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BCP: Will Jesus Christ be driven out of Poland or…?

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Dear bishops and priests of Poland,

you have studied Catholic theology and you know that a manifest heretic cannot be a valid Pope. Not long ago, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Müller, also voiced this publicly: “A heretical Pope (ipso facto) loses his office, i.e. his disagreement with revelation and dogmatic teaching is evident.”

Bergoglio’s disagreement with revelation and dogmatic teaching is evident; in other words, Francis is an invalid Pope and, being a heretic, he has lost his office.

The former US nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò, called on the invalid Pope to resign as early as 2018, and no longer says his name in the Holy Mass.

All credit to Archbishop Lenga, who has also openly separated himself from the invalid Pope.

Today, the Catholic Church no longer has a Holy Father. It is in a state of Sede Vacante. Moreover, Bergoglio has built such a structure that it is no longer even possible to choose a true Catholic Pope who would ensure the conditions for preserving or restoring the Church. Bergoglio’s current synodal process means an open satanization of the Church. There is only one solution – to get separated from the heretic and his heretical agenda. God expects this radical step of you, dear Polish bishops and priests.

The Church is a means of eternal salvation. A heretic who has excluded himself from the Church cannot be at its head!

Francis Bergoglio occupies the papal office illegally, so he is not a valid Pope. This invalid Pope is in a great hurry to convert the Church of Christ into a satanic New Age Anti-Church under abused papal authority. His so-called Synod on Synodality is the gradual suicide of the Catholic Church. Every honest Catholic bishop and priest in Poland surely knows this well today. But the problem is that everyone is silent and unable to stand against the intruder who is abusing papal authority against God Himself and against the Church of Christ.

Silence and inaction prove fatal, because what can be done today to save the Church will not be possible tomorrow without great persecution. It is time for at least some bishops of Poland and their dioceses, or even the entire episcopal conference, to separate themselves from legal subordination to the invalid Pope. This will create a legal Polish Church sui iuris, which can immediately receive a legitimate and true Catholic Pope. But if the opportunity is wasted, this process will then be associated with severe terror on the part of the world freemasonry, i.e. the architects of the new world chaos whom Bergoglio serves. Of course, the Church of Christ will be here until the second coming, but it will perhaps exist in Poland only as a catacomb Church.

Dear Polish bishops and priests, are you aware of this responsibility for the present and the future? What is at stake here is the treasure of faith that was given to the Polish nation. What is at stake here is the salvation of millions of immortal souls! Unless you take a radical step as soon as possible, you will bear a terrible responsibility before God’s judgment seat for the mass apostasy and secret conversion of Polish Catholics to the New Age Anti-Church, which ends in eternal destruction. Ordinary Catholics will not even be aware of this conversion because it will take place under the false banner of Peter’s keys. Bergoglio will do it through you, dear bishops and priests. All he needs is your passivity, which at the same time is consent to his criminal hyperactivity dragging souls to eternal destruction.

As for Bergoglio’s Amazon Synod, Cardinal Brandmüller said: “This is not just apostasy, this is stupidity!”

And as for the enthronement of the Pachamama demon in the major basilica, it was public idolatry and a gross desecration of the temple, which has brought a curse on the Church.

As for Bergoglio’s dedication to demons and the devil in a ritual in Canada under the guidance of a shaman, it was an unprecedented betrayal of God and an outrageous mockery of all martyrs and saints! Above all, however, it is a denial of the First Commandment.

As for Bergoglio’s shameless LGBTQ propaganda even in the synodal journey, it is a blasphemous legalization of immorality. Bergoglio has denied God’s laws and commandments and dug a grave for the Catholic Church!

As for the fact that he has forced all members of the Vatican to be vaccinated with genetic serum obtained by the drastic murder of unborn children, this is Satanism.

As for his promotion of transsexualism, which ends in gender reassignment, it is the promotion of drastic crimes against humanity.

Dear bishops and priests, do you really mean to artificially regard as the Holy Father a person who publicly commits all this and is thus opposed to God, Christ and the Church? Do you really want to go along with his plan for the Church’s genocide? We hope there is no bishop or priest in Poland that would consciously want such a thing. But if there is, one has to radically dissociate themselves from this apostate and Judas in disguise.

In this dramatic situation, if a Polish Catholic bishop or priest is silent, he is guilty of a flagrant crime.

As for Bergoglio’s synodal journey, we can already see its fruits in Germany. The Flemish bishops also publicly promote the Church’s legalization of sodomite marriage. By doing so, they bless the sodomites’ refusal to repent and approve their path to destruction.

The auxiliary bishop of the Netherlands, Rob Mutsaerts, has said truthfully about the synodal journey: “The synodal journey is a recipe for disaster.”

The aforementioned bishop, the former Prefect of the Congregation, the former US Nuncio and the Polish Archbishop Lenga are a prophetic voice for the present-day Church. But none of them is a diocesan bishop, that is, has no authority and responsibility for the Church in a certain territory. Thus, they do not even have the possibility to separate themselves and their dioceses from Bergoglio’s suicidal structure and subsequently accept the rightful Pope. This is the only step that will preserve both Catholic teaching and the very institution of the papacy.

“The time has come for you, Polish bishops, to save Zion. The time has come.” (Psa 102:14) Separate yourselves from the Bergoglian Babylon as soon as possible! This is the will of God for Poland. Let all sincere Catholics of Poland pray the Holy Rosary for this intention daily between 8 and 9 pm. Our Lady of Czestochowa will then obtain the strength for the bishops and priests to take a saving step for the sake of the Church of Christ and the Polish nation.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                +Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


6 December 2022


Download: BCP: Will Jesus Christ be driven out of Poland or…? (6/12/2022)



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