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Icons – a need for reform

17 April 2020

Dear Orthodox bishops, monks and priests,

the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and Russia went through a seventy-year period of hard atheism. This has been followed by 30 years of so-called democracy. This democracy is strongly influenced by supranational elites in favour of multiculturalism, i.e. neopaganism. Today, the external Church structure in the West remains, but the saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is replaced with the faith in the counterfeit Christ of the New Age. The laws of God are replaced with amoral antilaws legalizing same-sex church marriages. A deterrent example is Germany with Card. Marx. The spirit of antichrist is to be taken up into the liturgy through pagan rituals, gestures and symbols tied up with demonic magic, as established by the Amazon Synod. This is the concrete result of so-called interreligious dialogue of the apostate Vatican ending in multiculturalism and in the devil’s unifying pseudo religion of the New Age.

Today, Russia and Ukraine are faced with a demand for a true spiritual reform which is to affect not only the Church but also the nation for its both temporal and eternal good. This task of yours cannot be taken over by state power; it is you, bishops, monks and priests, who must fulfil it while the conditions are favourable. If you neglect it, the opportunity will not return.

Many churches and monasteries have been built. The domes of the churches are gilded, the churches shelter new iconostases with new icons, but the most essential thing has been omitted – a deep inner revival that would affect both the older generation and youth.

What is the thinking and spirit of contemporary Russian and Ukrainian youth? Youth has been spiritually uprooted. They have embraced the decadent culture of the West with music which has its roots in satanic voodoo associated with drugs, the occult, cynicism and Satanism.

After the fall of Communism, it was above all Protestant denominations that used the opportunity for mission. The Orthodox Church remained passive towards internal mission. These denominations established their churches in almost every city. Patriarch Kirill, on the other hand, actively promotes multiculturalism, though he verbally denies it. The proof of apostasy is the signing of the Strasbourg Memorandum by a delegate of Patriarch Kirill, Archbishop Hilarion. The suicidal document was also signed by the delegates of Patriarch Bartholomew and apostate Pope Francis (2014).

The document contains, in essence, a plan for gradual destruction of Christianity. Specific points are aimed at transforming the Holy Mount Athos into a centre of neopagan and idolatrous multiculturalism. Let us quote from the section on education:

Art.5: Introduction into the curriculum of sexual education classes for the first grades of primary schools and provision of free condoms for all pupils, starting with primary schools

Art.12A: Projection of slides in sexual education classes

Art.12D: Study trips of educational institutions and university departments to places of sexual freedom

The essence of so-called sexual education today is satanic gender ideology which warps the minds of children and disrupts natural human identity. It leads to moral and physical genocide of the nation. The task of the school is to provide sound education and thus to prepare children for a responsible family life. Gender sexual education commits the most serious crimes against humanity.

Concerning the Memorandum in the sphere of the Church:

Art.1C: Introduction of Renaissance icons – the substitution of the Byzantine mentality

Art.3: Cancellation of vigils in the churches and monasteries

Art.7C: Establishment of days of environment on 21 December, dedicated to Mother Earth (Pachamama), and on 14 April

Art.7B: New liturgical order in all Christian Churches

Liturgical reforms bring about chaos, as evidenced by the fruits of the Second Vatican Council in the West. After the Amazon Synod, pagan rituals, symbols and gestures are taken up into the liturgy. The liturgy thus de facto embraces the spirit of paganism and expels the Holy Spirit, without whom both liturgy and other sacraments are invalid. Through such liturgical reform the Church of Christ becomes the harlot of antichrist.

Art.10A: The introduction of multi-religious worship service with music in all Christian Churches

Art.10B: The use of musical instruments and concert performances, not only religious ones, in all the churches

On 12 February 2016, the pseudo Pope and Patriarch Kirill met at Havana airport and signed a joint declaration one of whose points emphasizes interreligious dialogue with pagans. This is a betrayal of Christ as well as of the Orthodox Church. On 12 February 2020, an exhortation on the Amazon was released in the Vatican. Previously, during the Amazon Synod, the pachapapa Bergoglio ritually received the Pachamama demon.

On 13 February 2020, Archbp. Hilarion was delegated by Patriarch Kirill to visit the Vatican. He and Bergoglio had a very cordial conversation and agreed on a periodic exchange of seminarians. The purpose was to cunningly introduce this process of pagan satanization through Pachamama even into the Orthodox Church. As a result, the spirit of the apostate Vatican promoting gender ideology, same-sex marriage and the Pachamama demon will become incarnate in Orthodox Christianity. This is in line with the Strasbourg Memorandum and the Council in Crete (2016).

Full responsibility for these steps falls on Patriarch Kirill. He has the same spirit as the apostates Bergoglio and Bartholomew. Both these Patriarchs are responsible for the robber synod in Crete in 2016 – they are its authors. The purpose was to bring the Orthodox Church under the apostasy of the Vatican.

The solution for the Orthodox Church both in Russia and Ukraine is a true spiritual reform.

Dear bishops, monks and priests,

it depends on you whether the Orthodox Church as well as your nation will experience a spiritual awakening. Every reform movement begins with individuals.

You have your national saints. These true heroes need to be set as examples to contemporary believers. The saints first began to reform themselves on their knees. No reform could start without prayer and true repentance. God will then raise your nation spiritually. If you throw away this chance, multiculturalism hand in hand with gender ideology will lead to the self-destruction of the Church and nation.

Where to start? It is no trivial thing that the Strasbourg Memorandum emphasizes in the first place the introduction of Renaissance icons. Unfortunately, this has already happened.

What spirit do these Strasbourg-promoted icons breathe? They are not a window into heaven but into hell. It is impossible to pray before them. They radiate neither purity nor simplicity of spirit. They give the impression of irreality, dementia, impurity, even demonism.

An example from Poland: A certain priest invited a famous artist – an icon painter – to paint something unique which the priest could boast about. When the iconostasis was finished, it was solemnly unveiled. Seeing the work of the icon painter, simple folk were shocked. Some shouted: “What’s that?!” Others: “It’s like from hell!” And still others: “Shall we now worship demons in our church?” The iconostasis had to be thrown out.

These icons depict the Lord Jesus in an offensive way – either with an abnormally long body and a small head, or like a cynical murderer with a terrible expression on his face, with bruises under his eyes, with no beard but a moustache extending past the lips down to the chin like two black caterpillars and giving an impression of disgust. Saying that this caricature is our Saviour is a horrid blasphemy!

Angels on the icons look like demons; John the Baptist with his untidy hair resembles a robber or a werewolf. Behind these icons is not the Spirit of God but the spirit of pseudo spirituality and even Satanism. Instead of disposing to true piety, the icons have a depressive and destructive influence. An ordinary person feels like in hell before them. True icons, on the other hand, radiate purity, love, holiness and reverence for God. Believers feel like in heaven before them.

Therefore, every priest should start a reform in his own church. It is no problem to choose beautiful spiritual icons from the past that can be cheaply copied by the use of technology, either on paper or on canvas, so no large financial expenses are required. Do not delay, and start a spiritual reform in your church!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops



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