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BCP: Francis Bergoglio, blessing of gays, and 2nd Vatican Council

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Jorge Bergoglio has publicly rebelled against God and against the Church. He occupies the highest position and terrorizes the whole Church. He convincingly presents himself as the representative of Jesus Christ, even though he consecrated himself publicly to Satan in Canada. He violates God’s laws, and the sin of sodomy, which is one of the sins that cry to heaven and the Holy Scripture calls it an abomination and warns against it under a threat of a temporary (2Pt 2:6) as well as an eternal fire (Jude 7), is not even considered by him to be an evil. What more, he promotes something that has never in history been accepted, not even in pagan nations, nor cannibals, namely that a sinful cohabitation of two sodomites would be considered a marriage and that the children would be stolen for them for so-called adoption. The pinnacle of Bergoglio’s audacity and rebellion against God, God’s laws and natural morals is that this crime is blessed by the false church legalization.

Under the threat of disposing of bishops and termination of true and faithful shepherds, he will promote this crime that cries to heaven as a prerequisite for an existence of some kind of a new antichurch. There will be no place for an orthodox bishop nor an orthodox priest nor an orthodox believer. This transition to New Age, to a synagogue of Satan, is already underway and its head is Jorge Bergoglio, who had already consecrated himself to Satan. He does everything cunningly, insidiously and in stages. The biggest tragedy is though that these crimes are accepted by Catholic bishops, priests, and believers. They are unable to move and stand up to this intruder and a spiritual murderer! This is the biggest tragedy! God permitted that through this person a true condition of a spiritual rottenness, which had been progressing since the 2nd Vatican Council, be revealed. The Council prepared the way to a current condition within the Church.

Therefore, in order to do true penance before God, we must be clear about the basic truths of faith, which are a precondition to our salvation, and which can be neither relativized nor called into question. We must go back to time when the spiritual poisoning of the Church started. That poisoning called modernism occurred at the turn of 19th into 20th century. God instated a holy pope Pius X, who took a radical stand against the modernism. As much as a half of the professors and half of students of seminaries had to be expelled. The saint on the holy see was able to stop the infection. The spiritual awakening set in through the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. First Fridays, the Fatima First Saturdays, and other pastoral elements were introduced, which led to true repentance and true interior life with God. At the same time devotion to Christ the King was being spread. Even children were dying as martyrs in Mexico. Before they died, they cried: “Viva Cristo Rey!”

The history teacher, Angelo Roncalli, who was later installed by the Freemasons as Pope John XXIII, escaped the punishment for modernism. He summoned a Council and installed hidden modernists as its moderators. Paul VI continued in his program and approved the erroneous Council. Supreme authority was abused. Both of these popes were posthumously excommunicated for opening the door to heresies and the spirit of the world, the fruits of which we are reaping today. Today, Bergoglio completes the slogan of the Council – aggiornamento with the world – by approving the blessing of a sinful cohabitation of sodomites.

The Council also issued the Nostra Aetate declaration on respect for other religions, i.e. for pagan cults and their demons.

As for so-called St. John Paul II, in 1986 he summoned the representatives of various Satan-worshiping pagan cults to Assisi, where he prayed with them. This apostate gesture completely distorted public opinion in the Church, as if the way of salvation, connected with Christ’s redemptive sacrifice, was equivalent to pagan cults that worship demons. The mission was de facto done away with. It began to be derogatorily called proselytism and a crime of so-called inculturalization. On the other hand, the door was opened to the anti-mission of Hinduism and Buddhism through yoga, martial arts, oriental meditation, practices associated with yin and yang, Chinese horoscopes, feng shui, acupuncture and fascination with oriental pseudo-spirituality. All this infected the thinking of Catholics. It was not possible to oppose it, because that would be a rebellion against the II Vatican Council, against the Pope and against respect for other religions. This is a crime of the II Vatican Council.

Moreover, it was not allowed to point to the real core of paganism or to speak of a sin against the first commandment in relation to pagan practices associated with superstition, esotericism, occultism, various forms of magic and divination, and also with homeopathy, which also has magic and divination at its root. Monasteries were infested with oriental meditations and practices, crowding out true Christian spirituality. Any apologist warning of the danger would have been immediately terminated by church authority. Such a change in thinking occurred after Vatican II. Apologia was destroyed much like the true mission.

Bergoglio completed the apostasy of Vatican II together with the Amazonian witches and wizards in the Vatican Gardens. He subsequently enthroned the Pachamama demon in the main basilica of the Church. The highlight is his dedication to Satan in Canada.

Rather than employing theological language with clear definitions, the 2nd Vatican Council introduced ambiguous expressions, thereby opening the door to the spirit of heresy. Bergoglio crowns this juicy religious language in exemplary fashion. Truth is relativized, so one no longer discerns between good and evil.

Immediately after the Council, the door was opened to the historical-critical method in theology at all universities. The orthodox professors were labeled as conservatives, fundamentalists, enemies of the Church and progress, and they were dismissed. The mantra of Nostra Aetate and Secundum Vaticanum was chanted in all theological disciplines.

In terms of liturgy, it was of course reflected in the turning of the altar toward the people and the priest away from the centre, the tabernacle. It was an act of replacing theocentrism with homocentrism. Traditional spirituality that whole generations had lived on for almost two millennia was disturbed by the spirit of aggiornamento.

This is the fruit of Vatican II, which is now being brought to ripeness by the arch-heretic Jorge Bergoglio.

The idol of Vatican II is deeply rooted in the present-day clergy and episcopate. So far, it has not been possible to point either to the crimes of the 2nd Vatican Council or the spirit of apostasy, though it is responsible for the current state of mass apostasy from Jesus Christ. However, unless we call Vatican II heretical, there can be no spiritual renewal. We understand that many sincere hierarchs, who have at heart the restoration of the Church, cite the documents of Vatican II to convict Bergoglio of his spiritual crimes. Nevertheless, we need to be aware of the two-sidedness of this method.

If we refer to the Council as authority, we automatically cannot call it heretical, and we thus close the door to any revival. It should be known that the elements of orthodoxy were included in Vatican II documents for the moderators of the Council to use them as a shield and to promote hidden heresies. Even those who have the same spirit as Bergoglio appeal to the Council and to John Paul II. They claim to be the true interpreters and implementers of the spirit of Vatican II. There is bitter truth in this. We need to be aware of that. The spirit of Vatican II opened the door to modernism and syncretism. It paralyzed true apologetics and true mission. On the other hand, it paved the way for total liberalism and laxism. Bergoglio completes it with satanism and public apostasy from Christ and His teachings. Therefore, the 2nd Vatican Council must be called what it was and what it is: a heretical Council.

If a spiritual awakening is to happen, the Church must accept the reality that the canonization of so-called St. John XXIII, so-called St. Paul VI and so-called St. John Paul II, decreed by the arch-heretic Bergoglio, is invalid for two reasons. Firstly, all actions of a heretic have no force, and secondly, the persons concerned committed a crime against the Church by opening the door to a heretical current. These popes were obliged to safeguard the truths of faith and morals and to keep the Spirit of God. It was their duty to fight against the spirit of heresy and the spirit of the world. They neglected this primary duty of theirs and were to blame for the metastases spreading over the entire Church. What more, they did the exact opposite, namely supported and blessed the metastases. They opened the door to the heterodox historical-critical method at Catholic universities and theological faculties. They advocated the heretical declaration Nostra Aetate and so-called interreligious dialogue. In this way, they in fact caused the Church to be systematically infiltrated by the spirit of paganism. These are crimes for which these three conciliar and postconciliar popes are responsible.

There are far more reasons why these persons can in no case be venerated by the Church as heroes of the faith who defend the Church, fight for the Church and are prepared to risk their lives for its sake. They did the exact opposite, and so they must be posthumously excommunicated just as Pope Honorius I was excommunicated for being silent on the heresy of Monotheletism.

The tragedy is that Benedict XVI, though an advocate of orthodoxy, did not resist the psychological pressure under the slogan santo subito and beatified John Paul II. By doing so, he sanctified the crime of the 1986 Assisi act of apostasy.

To repent is to call the truth the truth, heresy heresy, and a heretic a heretic. If bishops and priests continue to live in spiritual schizophrenia, unable to call things by their proper names, they will become victims of and, consequently, even accomplices in the mass burial of the Catholic Church. In the future, they will be called gravediggers of the Church, criminals and traitors of Christ.

Today, every bishop and every priest is obliged to stand up for our Lord Jesus Christ just as martyrs did, especially in the first three centuries. They were ready to sacrifice their lives and undergo a most cruel torture. May the blood of martyrs flow in our veins. May there be new heroes of the faith who will rise against the greatest criminal and executioner of the Catholic Church, pseudo-pope Jorge Bergoglio. He had himself publicly dedicated to Satan in a provocative manner. Therefore, from the moment of his statement on the blessing of sodomites, it is no longer possible to mention union with this arch-heretic Francis Bergoglio in the Mass. If any priest or bishop does so, they bring down on themselves God’s curse, spiritual blindness and total paralysis, the inability to stand up for the truth and for Christ. They are on the downward path to eternal destruction.

As for the faithful, they should warn their priest to stop saying the name of the arch-heretic in the Holy Mass. If he refuses, the faithful should not attend such Mass any more. The Sunday obligation may in such case be fulfilled by prayers, songs and reading from the Holy Scriptures. By not attending the Mass celebrated in union with an arch-heretic dedicated to Satan, the faithful not only do not commit a sin but protect themselves against the curse brought down through this Mass.

Dear bishops, priests and believers, we are at a historic moment when you need to be given a clear word of guidance: we must remain faithful to Christ! The condition of faithfulness to Christ is to renounce submission to a person occupying the papal office and being dedicated to Satan at the same time. The 2nd Vatican Council must be called what it was and is, namely a heretical Council.

Christ conquers! Christ reigns! Christ commands!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


October 18, 2023


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