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BCP: What punishment awaits Bergoglio and his sect for cancelling God’s laws and legalizing sin?

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St Basil the Great responds to a question in the 7th short rule as follows: “What sin is committed by those who excuse the sinners?” He says: “It is more grave than the sin committed by those about whom it is said: ‘It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck…’” (Lk 17:2)

The pseudo pope Bergoglio not only commits a grave sin himself by promoting legalization of sodomy in the Church, including introduction of blessing of homosexual and queer couples, but by abolishing God’s laws and obscuring the consciousness of sin he causes people no longer to distinguish between remaining in a state of grave sin and a state of God’s grace. This prevents people from repenting for salvation, which cleanses the soul from the sin, and all that is left is a wide road to damnation. This is Bergoglio’s so-called synodal LGBTQ way.

This is a serious abuse of the papal authority, along with the infallibility of the pope and with a requirement for obedience, and mockery of the dogma of papal infallibility (dated 18 July 1870). The abuse of the highest authority pulls the masses of Christians into the eternal damnation. Bergoglio not only cancels the sodomy as a sin, he legalizes it and coerces everyone to replace God’s laws with his heresies. This is a paramount rebellion against God the Creator; it is an open satanization of the Church under the abused papal authority. Bergoglio has truly taken the position of God, the Lawmaker.

In the Letter to Thessalonians it is said: “…the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” (2Th 2:3-4)

Bergoglio is a false pope, but he is seated in the temple of God, which is the Church, and presents himself as God, thus the highest lawmaker. He cancels God’s laws and introduces anti-laws instead, which lead towards the mass apostasy from God, so that ultimately each Catholic has himself dedicated to Satan without even realizing what kind of evil they are committing. Bergoglio transforms the apostles of Christ to the apostles of antichrist. If someone dares to oppose his terror and defend Christ’s commandments, they are immediately removed from their office and are replaced by an agent of Bergoglio’s sect.

The pinnacle of it all is that to support the legalization of these blatant sins, Bergoglio and his sect refers to a new revelation of the Holy Spirit according to a misused Bible verse: “He who has an ear, let him hear and heed what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev 2) However, in the Scripture, this expression relates to the call for repentance of bishops under the threat of punishment. Bergoglio does not have ears to hear that. It is a colossal blasphemy to attribute to the Holy Spirit a legalization of sin. Besides, this is the gravest sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit. It will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come. (Mt 12:31-32)

The biggest tragedy and the sign of the spiritual blindness is that the majority of bishops and priests does not see it at all. This spiritual blindness is the fruit of calling down the curse for Bergoglio’s false gospel according to Gal 1:8-9. Many current shepherds are therefore not capable of discerning Bergoglio’s spiritual crime, even though it clearly separates souls from Christ and leads to a temporary as well as eternal punishment. These shepherds are even less capable of uniting and following the example of Christ, the Good Shepherd, to defend sheep, which had been entrusted to them. When the arch-heretic Bergoglio threatens them, they run away as cowards and leave Christ’s flock to the mercy of ravening wolves, which then tear the flock.

We ask: Where did the spiritual infection of these heresies begin? The roots go back to the Second Vatican Council, which opened the door to the heresies of modernism, questioning the fundamental truths of faith – Christ’s Divinity, His historical and real resurrection and the very inspiration of the Scriptures. All this under the veil of science and scholarship that dictates a new approach to the Holy Scriptures. In addition, the Council specifically proclaimed the heresy of syncretism with paganism. The result was that the true mission was removed and the door was opened wide to the anti-mission of Hinduism, Buddhism and paganism within the Church. All under the lofty concept of “respecting other religions”, in fact respecting their demons.

So-called “interreligious dialogue” took centre stage and mission was condemned as a tug-of-war or proselytism, which is undesirable. As a result, the only way to salvation – because “there is salvation in no one else” (Acts 4:12) but Jesus Christ – was placed on the same level with the pagan cults, that is, demons! With this spiritual crime, a personal relationship to the crucified and risen Christ was de facto destroyed. These are the roots of the current Bergoglian apostasy.

Full responsibility therefore falls on the conciliar and post-conciliar popes, who were obliged, even according to the dogma of papal infallibility, to defend the doctrine of faith and morals. Although they did not open the door to heresy with ex cathedra declarations, they practically gave room for its mass expansion. They created the conditions for the arch-heretic Jorge Bergoglio to usurp the papal office and abuse it in a literally provocative way contrary to its nature. Bergoglio is the son of perdition mentioned by the Apostle Paul.

It is impossible to build on a false foundation or to fight against sin. The fruit of religious heresies is moral decay. Bergoglio is just the tip of the iceberg.

If we want to truly repent, it is not enough to admit our mistakes, it is not enough to renounce them, nor is it enough to preach the true teaching. It is necessary to put God’s order and the life of prayer first in our private life. Without true prayer we will not receive the grace to know the truth, to live it, to proclaim it, or even to sacrifice our lives for its sake.

Ask yourself how much time you spend in prayer every day, and how much on the internet and smartphone! Do you have the self-criticism and discipline to use them only to fulfil your work or school obligations? In addition, you also need radical time limits if you want to use these means for your spiritual benefit. A concrete solution regarding prayer schedule is to introduce into your private life the so-called Holy Hour, and thus the programme of the home church (

For servants of Christ and zealous Christians, the unconditional requirement is a tithe of time, that is, 2.5 hours. Moreover, prayer must lead us to personal connection with God. We must seek a personal relationship with the crucified Saviour. He died for my sins and without faith in Him there is no salvation. Daily, briefly in your prayer, remember your death, God’s judgment, and eternity.

Just briefly on a proven home church schedule:

The central part is the Holy Hour from 8 to 9pm. During the week, it has the following content: On Mondays and Tuesdays, confession of sins to God and one another, thanksgiving, prayer intentions, and Rosary. On Wednesdays, the biblical prayer of lifting up the spiritual mountains according to Mk 11:23, and Rosary. On Thursdays, contemplation of the Lord’s passion and the Way of the Cross. On Fridays, contemplation of the last words from the cross. On Saturdays, the prophetic prayer according to Ezekiel 37 and on Sundays, contemplation of Christ’s resurrection. On Saturday after the Holy Hour, there is one more hour of prayer by which we enter into the celebration of the Resurrection Day. On Sunday from 5 to 7am, we contemplate the events of Sunday morning connected to the resurrection, which is accompanied by songs.

Every fourth week there is a prayer watch – everyone keeps a one-hour watch during the day. In addition, we make short prayer stops during the day – at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00. There is a penitential day set aside once a month, so-called Fatima Saturday (the new moon).

Those who set aside time for God and their souls in this way will soon discern what is sin, what is Christ’s path to salvation, and what is Bergoglio’s synodal path to damnation.

What punishment awaits Jorge Bergoglio and his sect for cancelling God’s laws and legalizing sin?

St Basil the Great answers: “In matters determined by Scripture, no one is permitted to do what is forbidden… If a person dares to do such a thing, there remains for him ‘only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God’ (Heb 10:27).”


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


12 December 2023


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