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BCP: What every apostle of Christ – bishop, must do today?

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On January 24, 2023 in his interview for AP agency, Francis called on Catholic bishops to welcome LGBTQ people in the Church and to acknowledge their dignity.

Jesus cast out a legion of Q-demons from one hyperactive person, who was running around in the graveyard showing off a local gay pride. However, after Christ’s exorcism Q-demons entered two thousand pigs and threw themselves into the Gennesaret lake. This was a demonstration of what happens to a person possessed by Q-demons if they are not cast out in time. Christ’s command to the apostles says: “Cast out demons!” (Mt 10:8) Lord Jesus says: “Cast out!” However, Bergoglio says: “Welcome!” In doing so, Bergoglio removed his mask as an apostle of antichrist.

Bergoglio uncompromisingly said that bishops must undergo a conversion to become welcoming to LGBTQ people in the Church. Nevertheless, he does not want to help these people to be delivered from the spiritual bondage. On the contrary, he wants to misuse them to let unclean demons enter the Church through them. This welcoming is a requirement for every bishop if they want to be part of Bergoglio’s sect. Such a degradation and ridicule of Christ’s apostles is unparalleled in the entire history! No bigger humiliation is even possible. Asking bishops to make fools of themselves, be brainwashed and betray Christ is an unprecedented request! At the same time, the usurper of the papacy, Bergoglio, forces every bishop to sign their souls over to the devil and sell out the apostolic anointing and vocation. Bergoglio calls this multiple betrayal conversion! Allegedly, every bishop must undergo it. Bergoglio emphasizes that they must. Do you realize this, dear bishops? Bergoglio is consistent – he will not let any one of you be saved.

This program is not just a crime against God and a suicide, but also a cruel cynicism toward the LGBTQ people. Bergoglio’s sect does not let them be saved by Christ through repentance! It mercilessly pushes them to hell.

During his visit in Congo, Bergoglio warned the young people to avoid occultism. What is occultism?

Occultism is a demon worship using certain practices, which are accompanied by divination and magic. It is a sin against the First Commandment. Just recently the same Francis Bergoglio publicly consecrated himself to demons in Canada! He either does not know anymore what he is saying, or he does not know what he is doing.

On January 24, 2023, he clearly expressed that the synodal way goes hand in hand with ecclesiastical legalization of LGBTQ. Dear bishop, are you aware of the significance of the „Q“? It covers all perversions and crimes linked with corrupt sexuality, including sexual homicides. Do you want to approve all this as a Christ’s apostle and a bishop?

Promoting LGBTQ in the Church is satanization. It is a transition to a satanic New Age anti-church, which attracts the curse and a temporal as well as an eternal fire!

If you are still in unity with Bergoglio then the parable about Christ’s vineyard applies to you as well. Francis Bergoglio usurped Christ’s vineyard! If you do not separate from him, you will have to kill Christ’s servants and prophets. Then, however, you are bound to be punished. Jesus asked a question of the then pharisees and representatives of the Old-Testament Church. He is asking you today too: “What will the master of the vineyard do with the evil winemakers?” They answered: “He kills the evil ones and gives the vineyard to others.”

In what other manner should God have awakened you, Christ’s apostle, from such a deep sleep, if not by revealing to your eyes who Bergoglio really is. He has publicly consecrated himself to satan! And you do not see it? He publicly enthroned Pachamama demon in the main temple of the Church! And you remain silent? He pushes you publicly to welcome the worst possible perversions! And you keep walking this so-called synodal way and unbothered, you even drag others! While doing so, as a hypocrite you appeal to Christ’s authority and to the obedience to the so-called Holy Father.

Is it possible that you still do not understand that the Church has presently no pope? Is it possible that you do not know that there is sede vacante state? An arch-heretic, who devoted himself to demons, promotes sodomy and all perversions and abolishes God’s laws, is by no means a representative of Christ! Like blind and deaf you still repeat in every liturgy: “in union with our pope Francis”. You bishop, you are unable to tell to your priests and believers the truth about sede vacante state. You are unable to say: “I and the diocese, in which I am, refuse Bergoglio’s synodal way. This synodal way is a betrayal of Christ! He that walks this way walks towards the damnation.”

Bergoglio’s audacity is over the top. He looked into your eyes, dear bishops, and told you that you must be converted to LGBTQ! He declared trampling and removal of Christ’s Gospel as his main agenda! Instead, you are now supposed to preach the anti-gospel of the unrepentant LGBTQ! You shall chase away the Holy Spirit and welcome unclean spirits. Bigger absurdity is not even possible. And you, bishops, you are cheerleading this betrayal of Christ! We ask: Is none of you going to resist? Total corpse-like condition of those who call themselves the apostles has been unmasked. Such a state of a spiritual blindness has never occurred in the history of the Church.

Therefore, you Catholic bishops, repent while it is still time. Each of you shall

1) separate himself from a synodal suicide!

2) separate himself from an invalid pope Francis Bergoglio!

If you take these steps of repentance, you will save your own soul and souls of many others. Do not be afraid to take these saving steps!


BCP – the voice of one crying in the wilderness


February 7, 2023


Download: BCP: What every apostle of Christ – bishop, must do today? (7/2/2023)



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