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Bishops of the Czech Republic, ban the heretical and scandalous Fiducia Supplicans in your dioceses and separate yourselves from the apostate Pope

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Dear Czech and Moravian bishops,

the recent statement of the Czech Bishops’ Conference (CBK) regarding Fiducia Supplicans has given the impression that all of you already profess a new doctrine. However, this doctrine contradicts the whole Scripture and Tradition. Our Patriarchate now addresses you in agreement with the international Filial Appeal to all Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church. This appeal signed by Catholic priests and scholars, dated 2 February 2024, contains the following two specific requests:

“(1) Follow the brave example of so many brother bishops around the world: please forbid immediately the application of this document in your diocese.

(2) Please ask directly the Pope to urgently withdraw this unfortunate document, which is in contradiction with both Scripture and the universal and uninterrupted Tradition of the Church and which clearly produces a serious scandal.”

However, considering the foregoing, it must be emphasized that the Vatican is currently occupied by an invalid apostate Pope.

Dear Czech and Moravian bishops, in this situation it is necessary to take a radical stand for Christ and His Gospel even at the cost of persecution, or even martyrdom. If you address the priests and the faithful in a clear pastoral letter and explain to them the danger you are exposing yourself to in your effort to save their souls, they will definitely support you in your faithfulness to Christ and take your side. Then, strengthened by the truth of God and the people of God, you should boycott the invalid Pope and his invalid sanctions.

May Bishop St Ambrose be your model of fidelity to Christ: When the heretical Arians influenced the Empress and soldiers came to seize the basilica in Milan, St Ambrose remained inside with the faithful for three days continuously. He answered the threats: “I will not give the temple of God to the wolves. I will not betray the flock of Christ. If the Lord allows them to kill me, let it happen here, on the steps of the altar.”

The 2 February Appeal also reveals the manipulation of imparting different kinds of blessings: “The blessing of a couple (whether ‘liturgical’ or ‘pastoral’) is, so to speak, a natural sign. The concrete gesture says something naturally, and therefore has a natural, immediate communicative effect, which cannot be artificially changed by the verbal caveats of the document. A blessing as such, in the universal language of humanity, always implies an approval of what is being blessed. Therefore, the concrete sign that is given with such blessing, in front of the whole world, is that ‘irregular couples’ – homosexual couples, according to the Catholic Church, would now be acceptable to God, precisely in the type of union that specifically configures them as couples.”

The signatories also draw attention to another manipulation in Fiducia Supplicans which gives the impression that various external constraints alter the nature of the blessing.

We quote from the Appeal: “The fact that other circumstances such as … flowers and wedding clothes, (standing before the altar, etc.) are excluded from the act does not change the nature of the act, since the central and essential gesture remains. Furthermore, we all know from experience what such ‘restrictions’ are worth and how long they last.”

The Appeal likewise points out that Fiducia Supplicans deliberately misinterprets the very nature of the priestly blessing.

We quote from the Appeal: “The fact is that a priest is imparting a blessing on two people who present themselves as a couple, in the sexual sense, and precisely a couple defined by its objectively sinful relationship. Therefore – regardless of the intentions and interpretations of the document, or the explanations the priest may try to give – this action will be the visible and tangible sign of a different doctrine, which contradicts traditional doctrine. Let us remember that the traditional doctrine on the subject must be considered infallible, since it is unequivocally confirmed by Scripture and Tradition, a universal and uninterrupted tradition, ubique et semper. And it must be remembered that this is a doctrine of natural law, which does not allow for any change.”

Furthermore, the Appeal shows in advance the disastrous impact of Bergoglio’s heretical Declaration.

We quote from the Appeal: “In practice, the faithful will not even be aware of the subtle theoretical justifications introduced by the Declaration, much less those that were added in the recent clarification on the Declaration. The message that is effectively launched, and that the people of God, and the entire world, will inevitably register and are already registering is that: The Catholic Church has finally evolved, and now accepts homosexual unions.”

Finally, the Appeal highlights that the episcopal conferences as well as the individual bishops who rejected Fiducia Supplicans acted properly.

We quote from the Appeal: “This situation fully justifies the decided rejection of Fiducia Supplicans by so many episcopal conferences, so many prelates, so many scholars, and so many ordinary lay people. In this context, it is definitely not justifiable, especially for a cardinal or a bishop, to remain silent, since the scandal that has already occurred is serious and public, and if it is not stopped, it is bound to be more and more amplified.”

Cardinal Müller commented on the attitude of African bishops’ conferences that rejected Fiducia Supplicans: “Now the Africans are entering the place and taking over the leadership in the Catholic Church, and it is a very good thing they are doing.”

Dear Czech and Moravian bishops, please ban the declaration Fiducia Supplicans! If the illegitimate Pope, who being a manifest heretic has excommunicated himself, attempts to remove you from office, do not leave under any circumstances. On the contrary, separate yourselves and your dioceses from this manifest heretic! In this way you will prepare the conditions for the acceptance of the rightful Pope and you will save not only the temple, like St Ambrose, but the whole diocese.

Bergoglio has changed the doctrine and morals of the Church; it is no longer the Catholic Church. Heretical Fiducia Supplicans marks a spiritual breakthrough. It destroys the foundation of faith and morals and introduces new paradigms, as stipulated in the motu proprio Ad Theologiam Promovendam. By abrogating sin, the declaration Fiducia Supplicans abrogates not only the Decalogue and God’s laws and commandments, but also the Creed, whose central focus is God the Saviour who saved us from sin and eternal death. The declaration Fiducia Supplicans diminishes and nullifies the mortal sin of sodomy and, what is more, even blesses this sin! But God punishes it with temporal (2Pet 2:6) and eternal fire! (Jude 7).

On the basis of lies and abused papal authority, by abolishing the gravest sin of sodomy, Fiducia Supplicans removes Christ’s atoning sacrifice on the cross for our sins! It is a rebellion against God and the Church. It is a transition to a satanic New Age anti-Church. It is the path to eternal perdition! The statement of the Scripture fully applies to the pseudo Pope Francis Bergoglio: “The man of lawlessness – the son of perdition – will sit as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” (2Thes 2:4)

The bishops can no longer remain silent. Every true Catholic bishop must take a decisive step to save souls and the Church! They must ban the heretical Fiducia Supplicans and separate themselves along with their dioceses from the apostate Bergoglio. This separation is not a schism, but salvation! Francis Bergoglio has separated himself from the orthodox doctrine, i.e. he has separated himself from the Catholic Church. He has excommunicated himself and has brought God’s curse upon himself (Gal 1:8-9). This is a reality that can no longer be doubted! Now, someone among the bishops – the successors of the apostles and defenders of orthodox doctrine – must begin the process of Church-saving separation from the manifest heretic occupying the papal see. You, Bishops of the Czech Republic, should take this step even at the cost of gross denigration or persecution. By doing so, you will atone for the crime of the homo-lobby in the CBK leadership committed against you. You have been manipulatively included among the supporters of the heretical Fiducia Supplicans and thus also in the process of satanization of the Church. Now the time is ripe for you and your dioceses to separate from Bergoglio’s homo-sect.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


10 February 2024


Download: BCP: Bishops of the Czech Republic, ban the heretical and scandalous Fiducia Supplicans in your dioceses and separate yourselves from the apostate Pope (10/2/2024)



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