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Bergoglio’s antidecalogue – Synod on Synodality survey (Part one)

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The first point of Bergoglio’s synod on synodality antidecalogue in the questionnaire of the Warsaw diocese is:

1. Companions on the journey

According to Bergoglio, it is no longer Jesus, His Mother, saints and orthodox Catholics who should accompany us on the path to eternity but LGBTQ people, Hindus, Buddhists, Pachamama demon worshippers and so-called refugees.

Survey question: “What groups or individuals are left on the margins in our local Church?”

The correct answer would be: Those who have excluded themselves through sin, unbelief or heresies. We should pray for them and encourage them to repent.

The purpose of the question, however, is to promote unrepentant LGBT people in the local Churches. This is Bergoglio’s agenda secretly promoted in the synodal survey.

2. Listening

Bergoglio does not emphasize listening to God through repentance and prayer, but listening to people living an immoral life. According to Bergoglio, however, saving repentance in Christ must not be preached to them. By such false listening, Catholics are to unite with the spirit of heresy, infidelity, and sexual perversion. This is a crime!

Survey question: “Do we identify prejudices and stereotypes that hinder our listening (in the parish or community)?”

The question is intended to brand sound Catholic teaching and God’s commandments as prejudices. A proper marriage between a man and a woman is branded by Bergoglio as a stereotype. A large Christian family was disparaged by him as rabbit breeding. On the other hand, he refers to Europe as a barren woman, for which reason, as he says, it is necessary to take in so-called refugees. This is Bergoglio’s devilish policy. By the very formulation of the questionnaire itself he changes people’s thinking and leads to doctrinal and moral destruction.

3. Speaking out

Speaking out means privileging shameless individuals in parishes who boycott the basic truths of faith and morals and present their subjective views. In fact, it is the implementation of Vatican II. It was Modernists who spoke out at and were in charge of the Council. Since then they have spoken out in the formation of priests in theological schools and seminaries. They destroy the life-giving truths that ensure salvation. Bergoglio now seeks to embody the structure of synodal suicide in every diocese and every parish by October 2023.

Survey question: “Who speaks on behalf of the Christian community, and how are they chosen?”

The question is proof that the real purpose is to build the structure of so-called Bergoglian non-profits, which are to become the highest authority in dioceses and parishes.

4. Celebration

Survey question: “How do we promote the active participation of all the faithful in the liturgy and the exercise of the sanctifying function?”

Bergoglio’s aim is to ordain women deacons and priests. He already promoted it, along with paganism, at the Amazon Synod, where he proposed the ordination of witches as deacons. All this is a gross violation of the foundations of faith and church tradition.

Survey question: “What space is given to participating in the ministries of lector and acolyte in our community?”

Again, it is about promoting women in the liturgy as a means of total disruption of the Church. Christ clearly appointed the Apostles as His successors. Although the Blessed Virgin Mary surpassed in holiness all the Apostles, nevertheless she was not invested with the priestly office. She humbly participated in the liturgy celebrated by the Apostle John.

5. Sharing responsibility for our common mission

Survey question: “Since we are all missionary disciples, how is every baptised person called to participate in the mission of the Church?”

True mission is to preach Christ crucified. Jesus said to the Apostle: “I am sending you to the Gentiles to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins by faith in Me.” (Acts 26:17-18) Bergoglio and the synodal survey, however, have an opposite attitude towards mission – to leave pagans in darkness. Through so-called listening, Catholics are to become fully open to pagan antimission and, as a result, to worship demons instead of Christ.

6. Dialogue in Church and society

The pursuit of salvation and the following of Christ in parishes shall be replaced by so-called dialogue. This is not intended to strengthen people in keeping God’s commandments, but to establish a subjective approach. Dialogue promoted by Bergoglio is an agenda of total destruction and apostasy from God.

Survey question: “What experiences of dialogue do we have with believers of other religions and with those who have no religious affiliation?”

Today Catholics need to realize their identity which is in harmony with the Gospel of Christ and in accordance with the Church’s tradition. If they have this identity, they have no need for dialogue but rather will carry out true mission for Christ, and not for the antichrist as promoted by Bergoglio.

Survey question: “How does the Church dialogue with and learn from other sectors of society: the spheres of politics, economics, culture, civil society, and people who live in poverty?”

The Church is not a political, cultural or economic organization. The Church is obliged to lead to salvation in the first place. Salvation is in Christ and is associated with the proclamation of repentance and conversion. However, this is not found or provided for anywhere in the synodal documents.

7. Ecumenism

Survey question: “What relationships does our Church community have with members of other Christian traditions and denominations?”

Catholicism is currently in crisis due to heresies and apostasy. The modernist spirit does not ensure salvation. Without the Church being restored, and Catholics knowing their Catholic identity and being rooted in Christ, ecumenism or mission is out of the question.

Survey question: “Are there other Christian denominations in your community/parish? Do you come together for dialogue?”

There are also Jehovah’s Witnesses and Adventists in the parish. Both consider the Pope to be the antichrist with the number 666. In the past, they were wrong, because the papal institution protected the truths of the faith and morals. Today, however, if they say that pseudo Pope Bergoglio is the antichrist incarnate, Catholics are unable to refute it.

8. Authority and participation

Survey question: “How much is the laity involved in the leadership of the Church and decision making through discernment…?”

Only a person who is a practising Christian and spiritually pure can discern the things of the Lord. This cannot be done by self-proclaimed leaders or coordinators, de facto Bergoglian nonprofits. Discerning basically means seeking God’s will in a given situation. But the people of the world a priori reject God’s will. They spread the influence of a worldly spirit and do not care about God’s will at all. It is therefore a total nonsense to talk about the involvement of the laity in discernment.

9. Discerning and deciding

Survey question: “What is the relationship between consultation and decision-making in our community/parish, and how do we put these into practice?”

Here, Bergoglio subtly establishes the principle that his religious non-profits should not only “discern”, but above all make all decisions. He prepares the transition to the New Age satanic Church, and this is in fact the real purpose of the whole so-called synodal journey.

10. Forming ourselves in synodality

Survey question: “Is there a possibility in your community/parish …. of forming people who will take responsibility for the church community – leaders, coordinators and moderators?”

The survey reveals a plan according to which people without a commission from God or consecration who neither follow the true teachings nor have the Spirit of Christ, but have the spirit of the world, will take responsibility for the church community. The aim of the survey is to identify people suitable for creating Bergoglian non-profits. They will then take responsibility so that no bishop or priest can interfere with the transition to the anti-Church of the New Age. This is the path to eternal damnation.

At the end of the survey based on the Bergoglian Decalogue, we see that so-called listening, discerning, decision-making, etc. are just code names. In fact, the only goal behind them is to deceive and manipulate Catholics in triggering the Bergoglian mechanism. The self-destruction of the Catholic Church is thus to penetrate every parish. Nowhere in this questionnaire is there any mention of repentance, conversion, or Jesus Christ the only Saviour. There is nothing about the forgiveness of sins or God’s punishment for unrepentant and hardened sinners.

The solution for Poland is not the Bergoglian so-called synodal journey. The only solution today for Poland is true repentance! This means to call the truth the truth, an archheretic an archheretic, and to separate from pseudo Pope Bergoglio.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                  + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


1 February 2022


Download: Bergoglio’s antidecalogue – Synod on Synodality survey /Part one/ (1/2/2022)



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