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Lent 2024 – Time of Penance: Renounce Fiducia Supplicans! (Pastoral letter)

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The season of Lent in this extraordinary time of great apostasy is a time of urgent repentance. The statements of Jesus about repentance are relevant for each of us. “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Metanoite, change your mind and believe in the Gospel.” (Mk 1:15) “Unless you repent, you will all perish.” (Lk 13:3)

What is every Catholic believer, every priest, every religious and every bishop obliged to repent of? All must repent of public apostasy. The invalid Pope Francis Bergoglio, through the heretical Fiducia Supplicans, has transformed the Catholic Church into a New Age Antichurch. This sin is greater than the sin of those who sacrificed to pagan idols, demons, and thus became traitors of Christ, apostates – traditores. During the reign of Emperor Decius (249-251), there was a severe persecution of Christians. In Nicomedia (modern-day İzmit in Turkey) lived a man of distinguished lineage named Codratus. The persecution there was started by the proconsul Perennius. Codratus, who was a Christian, was forced to sacrifice to pagan idols. He replied: “I will not bow down to dead idols. I fear neither the demons nor you, who only have temporary power. Soon I will go to my God, and you will moan bitterly forever because you refused to know God.” Perennius commanded him to be cruelly tortured. Before that, he ordered the Christians to be brought who had renounced Christ by an act of worship of idols. They had the task of persuading Codratus to bow to the idols. Codratus, however, took advantage of the situation and, though he was cruelly tortured, he uttered these words: “O foolish ones, why have you not suffered a little? Why have you been afraid of torment? You have denied Christ! Why have you given yourselves over to the devil? Have you not believed in the resurrection of the dead? Have you not heard of the judgment of God? Are you not afraid of the unquenchable fire of hell? And now, how will you stand before the judgment seat of God? Come to your senses! Think from whom you have fallen away! You have abandoned the eternal kingdom of heaven for the sake of this temporary and worthless life! You have despised your Heavenly Sovereign! You have made yourselves slaves of the devil! Have you forgotten the Lord’s words in the Gospel? He said: ‘Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.’” (Mt 10:28)

When Codratus said this, the cowardly Christians began to cry out loudly: “O servant of God, we were afraid of torment and we were led astray like a dumb flock! We wanted to live here for a little while longer and by denying our Lord we have already died to the eternal life to come. What shall we, damned sinners, do now?” When the holy martyr Codratus saw them weeping, he said: “Be of good courage, brethren! Do not despair! Our Lord is merciful! Fall at His feet! With tears and repentance confess Jesus Christ now! He will cleanse you with His blood! And you shall atone for your treachery with your blood.” They wept sore and lay face down on the ground for a long time. Then they sprinkled dust on their heads and beat their chests with stones. Their weeping was so loud that the whole city gathered, and all the people were bewildered to see the Christians filled with such sorrow for their apostasy. Perennius ordered the holy martyr Codratus to be tortured even more. He condemned these penitent Christians to be burnt, each in their hometown.

Let us acknowledge in repentance that the sin of apostasy into which the invalid Pope Francis has misled Catholics through Fiducia Supplicans is even greater than the betrayal by the traditors who succumbed under threat of torture and death and betrayed Christ.

The martyrs preferred to undergo torture and death rather than to bow down to idols. In 2019, the invalid Pope Francis Bergoglio actively participated in a pagan demon-summoning ritual with witches and wizards from the Amazon in the Vatican gardens. He then publicly enthroned the Pachamama demon in St Peter’s Cathedral. In 2022, he publicly dedicated himself to the devil under the guidance of a sorcerer in Canada. This is a public sin against the First Commandment. It is a public apostasy unprecedented in the history of the Church. It is abundantly clear that this man cannot be the visible representative of Christ on earth, but according to the Scriptures, the dogmatic constitution, and the teachings of the Doctors and Fathers of the Church, he has excommunicated himself from the Church. This is the teaching of Scripture and Tradition.

What is Fiducia Supplicans? It is a false gospel, false teaching, which opposes the Holy Scripture, Tradition and all church doctors and fathers of the Church. It is a public rebellion against God and a public apostasy from Christ and His gospel. By approving and even blessing one of the gravest sins, the Fiducia Supplicans declaration denies the substance of the Creed proclaiming the truth that the Son of God became man to save us from sin. A condition for the salvation is our penance. However, if sin as such is denied through the legalization of sodomy, Christ’s suffering for our salvation was in vain. By denying and blessing a sin, Decalogue is also removed, because a sin is no longer called a sin and there is no distinction between the good and the evil. Those who accept the teaching of Fiducia Supplicans, introducing a blessing of the sin of sodomy and its legalization, publicly renounce God the Creator and God the Redeemer, and at the same time abandon their own salvation, because such a person has decided to love lies and hate the truth, which would have saved them. Owing to this devilish pride and rebellion, such a Catholic bishop, priest or believer has pronounced a judgement of an eternal death over themselves, and they will be condemned to hell at the hour of their death. They have committed the sin against the Holy Spirit (see Mt 12:32).

God announces in Galatians 1:8-9 that the pseudo-gospel, including Fiducia Supplicans, has brought upon the pseudo-pope Francis Bergoglio the punishment of exclusion from eternal salvation, i.e. eternal damnation in hell. He has committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (see Mt 12:31).This punishment also falls on all those who accept and spread this pseudo-gospel.

What is the way out? There is only one: metanoia – penance. The prerequisite for this is a rejection of Fiducia Supplicans. How to act it out? Each orthodox Catholic bishop must decidedly refuse Fiducia Supplicans. It was done this way by the bishops of Africa, Poland, Hungary and others.

The diocesan bishop should make this renunciation in a pastoral letter to his diocese. The auxiliary bishops can make it in another public way. If such a bishop then receives a decree from the invalid Pope and his sect removing him from office in his diocese, he is obliged in conscience to God to continue in office even if he has passed the age of 75. He must, as a good shepherd, protect his spiritual flock from the suicidal heresy of Fiducia Supplicans. Decrees initiated by a pseudo-pope who has excommunicated himself from the Church are null, void and worthless. This is the teaching of the Church based on Scripture and Tradition.

What should a Catholic priest do? He should come out of his isolation and form a priestly college with other true Catholic priests to defend the faith and save souls. Together let them encourage the indecisive bishop to take the radical step of separating himself from Fiducia Supplicans. If a bishop promoting Fiducia Supplicans tries to excommunicate true Catholic priests, let them truthfully inform their faithful and not leave. The priests should instruct their believers in the sermon, and at the end the individual believers can approach the priest in the same way as when they go to Holy Communion. The priest asks each of them: “Do you renounce Fiducia Supplicans?” The believer answers: “I do. Amen.” This profession of faith and renunciation of Fiducia Supplicans is made before the invisible hosts of angels and saints, and is written in each one’s book of life. No one will be saved through the false anti-gospel of Fiducia Supplicans and its false faith. On the other hand, if a pro ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ priest publicly endorses this heretical declaration or intimidates lay activists who privately encourage the faithful to renounce the suicidal declaration, the faithful should separate themselves from the influence of such a priest. There is a serious dubium that a priest with this spirit of antichrist no longer validly celebrates the holy liturgy. The Holy Spirit no longer works through him.

What are believers supposed to do? If the priest in the parish is passive, let them begin a mission to help save people from the impact of the suicidal Fiducia Supplicans. They can use social networks and this pastoral letter for the purpose. Pensioners can carry out this mission in individual conversations with their acquaintances and personally explain to them the tragic situation in the Church after the release of Fiducia Supplicans. They can have them sign a prepared brief renunciation form, or each of them can write it in their own hand: “I, N.N., renounce the anti-gospel of Fiducia Supplicans. Signature……….. date ……….”

It is advisable that two witnesses also sign. The person concerned will keep this renunciation form. It can be compared to a passport to cross the borders of the heavenly kingdom at the hour of death. A copy of it is in the book of life of the person concerned.

This mission can also be carried out by mail, by letters addressed to specific Catholic men and women. Those who refuse to separate themselves from Fiducia Supplicans will hardly stand in the hour of death. Those who will mock, intimidate or threaten zealous missionary activists make it clear whom they serve. They serve the spirit of lies and death. “They loved a lie and did not accept and love the truth that would save them.” (2Thes 2:9-12)

In the current tragic situation, through Fiducia Supplicans, a false gospel has been fraudulently imposed on Catholics (cf. Gal 1:8-9), through which no one will be saved. It is a rebellion against God and a denial of Scripture and Tradition. The only solution is true repentance. This begins with the step of renouncing the suicidal Fiducia Supplicans.

To all those faithful to Christ,

blessings from Bishops of the BCP


11 March 2024


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Download: BCP: Lent 2024 – Time of Penance: Renounce Fiducia Supplicans! (Pastoral letter) (11/3/2024)



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