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Bergoglio and Synod on Synodality (Part two)

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The current pseudo Pope applies completely opposite principles to the teachings of the Catholic Church. There is no such paradox in secular society. Bergoglio makes the Church of Christ the harlot of the antichrist – the New Age satanic Church.

1) Pseudo Pope Bergoglio publicly approves sodomy with words and gestures; he ostentatiously kissed a transsexual’s feet.

2) The pseudo Pope eliminates objectively valid moral principles, and hence God’s commandments. In practice, he replaces them with a subjective approach.

3) By enthroning the Pachamama demon, the pseudo Pope abolished the first and greatest commandment of the Decalogue. He completely opened the door to paganism. The Amazon Synod documents are full of heresies. As Card. Brandmüller said, this is not just apostasy, but also stupidity.

4) The pseudo Pope fanatically promotes experimental vaccination, which is de facto satanic anti-baptism because it is connected with the killing of unborn children. Bergoglio, however, hypocritically claims that this vaccination is an act of love.

It is quite clear that for his crimes, approving of sodomy and preaching of an antigospel with the Pachamama demon, Bergoglio brought an anathema – God’s curse – on himself according to Gal 1:8-9. According to the Dogmatic Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, if a Catholic wants to be saved he must not obey or submit to this archheretic. Honour is due to Archbishop Lenga, who has separated from pseudo Pope Bergoglio and does not mention his name in the liturgy. Today, the reality is that the Catholic Church does not have a legitimate Pope! It is in a state of Sede Vacante!

The responsibility for the existence of the Catholic Church in Poland largely rests with the current bishops.

What should the Polish bishops do?

1) The Bishops are obliged to separate themselves from the archheretic Bergoglio and his programme of spiritual suicide of the Catholic Church. This will save the papacy itself. Unless they do so, they will be responsible for millions of damned souls as they neglected to do what they were obliged to do at a critical moment for the sake of the Polish nation and Polish Catholics. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church of Christ, but through the fault of the bishops there will only be left a little flock in the underground.

The Bishops have so far been afraid to take the step of separating from the archheretic because Bergoglio had bound them to gratitude for his invalid canonization of John Paul II.

2) The Bishops should at least individually declare in their diocese that the canonization of John Paul II is invalid for many reasons. In doing so they will remove this curse from the Polish nation. One of the reasons why the canonization is invalid is that it was declared by the archheretic Bergoglio. Other reasons for its invalidity:

1. With the new 1983 Code, John Paul II received Freemasons into the Church who are now in full control of the Vatican through Bergoglio.

2. In 1986, John Paul II opened the door to syncretism with paganism in Assisi. He thus craftily denied the First Commandment and brought a curse on himself. He opened the door to so-called interfaith dialogue instead of mission, which is de facto anti-mission.

3. John Paul II was silent on paedophilia; the fruit is a homosexual network at the highest places in the Church, as confirmed by the former nuncio to the United States, Archbishop C. M. Viganò.

4. John Paul II was silent on the massive spread of the historical-critical method in theology. This method places Christ’s historical and real resurrection, all miracles of the Bible as well as the very inspiration of the Bible in the realm of symbols and myths. His silence on and neglect to punish the spreading heresies is a grave crime against the Church.

5. John Paul II was obliged to condemn the spirit and documents of Vatican II. But he did the exact opposite, thereby paving the way for Bergoglio.

This true confession will be painful for many Poles, but the truth liberates.

What exactly should Polish priests do? At least some should find one day a week to pray together in small groups of three to ten priests. They would pray and talk together. With the light God will give them, they can influence other priests and encourage bishops to pluck up the courage to take the historic step of salvation.

What should believers do? Let all of them unite and pray the Holy Rosary for the Polish bishops every day. It would be best if they pray it in the family circle between 8 and 9pm. At 9pm, let the priests bless them from the place where they are.

Dear Bishops of Poland, do you want to save the Church, Catholicism and the papacy? Install a shepherd of Christ who is persecuted by the Bergoglian system and has publicly opposed demoralization in the highest places in the Church as the head of the Church. He offers the hope that, under his leadership, the process of self-destruction of the Church will be stopped and the Church will be spiritually restored. In this extraordinary situation, proclaim and recognize him in an extraordinary election as the rightful successor of the Apostle Peter.

May Our Lady of Czestochowa obtain for you, the bishops, priests and people of Poland, the courage to take this saving step.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                   + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


2 February 2022


Download: Bergoglio and Synod on Synodality /Part two/ (2/2/2022)



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