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Informing the Catholic public about a devastating campaign by Metropolitan Kirill and the mass media against Schema-Hegumen Sergius

26 June 2020

Dear Catholic Christians,

surely you seek the truth and strive for the salvation of your souls. Many of you may have already learned, or will soon learn, the distorted information denigrating the Schema-Hegumen of the Sredneuralsk Monastery in Russia, Sergei (Romanov).

Who denigrates him and pursues his moral destruction and why? They are the people in the Church who have sold themselves to lies and promote the globalization agenda associated with vaccines, chipping and population reduction. Among them is, in the first place, Patriarch Kirill (Gundyayev), against whom the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate has previously published anathema for his betrayal of Christ and the Gospel (Gal 1:8-9).

We have also published anathema against the apostate Pope by authority of the apostolic and prophetic office (Eph 2:20). Patriarch Kirill has the same spirit of apostasy and cooperation with the globalization structure as Metropolitan Kirill (Nakonechny) of Yekaterinburg. Schema-Hegumen Sergei has declared an anathema – curse – on them, calling on Patriarch Kirill, Metropolitan Hilarion, his closest collaborator, as well as Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg to leave office.

Fr Sergei: “Under pressure from godless governments, our spiritual leaders, along with the antichrist’s predecessors, close the churches and appeal to pseudo-pandemics. They thus disguise their faintheartedness and cowardice. They suggest that the believers should communicate with God online. I suggest: Those who suffer from senile dementia, senile pandemics, spiritual leprosy, who recommend the Russian people to live in self-isolation, to forget God, to blaspheme God, who forbid going to church, should be deported to either the Republic of Birobidzhan or the island of Martinique. As soon as this happens, the non-existent coronavirus epidemic in Russia will end immediately. Whoever dared to close the churches, let him and his whole family be accursed.”

Artificial quarantine in Russia was initiated by Patriarch Kirill. He issued measures for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy by which he ordered the degradation of the Lord’s Body and Blood. He closed the churches and did not even allow them to be open at Easter. He threatened all priests who would open the churches with severe sanctions and ecclesiastical trials.

Schema-Hegumen Sergei has great authority in Russia. Many high-ranking persons, including soldiers, policemen or patriots, seek counsel from him. He is regarded as a true example of an Orthodox monk and elder. He effectively defends the Church which is being destroyed by the heretic and apostate Kirill. Father Sergei has fearlessly revealed what globalization brings under the guise of coronavirus.

Fr Sergei: “They will offer you vaccines. The vaccines will contain chips deadly for the masses. Army and navy officers, the Federal Security Service (FSB) are undergoing testing, that means, they are being infected.”

Schema-Hegumen Sergei has openly warned of the reduction plan of the Jewish Masonic elites. He has also clearly pointed out the threat of new technologies which change minds through the internet and keep people in a state of slavish dependence. He has spoken out against the serious danger of digital identification of the population. He has exposed the goal of coronapsychosis, namely vaccines and chipping. He has warned that soldiers, police forces and government authorities should be among the first victims:

Fr Sergei: “While there is time, do oppose the devilish law on chipping the population that was passed on 17 April this year. The government authorities, the police forces, FSB, the national guard, the military and the navy will be among the first to be chipped, and people will turn into demons in the flesh. God cannot be mocked! We are Russians! God is with us! The Orthodox King is in our midst. To our God be the glory both now and forever. Amen.”

Schema-Hegumen Sergei has the support of the healthy core not only of the Russian Orthodox Church but of the nation too. The heretical structure under Patriarch Kirill is aware of being in jeopardy and that is why it seeks to destroy the prophetic voice. Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg has taken it upon himself to do the dirty work of killing the prophet.

He pharisaically manipulates canon laws in order to make Father Sergei betray Christ and submit to him, an apostate and Judas, a murderer of human souls. God’s grace has been removed from Kirill as a heretic and apostate. The words of St Basil the Great are true about him and others like him:

“They traffic in Christ, and I do not consider anyone who has received ordination from these dishonest hands to be a bishop… We flee from them – heretics – and declare an anathema on them…”

Canon laws and rules were established by holy and orthodox bishops. Their purpose is to guard the deposit of faith and the Spirit of Christ (Rom 8:9) against heretics and traitors of Christ, and not to destroy the prophets who defend the Church! Father Sergei boldly offers a cure for the salvation not only of the Orthodox Church but of the Russian nation too. He clearly points out the real danger and the need to act while there is time.

Fr Sergei: “The time has come for confessors. A confessor is steadfast – if necessary, to the point of death.”

At this time of crisis, Metropolitan Kirill seeks the moral destruction of this witness of Christ, thus depriving the Russian Church and the nation of salvation. At the same time, he fully opens the door to religious globalization which transforms the Church of Christ into the harlot of the antichrist, all in secret and in stages.

The curse for this apostasy is gradually passed on to the whole Russian nation. The planned vaccines and chipping, i.e. planned suicide, are a concrete manifestation of the curse. This path of apostasy is secretly, in unity with Patriarch Kirill, promoted even by Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg.

The attempt to destroy the prophetic voice is not only a crime against Schema-Hegumen Sergei, but it is about removing the barrier with the purpose of achieving the internal destruction of the Orthodox Church and its transition to the New Age Church of the Antichrist. Today, such a transition is represented by Pope Bergoglio with the Pachamama demon and homosexuality. Contemporary ecumenism with the apostate Vatican is a betrayal of Christ and the Gospel.

The intellectual Orthodox public is of the opinion that truth is definitely on the side of the elder Sergei who represents Christ in this dispute, while the apostate leaders of the Church represent the Sanhedrin. There is already talk of a possible schism. Its main culprits will be the Judases in the highest places in the Church. If Father Sergei “humbly” submitted to them, he would betray Christ and thwart God’s plan for salvation. The solution to prevent schism is that the nation must force the treacherous hierarchs to resign.

Fr Sergei: “They have violated the apostolic rules, which say, ‘Those who break these rules shall be subject to punishment, including even excommunication.’ Patriarch Kirill, Metropolitans Hilarion and Kirill, and many others must resign before an ecclesiastical trial is held. Do appeal to church courts to bring them to justice. I will not name them in the liturgy until the decision of the church court. By that time, I will only name true patriarchs and hierarchs – the Russian Orthodox Church does have ones – who have spoken out in defence of the dogmas of the Orthodox faith.”

At this critical time of coronapsychosis and the vaccine and chipping plan, which means not only the loss of faith but also the loss of life, the Orthodox believers need to pray sincerely for the faithful bishops and priests to have the strength to separate from the Judas Patriarch and his henchman in Yekaterinburg. The following applies to these apostates:

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness.” (2Cor 11:13-15)

Honour is due to all the Orthodox bishops who are not in spiritual unity with the apostate Patriarch Kirill. A certain bishop recorded a video appeal in the time of coronavirus, calling on all the believers to come to the church at Easter. He said:

“There’s no need to worry so much. They’ll finally bring us to the church anyway, but it’s better to come there on our own. Here, in the church, is the victory over death! And we join this victory over death here in the church.”

The Bishops of Moldova have the same spirit. At this critical time, they have stood in defence of the flock and appealed to the President and government to ban mandatory vaccination. These bishops have also pointed out the danger of chipping, 5G and the whole system leading to the reduction of the population. Schema-Hegumen Sergei in Russia has expressed the same.

Fr Sergei: “Take to the streets. They will not arrest all. Stand up for your future. The voice of the people – the wrath of God… It’s hard for me to understand your wicked indifference to both yourselves and your children… Who are you afraid of? You, members of the army, navy, police and government – to whom did you swear an oath of allegiance? To your country or to a bunch of Satanists? …You now voluntarily serve the servants of the Antichrist.”

Since the mass media have already begun repeating like a parrot the slanders fabricated by a certain corrupt journalist, we present very briefly a biography of Father Sergei:

Father Sergei was born in 1955, graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. After graduating, he became an officer of the Ministry of the Interior. In the early 1980s, during Andropov’s reign, there was a government conflict between the Ministry of the Interior and the KGB. Father Sergei fell victim to a mysterious car accident in which one of the passengers died and he himself suffered a clinical death. When he recovered, in addition to blaming him for the accident and the subsequent death of his fellow passenger, the stealing of state property was absurdly imputed to him in a 1985 court trial. He was sentenced to four years in prison. Those, however, who were interested in getting him out of the way, saw to it that there was another trial a year later. And this time they managed to frame up the case so that he was sentenced to 13 years. The current bribed media campaign hypocritically refers to the documents from the second trial which are deposited at the Ministry of the Interior. However, these are documents from a staged trial which committed a judicial crime. At that time, some other high-ranking police officials served their term of imprisonment with him. Father Sergei was deliberately kept in such conditions as to make him unable to return from prison. And it was then that he received the grace of conversion from God and decided to serve God wholeheartedly. Serving the last years of his sentence, he performed forced labour in the construction of a church directly on the territory of the punishment zone. He then asked Patriarch Alexy II in writing for its consecration. The Patriarch came into personal contact with him there and encouraged him to become a monk and a priest. After being released from prison, he joined a monastery, graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy and became a hegumen (abbot) in a monastery. By order of Patriarch Alexy, he was ordained a priest. 18 years ago, he began to build the Sredneuralsk women’s monastery which currently houses 523 persons.

The monastery, which was exposed to strong pressure and did not give up, is set by Father Sergei as an example for people to defend their country.

Fr Sergei: “500 nuns with fathers and brothers and my spiritual children did not give the monastery over to the ‘Khazar Khanate’. Why can’t we all protect our Orthodox land, the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under whose protective mantle we are, from the fascists, the occupation forces enslaving the Russian people and other nations?”

Those who have ever boldly stood up for the truth know well what a fierce spiritual struggle follows. We have experienced how an evil journalist can manipulate the public. Our monasteries in Ukraine separated from the heretical church hierarchy that was in power. The hierarchy then hired the mass media and repeatedly released defamatory articles and carried broadcasts intended to morally destroy us.

All the articles and broadcasts about us were based on the most stupid lies, but they were presented in such a horrifying manner that they generated waves of hatred against our monasteries. The campaign had a goal. A hired gang threw more than 20 Molotov cocktails at the Sisters’ monastery at night, and only a miracle saved the Sisters from being burnt alive. When they called an ambulance and the paramedics found out that those were the Sisters against whom the mass media had poisoned the public, they were no longer willing to provide them with medical assistance.

The coronavirus-promoting mass media aim to dig a mass grave for entire nations. Father Sergei has bravely stood against this serpent. What can he expect from them? What is shocking for common people, however, is that the power behind the smear campaign is the treacherous church hierarchy and those who have sold their conscience and the nation.

Father Sergei warns: unless we, priests and religious, proclaim the truth at this time and warn the people of the danger associated with global self-destruction, how shall we stand God’s judgment?

Fr Sergei: “I appeal to the army and navy, to all the forces in Russia: Is there no man among you, like Marshal Georgy Zhukov or Boris Shaposhnikov, who would undertake the burden of chopping off the head of this satanic hydra? I call on the people to free themselves from the Jewish Masonic yoke in Russia.”

The coronavirus atmosphere, aimed at achieving vaccination and chipping, has been created by the spirit of lies and death. All of us are involved in a spiritual struggle. Therefore, one hour of prayer every day and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays should be our minimum contribution to God’s victory.


+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



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