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Bishops of Italy, repent!

28 March 2020

In these last days of Lent before Easter, the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread in Italy, but far greater is the outbreak of coronavirus panic purposefully created by the mass media.

The President of the United States said about them: “They broadcast false, deceptive and misleading information!” So those who believe them believe lies. Jesus said that the devil is a liar and the father of lies. The mass media currently use the coronavirus to distract attention, so that a system of total control may be inconspicuously imposed. True experts on the coronavirus are deliberately given no opportunity to speak in the mass media (see W. Wodarg:,

Vaccines are in the hands of Bill Gates. It is no secret that these vaccines impair the immune system and cause infertility. Supposing that coronavirus vaccination is imposed, who will prove that the vaccine will not have the opposite effect? China quickly coped with the coronavirus even without Gates-invented vaccines.

You have closed the churches in Italy. Have you proposed an adequate alternative? Have you called for true repentance? And most importantly: have you yourselves begun to show true repentance?

Still, the coronavirus panic has one positive aspect. Every Italian, including bishops, should think of the reality of death, God’s judgment and eternity. Everyone should become aware anew of the greatest reality, namely that even if one avoids the coronavirus, no one will avoid death after all.

Jesus warns: “Be ready! You know neither the day nor the hour…” Death, however, will be followed by eternal heaven or eternal hell. The true Church, that means every true bishop, has a duty to fight in the first place for the salvation of souls. How will an unrepentant bishop stand God’s judgment? Thousands of souls will end in eternal torment through his negligence. This is a very serious thing. He will give an account for every soul before God.

What should the shepherds of the Church, bishops but also priests, repent for?

Above all for the sins against the First Commandment. They include the heresies of the historical-critical method which deny everything supernatural in the Holy Scriptures. So it is the sin of unbelief – atheism.

Another sin against the First Commandment is idolatry. The Nostra Aetate document opened the door to it. Today we reap the fruits of Vatican II which are brought to ripeness by Bergoglio, a manifest heretic, who worships the pagan Pachamama idol. He has even profaned the Basilica of St Peter.

A bishop or priest who professes unity with this servant of the Pachamama demon in the Holy Mass brings down his curse upon himself, so he is no longer able to defend the truth or God’s laws.

How would the truly holy bishops or Popes act in this situation?

They were ready to endure persecution, torture or even death for the sake of orthodox doctrine. Nearly all of the early Popes were martyrs. The last martyr Pope was St Martin who fought against the heresy of Monothelitism (7th cent.).

Archbishop Lenga has spoken out in Poland these days who no longer names the archheretic Bergoglio in the Mass. Of course, he was punished therefor. But he did not deny Christ and the faith. (see

This has opened a chance for the Polish bishops to show true repentance and to enter upon a temporary synodal path until a true and valid Pope assumes office.

But you, Bishops of Italy, do not wait for the Poles, for you should be the first in the whole Church to separate yourselves from a heretic, to boycott him, or even to use pressure to force him to resign. The Italian believers would definitely stand by you.

Archbishop Lenga said: “I belong to the Catholic Church and I want her true face to be made visible as when established by Christ. I do not want to belong to a Church invaded by Islamists, Jews, or Pachamama. Let them leave the Church, or else let them establish their own Church rather than usurp power in the Catholic Church…”

You, Bishops of Italy, be heroes; be the first in the whole Church to launch a temporary synodal path by ceasing to name Bergoglio in the Mass until a true and valid Pope is installed.

Be heroes of faith. You have nothing to lose but only to gain both for you and for the souls entrusted to you.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


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