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Silence on autogenocide systems puts responsibility on everyone

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We are witnessing a global process that is leading to the self-destruction of humanity and affecting all spheres of public life. There is a spirit of lies and death behind it. Many people wonder: Who is responsible for the process of self-destruction of human society? Today, to some extent, the responsibility falls on everyone. On some more than others, but on everyone. Why? Because people are silently accepting the current changes, which are literally crimes against humanity. The entire system of auto-genocide is built on professional lies; it is inspired by the spirit of lies and death that permeates not only the ten areas listed below, but affects the entire human society.

1) Legislation

The legislation was abused. The goodness, truth, justice and morals are labeled as negative expressions and are punished. On the contrary, evil, fraud, injustice, immorality and crimes are deemed positive and privileged. With the same token, just laws are fraudulently being replaced with antilaws. Members of Parliament get presented with an unintelligible text, which is impossible to decode. Besides, the MPs usually pass multiple laws at the same time; hence they have no possibility and time to find out what they are supposed to pass altogether. Supranational agreements, resolutions and recommendations, which stand in opposition to the laws of individual nations, are given a priority to national laws and coerce the country to pass destructive laws.

2) Criminal systems

Criminal systems are introduced in the society under the positive titles and hidden under the veil of anti-laws, such as the so-called socio-legal system of juvenile justice or the system of so-called non-profit organizations etc. Positive terms are used to promote them.

Feminization, breakdown of family, gender ideology and stealing children from their mothers are promoted under the term of the protection of women. Stealing of children, which is named domestic violence protection, is the worst possible violence that can be committed against mothers and children. In Norway alone, 70-100 stolen children commit suicides every year and the information about it is marked as confidential. When speaking about foster family, what is truly meant is the business with children and their mental and moral oppression and destruction.

What is to be understood by the rights of minorities is a society subject to aggressive LGBTQ groups. This means a privileged deviation at the cost of the whole society. Anti-discriminatory laws include the legislation allowing mass discrimination of the majority. Systematic demoralization of children since the time they attend kindergartens is covered by the term sexual education. Children are robbed of their own identity by pounding in their minds that they are neither a girl nor a boy. Consequently they undergo a hormonal therapy with a catastrophic prospect of the gender-altering surgery. The society is silent about it and therefore has a shared accountability for all these crimes.

3) Gender ideology

Gender ideology has become the leading ideology, although it is about self-destruction, loss of reason and basic moral principles. In practice, it is imposed by economic, legislative, and media pressure and manifests itself in mental and physical mutilation, primarily of young people, making them into transsexuals. The society is basically turning into a madhouse. But modern society is silent on these steps of self-destruction. Because of this, the blame lies with it.

4) Crimes against children

Even before the child is born, mothers are forced to have it killed. Almost every mother is intimidated by having a child with so-called Down syndrome. In reality, this is a mental terror based on lies. On the other hand, the absurd laws on so-called surrogate motherhood or ectogenesis, in other words artificial children production, are passed.

As soon as the children are born, they are administered vaccines, which cause autism, loss of immunity, loss of fertility, autoimmune diseases, cancer etc. The current trend of satanization of children is reflected not only in so-called sexual education, or animated shows, or computer games, but also children’s clothes, toys and everything in the environment of a child is permeated with the images of ancient beasts, almost demons, or symbols of death, such as skulls, skeletons, scary depictions, contaminating children’s minds. Stealing of children and using them for business, those are the cruelest crimes committed on them, as we have already mentioned! The society continues to keep an absurd silence.

5) Abuse of medicine

Today, medicine has been abused in an abnormal way. It is not only harmful vaccines, but right under the guise of medicine and under the cover of World Health Organization (WHO), projects are being imposed on states with the purpose of reducing human population. WHO gets priority over state authorities. It declares pseudo-pandemics, as we have seen during the recent covid experiment. The greatest propagandist of this system of lies and death was pseudo-Pope Francis. We can expect the declaration of the next pseudo-pandemic followed by experimental vaccination. This not only poses a mortal danger to human life but also carries the threat of concealed chipping, that is, the complete deprivation of human freedom and the transformation of a person into a biorobot. The society tolerates it, and therefore bears the responsibility.

6) Education

Today, education no longer educates or prepares children for a moral and fulfilling life. On the contrary, through sexual anti-education and making them addicted to smartphones, it leads them to degeneracy.

7) Smartphone addiction

Today, most people have to use smartphones for their jobs. There is a danger that they are becoming addicted to them unnoticeably and gradually. The smartphone then robs the person of all time, privacy and family communication and encloses them in their own world. However, the system in society forces everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, to have a smartphone. Without it, they face insurmountable obstacles.

There is nothing to argue against the great advantages that the Internet and smartphones bring, but we cannot ignore the negative objective for which they have become so widely used, which is the enslavement of people and the gradual transition to chipisation. Experts should evaluate what apparent positives the smartphone brings compared to the negatives. But this objective truth is something that many inveterate smartphone users will no longer want to admit.

8) Digitalisation and artificial intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence is now becoming a national policy priority. Related to this is the destructive ideology of transhumanism. Digitalisation is entering all spheres and at the same time there is a massive shift to 5G, without taking into account the serious threat it poses. In pushing it forward, the benefits are being unilaterally pointed out. The objective of total population control and the chipping of the population is being deliberately glossed over.

The 2030 Childhood Project is one of the international scams. Children are fixated on artificial intelligence. These are very serious crimes against humanity.

All technology, especially modern technology, if it is not in the hands of moral people, serves the mass self-destruction of society and humanity. It is in fact a weapon of mass destruction.

9) Intervention in the food industry

The food industry today produces genetically modified food. Healthy, traditional, nutritious foods made from milk or meat are absurdly being replaced with crickets and mealworms, while it has been proven that, for example, quinine from insects is very harmful to the human body.

10)  Science

Modern science is particularly misused to reduce the population. This includes conspiracies about the climate crisis, the abuses of genetics, geoengineering, such as chemtrails spraying, and the like. Another means is the mRNA vaccination of animals so that meat, eggs and milk are contaminated with genetic vaccines. There are also plans to convert all medicines into mRNA so that conventional medicines are no longer available. All the achievements of science and technology are being turned against man and humanity.

To this day, the satisfaction for the covid affair associated with pseudopandemics has not been resolved. How many people have been rejected for surgery and necessary medical interventions and have died because of covid fanaticism! How many innocent people have been fired from their jobs, doctors, teachers and others who refused to accept this crime. Therefore, let the culprits of the covid affair now be justly punished. National governments are morally obliged to admit to their people that they were deceived and that they are now prepared to compensate for the health consequences of the experimental vaccination and other damages, because covid-19 was a big fraud.

Catholics should urge each of the bishops to apologize in a pastoral letter for promoting the covid fraud. Otherwise, society will accept more man-made pandemics and subsequent terror on innocent citizens. If the spirit of lies and death is to be paralyzed in society today, the current fraud systems must be unmasked and the guilty punished.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                 + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


8 February 2024


Download: BCP: Silence on autogenocide systems puts responsibility on everyone (8/2/2024)



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