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German synodal path = apostasy /Part II/

11 February 2020

Pseudo-synodal versus true path

The true path towards the restoration of the Church is the one of returning to her sound roots, i.e. to the Holy Scripture and the Tradition of the Apostles, Martyrs, Church Fathers and Saints.

Marx’s synodal path in Germany is a gross mockery of the true reform and restoration of the Church. Marx and the pseudo reformers have seized control of the German Bishops’ Conference and dig a grave not only for the German Catholics but also for the whole Church.

They have developed a two-year deformation programme, the main point of which is the promotion of immorality.

As for homosexuality, the Apostle Paul points out in Romans 1:18f that its root is apostasy from the true faith and turning to paganism, i.e. to the worship of demons. This has already been accomplished by Vatican II and the Amazon Synod. Likewise, God warns through the Apostles Peter and Jude that the sin of homosexuality is punished with fire from heaven as a warning for all mankind, and thereafter also with eternal fire!

The Germans have already begun to implement the synodal path of apostasy towards the destruction of the Church. It is therefore high time for a true reform movement to emerge from among religious, priests and bishops! Otherwise Marx, following Bergoglio’s line, will soon globalize the entire Catholic Church under his demoralization programme. Now is the historic moment when there is a chance to come up with the programme of a true synodal path thus saving at least some regions from total spiritual genocide and curse that is being brought down by the apostate Church structure.

Now if you, the bishops who have the restoration of the Church at heart, let this opportunity slip and if you prevent by your indifference and cowardice what you were obliged to do in this situation, you will not be given this unique opportunity again. The apostate line will appoint its heretical bishops who will spiritually kill sincere and naive Catholics through the system of obedience. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but her large part will be destroyed by apostasy. The true Church will be preserved only in the catacombs.

Your Excellency, today it is your duty to choose sincere men from your diocese – religious and priests, or perhaps zealous laymen – and to carry out in your diocese something similar to what Marx did. But instead of the programme of apostasy, launch a restoration programme!

What are the conditions for restoration?

1) To establish at least one revival team in each nation. It is sufficient if this team has one courageous bishop who has restoration of the Church at heart and is ready to stand against the spirit of conformism which keeps bishops’ conferences in spiritual passivity. Together with several priests or laymen he can first start a reform in his diocese as a model for the whole nation. Where there are more bishops who are able to unite for the sake of revival against liberal activists, there is hope that the revival can restore the whole nation in good time.

2) To lay down a restoration programme

What should the restoration programme contain?

a) It is necessary to preach repentance! Restoration must always begin with true reevangelization associated with vivid missionary sermons convicting of sins and leading believers to repentance.

b) The restoration process is to be carried out through a system of spiritual exercises – exercises for priests, religious and bishops. Subsequently, there can be similar internal mission for believers in churches and schools.

After the first stage of conversion, the restoration process must continue, creating the conditions for further growth. This means that after the exercises, small fellowships must be established to sustain the fire of conversion. How? Through prayer. Every revived Catholic will be encouraged to adopt an order of private prayer. The minimum is one hour daily. Next, the fellowships will present a clear interpretation of God’s truths and God’s laws, i.e. orthodoxy, and lay emphasis on a healthy lifestyle – orthopraxy. This will enable a Christian to follow Christ along the way of purification first. It will bring about spiritual growth by gradually eliminating bad habits and healing mental injuries.

When a sound model is created in one diocese, everyone will see the difference between the true Church of Christ and the German New Age anti-Church.

When the Redemptorists carried out mission in the U.S., 40-hour adoration took place in the parishes once a month. It started on Friday evening and ended on Sunday morning. Adoration involved preaching and testimonies of people who were converted. It was mixed with hymns, praise, reading of the Holy Scripture or the lives of saints and martyrs, and it also offered the opportunity of the sacrament of reconciliation. Even this or a similar model can lead to restoration of today’s parishes.

Missionary sermons and spiritual exercises must bring in the spirit of repentance and conversion. What should the Church repent for in particular today? For the path of apostasy which started with Vatican Council II. The Council was silent on the heresies of Modernism. That was why heresies were implanted in the Church, especially through the historical-critical method promoted at all theological schools. It is also necessary to repent for the path of a false regard for pagan cults, de facto for their demons. The attitude of Scripture is absolutely clear: heresies and idolatry are grave sins against the First Commandment!

The opposite of heresies is true teaching associated with a living relationship to God and with the keeping of God’s commandments. Jesus says: The one who keeps My commandments is the one who loves Me.” (Jn 14)

The opposite of syncretism is a clear stance on paganism which is inherently connected with occult practices. The punishment for those practices was wars, diseases, disasters and also the Babylonian captivity.

Occultism includes all sorts of hidden forms of divination, magic and spiritualism. It is performed by various fortune-tellers, sorcerers, extrasensory individuals, parapsychologists, psychics, hypnotists, mesmerists. It includes various practices of so-called alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, Chinese massage associated with magic yin and yang. Next, it includes Oriental meditations connected with martial arts, Zen and yoga, feng shui wind chimes, so-called lucky elephants, turtles and frogs and other magical and superstitious objects or practices. These seemingly banal things rob a Christian of a living faith and of trust in God’s guidance and help.

A Christian, on the contrary, must fully trust in God’s providence and God’s love. This love was manifested in the painful sacrifice of Christ on the cross for our sins, which opened for each one of us the way to salvation and eternal happiness in heaven. In this short life trial, the most important thing for man is to have an inner relationship with our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ. He overcame the pseudo power and darkness of paganism! He gave us His Spirit and promise: “When the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will be My witnesses.” The Apostles witnessed to Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and sacrificed even their lives for Him.

Unless you, the bishops who feel responsibility for the Church, create a counterweight to the German synodal pseudo-Church as soon as possible, the malignant tumour of their apostasy will spread to the whole Church! Eventually, true Christians will be lynched, persecuted and labelled as fundamentalists, fanatics, homophobes or xenophobes…

Every bishop, every priest, every religious is confronted with a challenge: either you will be an adherent of the restoration, or, owing to your passivity, you will get under the banner of the Antichrist and become the cause of your perdition and the perdition of many others.

Today, the Church structure criminally abuses authority and obedience towards self-destruction of the Church. It punishes the innocent with unfair sanctions. Committing these crimes, it even appeals to God and conscience in pathetic phrases. Sincere priests and believers are powerless against this destructive system.

Former US Apostolic Nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò, courageously spoke out against the crimes of the homosexual network. Accordingly, he called on Francis to resign. None of the bishops joined Viganò for fear. Everyone was afraid of not being able to stand the terror of false public opinion in the Church created by an illegitimate Pope who hides himself behind it.

Thus ecclesiastical authority is abused in a terrible way in order to destroy the true faith and the Church. And this is the greatest crime! Abused Church structure spreads spiritual poisoning, kills the souls, but appeals to God’s authority. The biggest paradox is that both Marx and Bergoglio call for combating abuse of ecclesiastical power; however, they themselves abuse it in the grossest way. They quickly appoint homosexuals and apostates to key positions in the Church. Catholics are powerless! They will be led to hell en masse, fearing to diverge. Therefore it is necessary that every orthodox Catholic bishop should rise up and begin a true reform in his diocese through the so-called synodal path. This requires heroism, but if he perseveres, he will prevail!


Your Eminence / Excellency,

now go before the tabernacle and ask God to give you light and strength and to reveal to you what you can and should do! Consult also one or two sincere and courageous bishops or priests. God will begin the process of salvation and restoration of your diocese and your nation through you and your faithful! There is a short suffering in store for you, but at the same time deep peace and happiness in the soul already here on earth, and eternal glory in heaven after death.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops



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