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BCP: Entering the second stage of the Church’s synodal suicide

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On 27 October 2022, the Vatican published the Working Document of the Continental Stage of the Synodal Journey.

Quote from the document, Pt. 39: “Among those who ask for a more meaningful dialogue and a more welcoming space we also find those who, for various reasons, feel a tension between belonging to the Church and their own loving relationships, such as: …  people living in a polygamous marriage, LGBTQ people, etc.”

Commentary: First of all, it is not about a more meaningful dialogue, but quite the opposite. LGBTQ people are said to feel a tension between belonging to the Church and their own loving relationships. What the document calls a tension is actually the incompatibility of the saving mission of the Church with the impenitence of man in grave sin. Sin will never be in harmony with the way of salvation. There is and always will be a tension here. You cannot go to heaven and hell at the same time.

The so-called synodal journey stubbornly refuses to call a sin a sin. It only talks about a tension that must be removed. But it means that a Church with paradigms like this is no longer concerned with the salvation of souls. It categorically rejects the keeping of God’s commandments, deceives the enslaved souls and confirms them in walking the path to destruction. This is a crime against God and against souls.

What is covered by the term LGBT? Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals who reject God’s law and saving repentance. What does the additional letter “Q” mean? The letter covers zoophiles, paedophiles, necrophiles, sadomasochists, sex maniacs who also commit sexual murders, etc. Thirty years ago, a “Q”-oriented man in Ukraine sexually abused and slit the throats of more than fifty women. These sexual perversions cause the disturbance of mind controlled by unclean demons. Christ cast out unclean demons. To hide these abominations and crimes under the term loving relationships is evil manipulation of the Bergoglian sect.

According to God’s laws, Francis Bergoglio and his sect are under God’s multiple curse and are expelled from the Church of Christ. The promotion of perversion leads to the self-destruction of the individual and poses a threat to his environment. Society has always protected itself from it with just legislation. The current so-called synodal Church favours immoral people, but without leading them to repentance. The Bergoglian sect does not care about their salvation. It claims that they must be welcomed in the Church without any need to repent, and it also seeks to have them occupy the highest church offices. This is madness! This is a purposeful satanization of the Church!

By calling their crimes and sins love, the synodal journey keeps perverse people on the path of ignoring repentance, on the path to destruction. Moreover, it forces even simple believers by virtue of obedience, following the example of apostate church authority, to oppose God’s laws and commandments and turn from the path of salvation to the path of rebellion against God. This is the crime of the synodal journey! This change of thought, this antimetanoia, is a sign of satanization promoted by the synodal journey. The synodal journey abuses the structure of the Church with its legal mechanism and obedience. This will enable global contamination by bringing a curse on all continents. It sets in motion the mechanism of self-destruction of individuals, families and entire nations.

It should be known that Francis is neither a Pope nor a member of the Church of Christ. He has excluded himself from the Church because of his heresies and his rebellion against Jesus Christ. The following spiritual principle applies: If anyone is in inner unity with Bergoglio, his sect and his manipulative synodal programme, the curse that is on Bergoglio falls on him as well. Such a person is already a candidate for hell. If he does not at least inwardly separate himself from Bergoglio and if he persists in obstinacy, he will be eternally condemned.

Quote from Pt. 61: “… the Church must find ways … to enable women to participate more fully at all levels of Church life.”

Commentary: The Church has been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets (Eph 2:20). We live in a time of gender schizophrenia coupled with fanatical feminism. Seeking ways to enable women, as they say, to participate more fully at all levels of Church life is a subtle plan to hasten the destruction of the Church of Christ. Moreover, the synodal journey not only promotes LGBTQ immorality, but also polygamy, which is prohibited by state law. The latter is certainly not attractive at all to Catholic women.

In the world, feminization is used to implement a self-destructive political system. A certain type of women is deliberately placed in leading positions so that the behind-the-scenes elite who control global politics can easily manipulate them. Through them, they lead whole nations to self-destruction. The synodal journey strives to implant the same principle in the Church.

It has been clear for ages what role a woman has in the Church. Christ Himself, the early Church and the entire two-thousand-year-old tradition has defined the position of men and women in the Church. The Mother of God has always served as a model for women of faithfulness to Christ even to the cross. Her quiet, dedicated, self-sacrificing and loving service to God is a shining ideal for every nun, but also for every woman in the family. The Blessed Virgin said about herself: “I am a bondslave of the Lord.” Modern feminists are slaves and mediums of demons. Mary was the greatest contribution to the Church with her prayers and her silent suffering. Changing the head, i.e. the mission of a man, for the heart and vice versa is a disaster. The head has its own task, and so has the heart. Both are necessary and worthy.

The role that the Bergoglian sect imposes on women is artificial, self-defeating and unnatural. Why should a woman lead the Church at all levels of Church life? This plan is destructive for the Church. The man is the head, and this is also true in the family. This is meant for the protection of the woman and for her good. Her task is to bring warmth into the family home, to bring up children, and to give her self-sacrificing love to her children and husband. She therefore needs to draw strength in prayer. Perhaps that is why there are more women than men in churches.

The efforts “to better appreciate women in the Church” are used by current initiators of the synodal journey only as a guise. In fact, they have a hidden goal – to convert the Church into a New Age satanic anti-Church. They know very well that giving women a key role in the Church will make this conversion much easier for them. A woman is more easily deceived by hidden enemies of the Church with promises and flattery. In fact, their aim is to totally undermine the institution of the family and the Church. And they will use women to achieve it.

The behind-the-scenes elites, with whom Bergoglio is in unity, seek to legalize immorality and LGBTQ perversion and to deny the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. Women are more prone to superstition and magic, as we see with Amazonian witches who are supposed to be the prototype of the so-called service of women in the Church. If Bergoglio’s Synod promotes the participation of women at all levels, prospectively there should be not only women deacons and women priests, but also women bishops and women popes.

The document uses phrases about “listening”, “accompaniment”, etc. But who wants to accompany whom and where, if God’s laws and commandments are being violated?! Ordinary Catholics are hard-pressed by the spirit of the world spreading through mass media, mobile phones, the Internet, so they continually listen to the spirit of this world, but they do not listen to Jesus, nor do they listen to God’s word. Christians should also listen to those who are closest to them – wife to her husband, husband to his wife, children to parents and vice versa. They do not have time for each other anymore.

What nonsense it is to want the Church to listen to a Catholic who does not listen to God, who does not listen to his neighbours and is overwhelmed by the spirit of the world! Why should such a Catholic man or woman take the place of God’s word and tradition and become the leading voice determining the direction of the Church? This is a purposefully programmed path of continental self-destruction.

Many wonder how God could allow such a spiritual criminal to be the Pope if the papacy is protected by infallibility in matters of faith and morals. God permitted him as a scourge of God, so that every Catholic, not only priest or bishop, but also every believer shows genuine repentance, puts Christ first in his life and makes Him his Lord and God.

The present-day Catholic Church has notoriously rejected the path of truth, the path of repentance, since the Second Vatican Council.

How should simple believers and priests who want to save their immortal soul defend themselves against Bergoglianism in this time of confusion, betrayal of God’s commandments and abuse of authority? Everyone needs to start repenting in their lives, and God will give everyone light and strength. True reform of the Church has always gone hand in hand with repentance. Repentance has been proclaimed by the prophets, Jesus Christ and His Church. Bergoglio’s sect promotes the opposite – anti-repentance.

If any priest today makes public his faithfulness to Christ and His commandments, he will be immediately punished. There will be no listening, no meaningful dialogue with him. Therefore, every sincere priest, if he wants to be saved, must at least inwardly, but radically, separate himself from the spirit of the Bergoglian sect, which is currently occupying the Vatican and abusing the Church’s authority towards autogenocide. Unless a priest inwardly separates himself from Bergoglio’s sect, he brings on himself the curse that rests on it.

The synodal way is the opposite of Jesus Christ as the Way. The so-called synodal journey leads Catholics by gradual deception into the satanic anti-Church and into temporal and eternal misery in hell.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


8 November 2022


Download: BCP: Entering the second stage of the Church’s synodal suicide (8/11/2022)



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