catholic Church and allows himself to be called the Holy Father, i.e. the Vicar of Christ on earth. This is outrageous blasphemy and mockery! This usurper of the papacy is turning you into corrupt harlots who, out of fear for their egos and careers, betray Christ, their souls, and drag the masses of deluded Catholics into eternal damnation.

Dear members of the compromised ČBK, i.e. Czech Bishops’ Conference, finally wake up from your spiritual delirium. Face the truth and show genuine repentance. In doing so, you are obliged to be an example to all priests and believers. Do not let the so-called synodal journey turn the Church into a cesspool of all LGBTQ filth. This Bergoglio is forcing you to go through a so-called conversion so that you, apostles of Christ, will become sodomitic blasphemers and LGBTQ welcomers. This is precisely what the usurper of the papacy said to the world media on 24 January. He will not tolerate anyone in his sect who does not submit to his despotic dictates.

You, however, should call the truth the truth, a lie a lie and a heretic a heretic. If any Czech bishop claims the absurd nonsense that Bergoglio is a true Pope despite all the heresies, he reveals that he has already expelled, ipso facto excommunicated, himself from the Church.

It is also completely clear to everyone who the President of the ČBK Graubner serves. But you, dear Cardinal Dominik and Bishops František Radkovský, Jan Baxant, Vojtěch Cikrle, who do you actually serve? This question is also asked by all sincere Catholics who do not want the dictates of LGBTQ immorality in the Church. We all also ask you, do you serve Christ or the antichrist? Are you leading souls along Christ’s path to eternal heaven? Or are you leading them along the so-called synodal path to eternal destruction?

The head of the Czech Bishops’ Conference is Jan Graubner, a propagator of sodomy and the main organizer of the LGBTQ sabbath in Prague on 5-12 February 2023. The camouflage manoeuvre of the sodomitic sabbath is the misuse of the Holy Mass. This is to take place in the Prague Cathedral on 8 February and is to serve as a cover-up sanctifying this crime against God and the Church. Here, over the treasury of the relics of the holy apostles, martyrs and church fathers, this rebellion against God and His laws is to be completed. Prague Cathedral is the place with the largest collection of relics of saints and martyrs.

You, dear bishops, are obliged to expose this betrayal of the so-called synodal journey, which is the Church’s spiritual suicide. You are obliged to stand on the way of Christ, the way of Christ’s Gospel and His commandments. Only then will you secure eternal salvation for yourselves and the souls entrusted to you.

Therefore, take a radical step without which salvation cannot be achieved. Publicly reject the false and self-destructive synodal journey. Reject its author, namely Francis Bergoglio, and separate yourselves from him! Announce the true state of the Church, that the Church has no Pope today! The fact that Bergoglio has usurped and occupies the papal office does not change this. The fact is that the Church has no Pope; it is in a state of Sede Vacante. Say it plainly and then take the radical step of truth – separate yourselves from the invalid Pope. The state of Sede Vacante is the objective reality until there is an orthodox, i.e. valid, Pope in the Church.

As long as you acknowledge Bergoglio, you are under a curse. You are therefore paralysed and unable to see the truth and unable to fight for the truth! The tragedy is that unless you take this radical step of separation, you will continue to bring down the curse on the Czech nation and on the whole of Europe. Again, remember that Bergoglio is in rebellion against God the Creator and the entire Decalogue. He has publicly dedicated himself to Satan in Canada. He had already enthroned the Pachamama demon in the main basilica of the Catholic Church before. He hyperactively promotes crimes that are against the Church and against humanity. It is clear to all that this Judas with the spirit of antichrist is no Pope. You know it too, but you have not yet been able to take the historic step of separation. This very separation from the invalid Pope is a manifestation of living faith and a manifestation of true repentance as well as a condition of salvation. This radical step of yours is to become a precedent for saving the entire Catholic Church.

Remove Archbishop Graubner from the position of President of the ČBK. He, as a propagator of sodomy, bears the blame for the sodomite meeting in Prague. He has thereby ipso facto brought upon himself the penalty of exclusion from the visible Church, but at the same time he has also brought upon himself God’s anathema, exclusion from the Mystical Body of Christ according to Gal 1:8-9. He has thus brought down God’s curse on himself and cynically infects the whole of Czechia with it like with a spiritual plague. From Prague, this plague infection is to spread to the whole of Europe. It shall progress to the point of physically annihilating the European continent.

Both Graubner and Bergoglio are subject to God’s multiple anathema – curse.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which is the voice of one crying in the wilderness, hereby calls on all presidents of episcopal conferences to refuse participation in the synodal suicide into which they are dragging themselves, the Church in the given territory and their nations. All the participants, but especially the presidents of the bishops’ conferences, who will attend this sodomite sabbath, will incur excommunication from the Church and God’s anathema – a curse. With their participation, they openly reveal their betrayal of Christ and His Gospel, and they have openly chosen the path of self-destruction of the Church and their own nations.

Pope Honorius was excommunicated from the Church on the following grounds, I quote: “[He] did not, as he should have done by his apostolic authority, extinguish the rising flame of erroneous dogma, but carelessly supported it”. Bergoglio, the usurper of the papacy, not only carelessly but actively kindles the flame of erroneous dogmas by legalizing LGBTQ perversion. Archbishop Graubner participates in this crime by organizing the assembly of the so-called continental phase of the Synod on Synodality in Prague. Both of them have brought upon themselves excommunication and anathema.

Dear members of the Czech Bishops’ Conference, the historic moment has come to oppose the synodal journey. This also means separating from the invalid Pope and at the same time starting a true reform that will infuse new blood into the veins of the clergy and the faithful. This spiritual reform must be based on true repentance. It means breaking with the path of sin, lies and evil. This must be followed by the sincere receiving of Christ, God’s laws and His way of salvation. There is salvation in no one else! The false path of synodality is the greatest crime for the Catholic Church because it is a gradual transition to the New Age satanic anti-Church. This anti-Church worships demons, and LGBTQ anti-laws apply here instead of God’s laws.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate also appeals to all episcopal conferences on all continents: Be separated from the invalid Pope Bergoglio and abandon his false path! Remain in a state of Sede Vacante until a true Catholic and legitimate Pope is elected. He will restore the way of Christ, which gives assurance of eternal salvation.

Dear Bishops of the Czech Republic, I appeal to the eldest members, Bishop Radkovský and Cardinal Duka, to seize the initiative and take responsibility for this historic and necessary reform of the Church in the Czech Republic. Salvation and blessing will then spread from the Church in the Czech Republic to the entire Catholic Church. And from there salvation will come for all of humanity. This is your God-given task. The two of you, together with other sincere and courageous bishops, will bear the responsibility, but also receive the reward for this revival process in the Church.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, as the voice of one crying in the wilderness, presents a draft pastoral letter for the Czech Church:

Dear brother bishops, priests, religious, and all sincere Catholics in Bohemia and Moravia,

the time has now come when we are obliged before God and before you to begin with true repentance, and we encourage you to do the same. The essence of this repentance is to call the truth the truth, a lie a lie, a heresy a heresy, and the synodal path for what it is – a false path. An invalid Pope must also be called invalid. We are obliged to tell you the truth, namely that the Catholic Church does not currently have a Pope. Why? Because he who has betrayed Christ and opposed God’s laws cannot be considered a Pope. Francis Bergoglio had himself consecrated to the devil by a shaman in Canada. He is not and cannot be the Vicar of Christ on earth. He promotes a suicidal synodal journey that abolishes God’s laws and commandments. This journey is targeted to achieve the Church’s legalization of LGBTQ immorality! Francis Bergoglio has brought down upon himself God’s anathema, i.e. a curse, and has expelled himself from the Church. Therefore, he is not and cannot be the successor of the Apostle Peter. Dear Catholics, the Catholic Church does not have a Pope. It is in a state of Sede Vacante.

We, Bishops of the Czech Bishops’ Conference (ČBK), hereby ask the priests not to mention the name of the invalid Pope Francis in the Holy Mass from this day on. The priests who would continue to proclaim unity with the invalid Pope Francis in the Mass would thus separate themselves from the Church of Christ and join the Bergoglian sect. The faithful should warn such a priest or report his name to the diocesan bishop.

We also announce that for the promotion of sodomy and synodal suicide of the Church, Archbishop Jan Graubner has brought down on himself God’s anathema – a curse accompanied by excommunication from the Church. We appeal to priests and believers to split with him. God’s anathema and excommunication fall also on those who will support him and create unity with him.

Furthermore, we, Bishops of the Czech Bishops’ Conference, call on you to start a true reform right now, which means to decide to build your life on the path of Christ, which is connected with Jesus’ invitation: “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me.” (Mt 16:24) Remember that no reform can begin without prayer. Through prayer we receive God’s light and strength. Let every sincere Catholic, who has the salvation of souls and the true reform of the Church at heart, include in his prayer routine a regular hour of prayer from 8 to 9 p.m. We recommend the prayer of the Holy Rosary. Zealous apostolic souls are encouraged to give God a tithe of the time of the day, i.e. to dedicate 2.5 hours a day to interior prayer. We especially appeal to retired women and to people who are not bound by work obligations to take on this prayer commitment. Prayer and fasting are the most powerful weapons. Refrain from watching television, from using smartphones, social networks, or searching unnecessary, if not harmful, information on the Internet. We also call on all priests and active laymen to form at least one prayer group in each parish, comprised of 23 people. Everyone would have their own prayer hour, and pray during this hour throughout the week. The ideal is continuous prayer made up of four prayer groups of 23 people which alternate after a week. These four groups form the prayer guard. Anyone who joins the spiritual struggle in this way contributes to the true reform of the Church, but it is him who gets the most benefit. God promises that He will hear those who call to Him day and night (Lk 18), all the more so when they call for the restoration of the Church and the salvation of the nation.

Dear faithful of Bohemia and Moravia, we could not remain silent any longer, because the betrayal of Christ and the trampling of God’s laws, even by the highest representatives of the Church, brings down a curse and results in the genocide of nations.

On behalf of the Czech Bishops’ Conference,

Cardinal Dominik Duka

Bishop František Radkovský


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