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In union with Francis our Pope and Bill Gates – chipped and reduced to hell

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After the first wave of the artificial pandemic, a second wave is being groundlessly pushed on us. Among the main promoters are, in addition to the secret ones, so-called Pope Francis and Moscow Patriarch Kirill. Both are responsible for issuing orders to dishonour the Eucharistic Christ, that is, for the crime of sacrilege.

Czech virologist MUDr. Hana Zelená, Ph.D. comments on the artificial origin of the pandemic: It is high time to oppose the testing of asymptomatic individuals. Otherwise, it will not be a problem in the future to choose any other virus and in the same way start the hunt for the positive, testing the healthy, slightly ill, seriously ill and dying. There will be positive cases in all groups and the pandemic with millions of dead will never end. E.g. although rhinovirus usually only causes the common cold, it can also be dangerous… As many as 9.6% of hospitalized seniors with rhinovirus die from pneumonia.” But there is no hysteria about colds.

German doctors demand that those who organize the worldwide coronavirus scam should be held accountable and brought to justice.

The mass media have been brainwashing people non-stop to believe in horror scenarios of people dying en masse from coronavirus. Loyal doctors were bribed to report almost every death as a covid death. In fact, it was an infection that kills people as much as the common flu. So there was no reason to panic. It was not a medical but a political action. Everything was planned in advance.

The senseless quarantine was partially interrupted in summer, and on 1 October the second wave was launched. There were large protests of citizens in Prague on 18 October and in Bratislava on 17 October 2020. The crowds were dispersed by riot police and water cannons.

Doctors who boldly tell the truth are persecuted. They say that wearing face masks is no protection against viruses, but rather results in loss of immunity. Furthermore, PCR tests, which cost millions of dollars, are useless. The second wave has brought the use of antigen tests. Slovakia has approved the plan to use them for mass testing of the population. Healthy people are urged to undergo testing and the mass media cause hysteria and fear. They have fabricated a symptom-free disease, which means that anyone who is healthy can be labelled as sick on the basis of test results, which will be used as a reason for vaccination.

As for vaccination, real experts warn that current vaccines disrupt RNA and DNA and can thus change human nature. Such vaccination is a crime against humanity! People are already so fooled by the constant intimidation and mantra in the mass media that they are able to believe that even though they have no diseases, the only way out for them is to take the vaccine. However, this vaccine will damage their health and, in addition, turn them into biorobots connected to artificial intelligence.

If someone came up with such madness a few decades ago, everyone would tap their foreheads and laugh at them. But today, this madness of gradual suicide is realistically planned. People know it, tolerate it, and have become easy meat for self-destruction, both spiritual and physical, temporal and eternal. This plan would have failed if the Church had not brought down a curse by their betrayal of God. When did a breakthrough occur in sound critical thinking based on truth and moral principles? The spiritual breakthrough occurred at the Second Vatican Council (1962-65)! With the use of ambiguous terms, a plan was laid out for gradual self-destruction of the Church, and thus of the Christian nations.

In addition to ambiguous terms, the Council is also to blame for neglecting to stop the spread of Modernism which was condemned by the encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis in 1907. During the half-century when the two world wars took place, John XXIII – a supporter of Modernism (1911) on the papal throne (since 1958) – appointed Modernists as moderators of the Council. The Council de facto approved the heresies of Modernism – the greatest heresies against Christ. Modernists, present-day church liberals, divide Christ into the Christ of history and the Christ of faith, the latter being said to be a myth. As a result, the post-conciliar spirit denied both the divine inspiration of Scripture and Christ’s redemptive death (Abp Zollitsch said in 2009 that Christ died only out of solidarity with the suffering). Church liberals also teach that Christ’s resurrection was not real and historical but rather transhistorical, symbolic and eschatological.

An undermined faith has gone hand in hand with a decline in morals. Appealing to the Council, Francis now consistently abolishes universally valid moral principles, legalizes homosexuality by word and gesture, covers up the homosexual network in the highest positions in the Church, and was the first to start a senseless quarantine by closing churches even at Easter – the most important Christian feast. Before imposing the quarantine, Bergoglio enthroned the Pachamama demon in the Vatican, which is a sign of total apostasy from God. This year, he has published documents promoting “vaccination for all”. He thus boycotts real medical professionals. He knows very well that vaccination is already associated with chipping and is a crime against humanity! Man ceases to be a free creature and becomes a kind of biorobot. The Apocalypse therefore warns humanity by predicting temporal punishments – sores – and the eternal punishment of damnation in the lake of fire!

Today, one can no longer inquire about the truth concerning genocidal vaccination.

Similarly, one cannot inquire whether Bergoglio is a valid or invalid Pope. These essential questions are swept under the carpet.

It is incomprehensible that to this day, bishops and priests call down a curse daily in the Holy Mass on both the Church and the world, showing clearly to the people that they are in spiritual union with the greatest enemy of Christ – Francis. This is madness in the Church, and this madness and curse has fallen on humanity as well. It now bears visible fruits in the promotion of vaccination and chipping. It is a plan of depopulation, that is, genocide of humanity. The goal is eternal damnation of souls! However, the church leadership keeps rejecting true repentance. That is why the curse falls on the whole world. Because of the curse, people are no longer able to discern pre-programmed folly. Politicians elected by the people, instead of serving their own nations, lead them to perdition. That is why Gates, the vaccine dealer No. 1, could say openly: “If we do a good job with vaccines, we will reduce the population by 10-15%,” i.e. by one billion. Then the next stages will follow and there will only be a so-called golden billion left!

Bergoglio supports this genocide, so bishops and priests should consistently add in the Mass: “in union with Francis our Pope and Bill Gates” – chipped and reduced to hell.

Will bishops and priests repent and finally stop repeating the mantra about unity with a murderer of the Church and of humanity?

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

21 October 2020


Download:  In union with Francis our Pope and Bill Gates – chipped and reduced to hell (21/10/2020)


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.


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