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Czech bishops emeriti reject the synodal way and assembly in Prague due to self-destruction of the Church

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Dear Czech bishops emeriti, Cardinal Jaroslav Dominik, Bishop František, Bishop Karel, Bishop Josef, Bishop Vojtěch,

we have known each other since we were in the seminary in Litoměřice. We had learned true Catholic doctrinal and moral teaching. During your service as priests and bishops, none of you has been preaching fallacies opposing the teaching of the Holy Scripture and Tradition.

The chairman of Czech bishops’ conference, Jan Graubner, organized the so called continental meeting of the synodal way on February 5-12, 2023. He tried to encode its contents with phrases about those that are on the margins (namely LGBTQ persons), and about those that are on the inside (believers). That is to say, the synodal way gradually promotes legalization of immorality and crimes of LGBTQ in the Church. The speech of the apostate pope Francis of January 24, 2023, for the world media disclosed that the bishops must undergo so called conversion. In other words, they must betray the traditional and redeeming teaching of the Church and convert to LGBTQ cheerleaders.

Bishop Bätzing, a promoter of German synodal LGBTQ way, co-celebrated a Mass at the meeting in Prague and delivered a speech. Cardinal Müller, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, unambiguously denounced his apostate way as well as his speech in Prague. On the contrary, the chairman of the Czech bishops’ conference, the main organizer and host, not only did not reject Bätzing’s attendance in Prague, but by identifying himself with him proved that he promotes the same spirit and pursues the same agenda.

J. Graubner, by his extraordinary efforts in advancing this suicidal way of the Church, draws upon himself the most severe ecclesiastic and God’s punishment – anathema according to Gal 1:8-9, that is, excommunication from the Church. The fact that he does not accept the punishment does not change its reality. However, it is necessary, that you, Czech bishops and priests, and believers, respect the reality and help him to do penance and attain salvation.

The very same suicidal agenda is promoted especially by the invalid pope Francis Bergoglio. Therefore, everyone must see clearly today that he is not a valid pope. He occupies the office and violates the papacy by trampling on the ecclesiastic and God’s commandments and laws.

The Catholics in the Czechia and Moravia are awaiting a clear statement, in line with the Holy Scripture and Tradition, as far as ecclesiastic legalization of LGBTQ is concerned.

The history tells us that the Archbishop St. Eustatius was presiding the Council of Nicaea (325). He was among the first ones who opposed the fallacies of Arius. He called in his preaching: “All the evil that fell upon the Church on Arius’s account is not only a fault of Arius and his followers. God allowed it first and foremost because the Christians became indifferent and tepid.”

God, in His permissive will, allowed the Church to end in its current condition, because the Christians became indifferent and tepid. And also because the Czech bishops remain silent with regards to the so-called continental meeting in Prague, which covertly promotes the legalization of grave immorality of LGBTQ. Every Czech bishop is obligated to take a radical stand and denounce this suicidal way of the Church, which is called synodal. They must publicly distance themselves from it and warn the people of God against this spiritual suicide in virtue of their office as bishops.

When the revolution enforcing atheism broke out in Russia in 1917, a group of fanatic revolutionaries invaded a monastery, and all monks were led outside. They were given an ultimatum: they shall either renounce their Christian faith or they would die. These monks, similarly to the Czech bishops, were not bad, they were just lukewarm. In a decisive moment, when they had to respond, the superior came forward and addressed the monks: “Well, brothers, what are we waiting for? We have been living here as the pigs, we can at least die as Christians.” On the very same day they all gave their lives as martyrs for Christ.

Dear bishops, would any of you be able to react in such a manly and self-critical way? If not, can any of you confirm that you are ardently going against the current of the world and always defend God’s laws even if it costs you persecution? Can you say that you are not afraid of being disgraced by the mainstream media or Bergoglian sect, which legalizes immorality? Who of you can follow the example of the former nuncio in USA, C. M. Viganò, and say that you are afraid of God, keep present in mind the Last Judgment and that is why you stand up against misuse of the ecclesiastic authority and against the heresies and immorality in the Church? Who has as much courage as the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal G. Müller, who firmly condemned the German synodal way as well as the synodal assembly in Prague?

Each of you is responsible for the Church and for the Czech nation. If you are capable of self-reflection and as the above mentioned monks you realize that your life is free of conflict, allow yourself at least now to be provoked by the conspiracy in Prague so as to die as Christians one day and not as traitors of Christ. What does Jesus say about the lukewarm shepherds of the Church? “I am about to spit you out of My mouth.” (Rev 3:16) Today you have a duty to stand for Christ and God’s laws against the ecclesiastic legalization of LGBTQ immoralities. Instead, you are still united with the chairman of the CBC, Graubner, in a concealed LGBTQ legalization. Thus, you are in a rebellion against God and draw the curse upon yourselves, the Church, and the nation.

God speaks to spiritual shepherds, and now to you, bishops, through the prophet Ezekiel: “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel… If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.”(Ez 3:17-18)

Dear brothers in Christ, bishops emeriti, it is for you to speak out! You have nothing to fear but God. You have no excuse that diplomacy or silence will save anything. This is self-deception and a blatant lie. You are now obligated to defend the truths of faith and morals against the suicidal current promoted by the invalid pope Francis, namely his synodal LGBTQ journey. You already know that this suicidal path was confirmed in Prague, contrary to the basic truths of faith and morality. The new sodomistic anti-gospel has become a precedent for the whole Church.

This is a crime! Do not be dumb dogs; open your mouth and call immorality a sin and a heresy a heresy! Call spiritual poison a poison! Do not be silent! You will soon stand before God’s judgment seat; do not gamble with the salvation of your soul. You, bishops emeriti, can no longer be deposed by an invalid pope, nor by the anathematized chairman of the CBC, Graubner. Do you want to have a glorious funeral for remaining in unity with the invalid pope and LGBTQ promoter J. Graubner? But where will your soul find itself after such a glorious funeral? In heaven or hell? Wake up to God’s light! Otherwise, future generations will truthfully write on your gravestone:

“Here lies a bishop who betrayed Christ and the Gospel in the hope

that Bergoglio’s sect would give him a glorious funeral.”

Or will there be a different inscription?

“Here lies a bishop who bravely stood up for Christ and the Gospel

and, though expelled from Bergoglio’s sect, was received into God’s glory. R.I.P.”


Dear fellow brothers in Christ and former co-seminarians,

as for Jan Graubner, we have known him for more than 50 years. But after the Prague sabbath you and I already know clearly who Jan Graubner is. We also know who is behind him and what their aim is.

He relentlessly, like a dictator without conscience, pushes for LGBTQ legalization in the Church. This is the agenda of the synodal journey. You, however, for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of the Church in the Czech Republic, are obliged before God to radically oppose him as well as the agenda of the so-called synodal journey.


Draft pastoral letter:

Dear priests and faithful of the Czechia and Moravia,

we, the bishops emeriti, are turning to you after the tragic event in Prague on February 5-12, 2023. The event caused a great outrage not only among the true Catholics of the Czech Republic, but across the whole of Europe and the Catholic world. It was about the promotion of a suicidal agenda called the synodal journey, which denies the salvific doctrine of the Church. The hidden purpose, which only the invalid pope Francis and a few of his closest followers are talking about publicly, is to enforce the legalization of LGBTQ immorality in the Church. The Church, as a pillar of truth, is obliged to call a heresy a heresy and immorality a sin. Therefore, we, as bishops, hereby publicly condemn the synodal journey, encouraged by the clear words of Cardinal Müller, who speaks in connection with it about the suicide of the Church. We call upon all genuine Catholics who care about the salvation of their immortal souls to radically separate themselves from the autogenocidal synodal journey. May everyone stay on the path of salvation that our Savior Jesus Christ Himself has laid out for us. He is the Way, and there is no other that leads to salvation (Acts 4:12).


In Christ,

Cardinal Dominik Duka (80)

Bishop Karel Herbst (80)

Bishop František Radkovský (84)

Bishop Josef Hrdlička (81)

Bishop Vojtěch Cikrle (77)


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