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Elijah vs. gender programme in micro-nurseries

27 January 2020

On 23 January 2020, MP Monika Jarošová spoke in Parliament and convicted Minister Jana Maláčová and her Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of secretly brainwashing children in micro-nurseries with gender immorality. Minister Maláčová disguised this evil programme with a plethora of positive phrases.

Let me quote from the manual for micro-nurseries: “We include activities that break stereotypical perception (of men and women).”

Commentary: This means that the activities break the psyche of children in order to make them change their own nature, i.e. identity. They are thus demoralized contrary to nature.

Quote from the manual for micro-nurseries: “When reading fairy tales, we also choose… stories featuring different models of families or such that do not work with traditional feminine and masculine gender stereotypes.”

Commentary: Stories about so-called different models of families are actually an ideological weapon to deprave children.

Question by MP Jarošová: “Madam Minister, what is the purpose of the manual? At whose instigation was it written? … Is this another attack on a traditional family? … Is it not brainwashing of defenceless children? … That means: Is it not tailor-made for the LGBT community?”

However, the Minister deliberately avoided answering these factual questions.

Quote by Minister Maláčová: “… the issue of a gender-sensitive approach is just a component part of the document.”

Commentary: This is no sensitive approach but violent gender demoralization. This is the essence and core of the whole document. It is not just a component part. A drop of poison is also just a component in a glass of pure water, but it causes death!

Quote by Minister Maláčová: “Before placing their child in a micro-nursery, parents must be acquainted with this plan of upbringing and care.”

Commentary: How can parents become acquainted (with this plan) if the essence of the problem is disguised with positive phrases? They are not told about the terrible consequences for their child for the rest of its life. The parents are not acquainted with it but rather deceived and manipulated. Moreover, these micro-nurseries will be far more cost-effective for parents. The fact is that gender propaganda is supported by massive foreign subsidies, but leads to the self-destruction of the individual and nation. The positive antipode is Hungary, where the Soros Foundation along with his system has been abolished and the Government pursues a pro-family policy.

Quote by Minister Maláčová: “Altogether, we have – or there will be – 100 micro-nurseries for children up to the age of four in the Czech Republic.”

Commentary: The foundation of the future character is formed from birth to the age of four. Young generation with such disturbed psyche is disposed to become satanized! Later, it is motivated to use hormonal drugs and to undergo a sex-change operation. It will no longer be able to create healthy interpersonal relationships or to establish a responsible family life. These are crimes against humanity which will show their full effect only after several years.

Quote by Minister Maláčová: “I think mentioning that people are different and that the family has different forms is no brainwashing.”

Commentary: Those who have not yet been brainwashed know that this really is brainwashing. The family is a father, a mother and children. Two homosexuals and children stolen for them by the juvenile justice system definitely cannot be called a family. The term “different forms of family” is an ideological deception aimed at implementing reduction technologies towards self-destruction of the nation and humanity. It is a crime to inculcate this ideology into children’s minds from as early as nursery.

Quote by Minister Maláčová: “Let me point out that half of the children in the Czech Republic are born outside marriage… I wish the number was different.”

Commentary: The Minister of Social Affairs has the greatest influence on social security benefits and child tax credits. Young people do not enter into marriage often because it is financially disadvantageous for them. There are even couples with three children who are not formally married so as not to be deprived of social benefits. This is an anti-family policy of the Ministry of Social Affairs. It is hypocrisy to receive subsidies from abroad in support of the LGBT ideology, thereby attacking the family, and to make manipulative statements like “I wish things were different.”

Some might argue: But you are a Catholic, and you should therefore submit in obedience to the “Holy Father” Francis. Pope Francis promotes gender education of children, as evidenced by his own words during his visit to Ireland as well as by his promotion of sex education during the in-flight press conference from Panama. In addition, he kisses the feet of transsexuals, thus approving and privileging this deviation.

Response: Yes, it is true that Francis promotes gender ideology, but it is also true that he is a heretic and is therefore excluded from the Church. You ask what for? Not only for gender promotion but also for other crimes against faith and the Gospel. He already occupies the office illegitimately. I do recognize the Petrine office, but in accordance with the Scripture and the whole Tradition I cannot recognize an apostate and a heretic as a valid Pope. If I recognized him and submitted to him in obedience, I would deny the teaching of Christ and become a traitor of Christ – a Judas. If I followed this apostate in his apostasy and impenitence, I would end up in hell in unity with this pseudo Pope. But this applies not only to me, it applies to every bishop, priest or Catholic believer as long as he obeys and submits to an apostate and heretic, even if it is just out of fear or cowardice.


When Jesus speaks of God’s judgment, He says, “Whatever you did for one of My little ones, you did for Me.” (Mt 25) Minister Maláčová as well as every Czech MP or Minister, and actually every one of us, will soon stand before the judgment seat of God. This is the greatest reality: death and God’s judgment. None of us will escape this reality.

A young couple have recently showed me their three-month-old son. He was looking at me attentively and then smiled at me. It was a look of an innocent and pure child’s heart which penetrated deep into my soul. It was a look from heaven. And now I realized that these defenceless little ones are to be transformed into mediums of demons by a devilish system disguised behind a micro-nursery programme. This really is a crime crying out to heaven!

When I will stand, and it will be soon, before the judgment seat of God, and the Most High will ask me, “What did you do to save one of My little ones?”, I will say to Him: Lord, I wrote at least this letter and recorded this video even if it should have cost me my life. I insist that the crimes against defenceless and innocent children associated with satanic gender ideology and juvenile justice should be exposed and children should be given a sound upbringing deriving wisdom and strength from the living fountains of the Gospel. This will guarantee their true happiness on earth and eternal happiness in heaven.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



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