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A review of Bergoglio’s letter of 31 May 2020 to the priests

2 June 2020

Quote by Bergoglio: “We all listened to the numbers and percentages that daily bombarded us (during the quarantine)…”

Commentary: Why did Bergoglio not listen to true statistics that showed numbers and mortality rates lower than last year? After all, Bergoglio is well aware that online monitoring, even of ordinary mortality, is a technology for purposefully creating panic.

Quote: “…with our own hands we touched the pain of our people.”

Commentary: In rubber gloves? And in face masks? Priests were compelled by Bergoglio to wear rubber gloves even when touching the Lord’s Body to keep themselves from being “infected” – this is blasphemy and brutal desecration of the Eucharist!

The bishops and priests who are in inner unity with Bergoglio distribute so-called Holy Communion wearing gloves; they are apostates, and therefore it is no longer the Body of Christ.

Quote: “… discover the meaning of life by coming to the aid of those who suffer, understanding their anguish and bringing relief.”

Commentary: Catholics suffered most due to the closing of churches at Easter. Why did Bergoglio not bring relief to Catholics worldwide by inviting them to celebrate Easter in churches? If he had done so, no government would have dared to ban the celebration of Easter. Bergoglio, however, started and even escalated a coronapsychosis. When Italian politician Salvini demanded churches reopen at Easter, he compared him to Hitler. In fact, this comparison refers to Bergoglio himself. In Belarus, churches were open at Easter and it caused no one to die of or become ill with coronavirus.

The closure of churches at Easter was God’s punishment for heresies and for obstinate rejection of repentance.

Quote: “Jesus offers his own hands and his wounded side as a path to resurrection. He does not hide or conceal those wounds; instead, he invites Thomas to touch his pierced side and to see how those very wounds can be the source of Life in abundance (cf. Jn 20:27-29).”

Commentary: These words are gross hypocrisy in Bergoglio’s mouth. He made sure that Catholics did not touch Christ through the sacrament of confession and Holy Communion at Easter.

Quote: “What we heard was not something alien to our own experience: the statistics had names, faces, stories of which we were a part.”

Commentary: Bergoglio affects the feelings but does not care about the statistics of those who will be eternally condemned because of his abuse of authority. These statistics likewise have names, faces and stories. Instead of preaching repentance and conversion and setting an example himself, he kisses the feet of transsexuals, abolishes God’s laws, drags Catholics into apostasy by pagan idolatry, and prepares the ground for the adoption of chipping!

Quote: “The powerful witness of the saints is revealed in their lives, shaped by the Beatitudes and the criterion of the final judgement.”

Commentary: How will Bergoglio stand the final judgement? The lives of the saints were shaped by the Beatitudes and by God’s criteria; however, Bergoglio distorts the Beatitudes and eliminates God’s criteria. He obstructs the way to salvation. How terrible the final judgement will be for him!

Quote: “As a community of priests, we were no strangers to these situations; we did not look out at them from a window.”

Commentary: A certain priest in Italy was no stranger to these situations; he did not look out at them from a window but had lunch with other people in the square. He deliberately did not fast on the day when Bergoglio called for fasting and prayer to speed up the development of a micro-chipped vaccine. The priest was taken by force to a psychiatric ward. Why does Bergoglio treat his brother belonging to a community of priests in this way? Apparently he does not consider him to be his brother; probably Bergoglio’s brothers are only those who worship the Pachamama demon or other unclean demons.

Quote: “We saw the saddened faces of those unable to be present and bid farewell to their loved ones in their final hours.”

Commentary: There were frequent epidemics of plague and cholera in the past. At that time, however, priests did not see the saddened faces just online like in this time of coronapsychosis. They devotedly prepared the incurably ill for eternity and led penitential processions. Why has Bergoglio not called for a penitential procession in Rome or throughout the Catholic world against this coronapsychosis which is aimed at introducing vaccines and chipping, the most serious crimes against humanity? He has not done so because he promotes the chipping of humans.

Quote: “We witnessed the difficulties and discomforts of the lockdown: loneliness and isolation, especially among the elderly…”

Commentary: What cynicism on the part of Bergoglio! He started and stubbornly maintained an artificial quarantine, and now he cold-bloodedly disguises it with outpouring of emotion. In fact, he collaborates on the plan of population reduction by 6 billion.

Quote: “The pain of our people was our pain, their uncertainties our own…”

Commentary: How is it that Bergoglio, saying that the pain of the people was his pain, has never spoken out against the stealing of innocent children from their loving parents by social services? He has never raised an objection to the Istanbul Convention which implements GREVIO and legalizes child stealing from any family. Why has he not issued guidelines for bishops to defend innocent children against the evil juvenile mechanisms in their nations? Why has he not appealed to the UN to stop the crime of mass child stealing? He is so overflowing with sentimentality that one wonders why he does not track statistics on how many of the stolen children commit suicide every year. For example, in Norway alone, which has less than five million inhabitants, it is 70-100 children a year.

Quote: “No one can be unaffected by all that has happened. We can say that we experienced as a community the time when the Lord wept: for we too wept before the tomb of Lazarus his friend (cf. Jn 11:35), before the incomprehension of his people (Lk 13:14; 19:41)…”

Commentary: Bergoglio is not unaffected by all that has happened either; nevertheless, when on his return flight from Panama he was asked about sexual education which, as everyone knows, nowadays leads to the moral degradation of innocent children, he publicly declared himself in favour of sexual education. In line with the corrupt UN agenda, sexual education currently acquaints children with masturbation and gender ideology and manipulates them into undergoing hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery. These are the most serious crimes against children and against future generations! Bergoglio is well aware of it – he really is not unaffected by all that has happened – but he does not weep before the wounds in the souls of these little ones. And this is not just a sign of incomprehension on his part but complicity in these crimes!

Quote: “Over and over again, as a spiritual guide, I have been able to witness how a person who sees things as they truly are, pierced with pain and with a weeping heart…”

Commentary: Abp. C. M. Viganò really looked with a weeping heart at the situation in the seminaries, and, pierced with pain, he resolved to take a bold step to stop this crime even at the cost of persecution or at the risk of his life. Bergoglio was a spiritual guide in a seminary, saw things as they truly were, knew about the sexual abuse of the seminarians and, moreover, during his papacy he knew about McCarricks’s crimes and of others and consciously covered them up. He also knew about the homosexual mafia in the Church and has promoted them to the highest positions in the Church.

Quote: “…pierced with pain and with a weeping heart…”

Commentary: How many political prisoners in Argentina were pierced with pain and their hearts wept when Bergoglio collaborated on the sale of their children! Let the police archives in Argentina tell about his behind-the-scenes activities while he served as Jesuit provincial.

Quote: “Such persons sense that the other is flesh of their flesh, and are not afraid to draw near, even to touch his wounds. They feel compassion for others in such a way that all distance vanishes.”

Commentary: What kind of people are they who sense that the other is flesh of their flesh? They are not afraid to draw near, to touch him and even his wounds, and then all distance vanishes. This smells of moral impurity and homosexuality which Bergoglio promotes at every turn. It is a well-known fact that Bergoglio favours homosexuals and transsexuals, spends whole weekends with them, kisses their feet, pays for their trips to the Vatican, and even promotes immorality in papal documents. He promotes sodomy at Synods for which God sends down fire from heaven as a punishment.

Quote: “Dear brothers, as a community of priests, we are called to proclaim and prophesy the future, like the sentinel announcing the dawn that brings a new day (cf. Is 21:11).”

Commentary: Bergoglio’s vision of the Church’s prophetic mission, as defined by the Amazon Synod, does not mean the dawn. It means a tragic future. Instead of conversion to Christ he promotes so-called ecological conversion, the “ordination” of Amazonian witches, and the liturgy infested with satanic rituals. If, contrary to this reality, Bergoglio and the like-minded apostate bishops and priests speak about being called to proclaim and prophesy the future, it means they are false prophets about whom the prophet Jeremiah speaks: “They dress the wound of My people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.” (Jer 6:14) “They strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his wickedness. They are all like Sodom to Me; the people of Jerusalem are like Gomorrah.” (Jer 23:14) “See how the faithful city (Rome) has become a harlot! She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her – but now murderers!” (Is 1:21)

The mission of a true prophet is to defend the truths of the faith – Bergoglio does the exact opposite, as he manifested through Pachamama. He prepares chipping, and he knows what that means. Man will be deprived of free will and hence of the chance of saving repentance. However, Bergoglio covers up for the priests and bishops who openly promote it. The Orthodox bishops of Moldova have given a clear prophetic word concerning vaccines and chipping as well as in connection with the impending introduction of 5G. Bergoglio approves of this path to temporal and eternal destruction and cynically shields himself with religious phrases. Bergoglio, as a heretic and apostate, occupies the papacy illegitimately. He is neither the Vicar of Christ nor the successor of Peter.


+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


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